Monday, August 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 2016

This has been a month of ups and downs. The temperatures have been up and the rain has finally come down bringing the temperatures with it. It is a sweet relief
A lot that has been blooming have been the annuals in the garden. Zinnias, 
daturas and the colorful gladiolas that I just love but they reach for the sun here and do a lot of flopping. 
I can tell when the days are shortening. The orchids begin their blooming session. 
Wendy's Wish Salvia has been fearless in the heat. I keep it watered and the humming birds thank me by keeping the blooms well tended. 
The honeysuckles are happy with all this rain. They are putting out some blooms. Not as many as during their spring/early summer bloom but enough to appreciate. 
Another late summer bloomer is the clump of turtle heads.  
Everything is a bit heavy with all the rain.  
Even the stalwart Limelight hydrangea is bowing with all the rain. I don't mind this. We needed the rain. 
The Weigelia out front decided to bloom up a storm in thanks for all the rain.
The larger hostas are putting on a show. 
The hummers are also keeping these blooms tended. These old fashioned white blooms scent the air as you walk by reminding me of why I like them so much.
The greening of the garden is proceeding. It is that time of year when the blooming plants are more sporadic and green comes to the fore. So if you are wanting to see more blooms head over to 
Carol's, she is hosting her Garden Bloggers Bloom Day today and every month on the 15th. Be sure to head over here to see what is blooming in everyone's gardens.

Other plants blooming:
Crepe Myrtle
Rudbekia tribola
Periscaria 'Dragon's Tongue'


  1. Gorgeous floral shots ~ what a beautiful garden ~ enjoy ^_^

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  2. The garden looks lovely Lisa,
    Rain does make the blooms flop but I always think it gives a romantic feel to the garden.
    My orchids are in bloom......autumn is not far away.

    Sent two email last week.....I hope you received them.

    Have a good Tuesday :)

  3. Such a beautiful garden !!
    I love your flowers !!

  4. Kind of shocking and depressing how much you can feel Fall moving in. We have lots of yellowing leaves dropping everywhere which is a sure sign.

  5. You have reminded me to check for the blooms on my fragrant hostas...hopefully the deer have left a few. All looks lovely in your garden.

  6. I'm glad you got some rain. This month is brutal. looks like your garden decided to join us in Pigeon Risk Time (PRT)...they are holding up in the heat much better than I am.

    You have a real gift to keep those blooms going in this heat.

  7. That honeysuckle is gorgeous!!!

  8. Your 'Wendy's Wish' looks huge! Mine is doing well, but is nowhere near this size. The first year I found one, it got really large, but none of the ones I've planted since then have ever gotten very big. Still, the hummers do love it. You asked about my Ligularia--I have no idea how it survived; I guess I just got lucky. It's one I bought when we visited Hornbaker's last summer. So thankful, too, for all this rain--can't you just see the garden breathing a contented sigh of relief?

  9. Love those orange honeysuckles and Zinnias!

  10. Everything is looking lovely Lisa, and you have some beautiful flowers. Your 'Wendy's wish' is doing so well. I am growing the 'wishes' salvias for the first time this year, and have been amazed by their flower power and strong growth. Beautiful plants.

  11. Still trying to email you Lisa.....this is ridiculous :((

  12. your gardens is looking so colourful. We are desperate for rain here. Everything is shrivelling up and the leaves are turning Autumn colours already. Thanks for sharing

  13. The flowers are so beautiful ♥


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