Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Garden Right Now - The reality of my garden at winter's end

Over at Veg Plotting she is having a picture day today and tomorrow for those who would like to share how their garden looks this time of year. You can go here if you wish to participate go here. She said one picture. I had a difficult time trying to decide just where in the garden to take this shot for the day. So I am going to show you two places in my garden that is coming along well for this time of year.
As you can see my small veg plot isn't doing anything as yet. During February when we had some spring-like weather we got the leaves all turned into the raised bed and it is raked over ready for some peas and lettuce.
 Here I am in the middle of the back garden. This flower bed is what I call the OVAL GARDEN.  All my flower beds have a name.  If you notice the bed looks fairly empty except for some hellebores, windflowers and a few shrubs. The Dappled Willow on the left of the picture is just sending out some green and has little catkins on it. The Hinoki cypress Thoweil in the background is showing some light color on the ends of it's branches. I wish I could show you that up close. It is so pretty.
 The planter that I have my hand on was just moved here in February. It has three small shrubs growing in it. They needed to get out of the planter so I moved one of them into the garden. I moved the sweet little shrub you see in the foreground in front of me and the hellebores to this site. Then I planted the other shub in the planter that had held the one in this picture. Are you perfectly confused now?  Well, sometimes I get confused too. 
As you can see though there is a lot of greening and growing into that needs to be done yet. Don't let that sunshine fool you. It is quite cold with the wind blowing here.
So what does your garden look like right now?? 


  1. I'm glad that we're not the only ones to name flower beds. I think that you stucj to the brief admirably. :-)

  2. How lovely to have you join me from across the pond Lisa :) I name my garden's bed too and it's good to see that spring is just beginning to show itself down your way. I'm hugely enjoying this snapshot of everyone's gardens this weekend!

  3. I name my borders too. Not always very inventive, such as Long Shady Border, but descriptive. I find it helps me when I capture info about each plant and where it is in the garden.

  4. The hellebores are lovely. They always seem to me too exotic looking to be blooming in February but they come back year after year. Keep warm!

  5. I name all my beds also. I wouldn't be able to keep track of them otherwise.

  6. I'm in zone 5B, and I can't believe how much further ahead your garden is, Lisa! Where are you gardening? I am very impressed with your hellebores. I am amazed that you moved them! I have a very big one just beside the walk to the house, where it gets covered with snow shoveled off the walk. As a result it is very late (maybe I should move it!).

  7. Well you've seen what my garden looks like and I didn't show any of the ugly bits. Still lots of cleanup to do but I have been holding off until March not wanting to rush things here. Very nice stand of Hellebores. I have a similar Hinoki but with yellow tips. Looks like it came through the winter OK.

  8. Hello Lisa girl !
    Thank you so much for your kind comments !
    I appreciate (you, and hope your foot feels better) and that I am not alone with trying to move on to Spring .. although Spring is being VERY stubborn here .. you talked about wind .. we had one heck of a day yesterday with it gusting up to 65 kms .. so I expect to see "things" in the garden. Even with your cold weather, you are way ahead of me .. my poor hellebore are a mess and the raised bed they are in is still frozen solid .. the one hellebore putting out new growth has been hit by bad temps once again .. sprinkling of snow on the garden as well, even though it is terribly dry .. when warmer temps come everything NEEDS a lot of rain !
    Love seeing the pictures of you in the garden girl .. love the hat too! haha
    Take care
    Joy : ) in the frozen north !

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous stand of Hellebores! My garden is white at the moment:)

  10. Lovely! I should name my garden beds, if only to avoid "that spot to the left of the wall"... I'm always amazed at what different people's gardens look like. Happy bloom day!

  11. I love Hellebores!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  12. I love this post and the earlier one! But mostly, I love seeing you!!!


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