Monday, December 5, 2016

In a Vase on Monday

On this cold gloomy Monday it is surprising to have something from the garden in a vase. If Cathy who brings us this Meme thinks her vase is a bit of a cheat because she cut her vase full a few days before I clearly out cheated her. ;)
Right before first frost I took some cuttings from a huge coleus that I want to try to have some starts for next spring. I put them into a vase to hopefully grow some roots I can pot up sometime after the holidays. 
While I was decorating for Christmas I thought it looked a bit dull so I put in a sparkly spike of Christmas cheer. 
Happy in a Vase on Monday to you all. Do pop over to Cathy's blog and join in or just admire all the vases set up for our pleasure.


  1. Oh that's definitely not cheating and shows great enterprise! I would not have thought coleus would root in water but of course your conditions are very different - I tried but failed growing it from seed last year...

    1. Thank you for your tolerance Cathy. I have fairly good luck with rooting coleus in water. It takes some time. These cuttings have been in water for almost a month now and they are showing no signs of roots. I am hoping they will hang in there until the days begin to lengthen and then the roots should appear. I have three snips in the vase just in case one or so rots. This too does happen.

  2. I give us cold climate gardeners a lot of leeway when it comes to winter vases!

  3. It is a very festive arrangement. Love it and I have the very same coleus, is it Solar Sunrise?

  4. The Coleus looks very festive in a vase for the holidays and it's not cheating at all! You just beat the frost and its looks lovely!

  5. Another elegant floral creation ~ love it ~ thanks!

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  6. The lushness of coleus in December is a delight. I love your added sparkle. Fa la la la la!

  7. Good timing that you got to the Coleus before the frost did.

  8. Your coleus looks very festive!


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