Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Squirrel Saga - Annie vs Squirrel

The only bird watching today is out the patio doors.
Northern Mockingbird
With the wind riffing through I just couldn't bring myself to sit on the patio despite the glorious sunshine 
It is one of those times when your are thrilled to have snow cover for your garden. It has been incredibly cold here for some time. I think Ole Man Winter is making up for the past couple of warm winters. 
Mourning Dove
The poor birds have it rough. They can't get to what little seed/feed is under the snow. 
Blue Jay
In our garden they have to contend with the grey squirrels. This morning we had 10 squirrels at our feeders. I guess they have to make a living too but 10 seems to be a few squirrels too many. Annie on the other hand thinks this is a perfect time to see if any of the squirrels want to play.
How disappointing. I came out to play and the squirrels took off. As did most of the birds despite the fact I don't chase birds.
I guess I will just lay down for a bit to see if anyone comes back. 
Hmmmm, is someone up there?
Not up there but I think i know where one might be.
Yes! Helllloooo up there. 
Would you pleeeese come down to play. I won't hurt you...on purpose. 
Do you think I am crazy?
Pleeeeese, I promise to be gentle.
Nope. I am going to ignore you until you go away. 
Well, I am not going anyplace soon. I will just wait until you decide to join me down here.
Wait....what was that?  Oh Mom called me. See ya later.
Such is the saga that plays out in our garden over and over. You can see why I can't much to grow under this tree. Around and around they go. 
Annie is difficult to get a picture of in the garden. She blends in with everything but with the snow cover it made it easier to take her picture, from afar. She also doesn't like her picture taken so I have to be sneaky. 
On that note I will leave you with a bowl of sunshine on this cold Sunday morning.
Lemons from our Lemon tree. I hope you all are safe and warm.
*No squirrels were harmed during this saga.


  1. Oooooh! We need that bowl of sunshine. The day here was cold and gray (what's new?!) but it is now snowing. Supposed to snow until Monday night but a light fluffy snow. We'll see. I hate snowy roads and sidewalks but I can't stand looking at a snowless garden any more. Annie and the squirrels and the lack of snow are making me feel like it is almost spring. Alas, I know there is a lot of winter left!

  2. I had to laugh. Annie reminds me so much of our dog Susie, who passed away years ago, but I still remember her skirmishes with the squirrels, which the squirrels always won because they quickly got into the trees. Susie would stare up into the trees, waiting for ages, expecting them to come down. I have always enjoyed squirrel antics, but they became such a problem at the bird feeders that we eventually took the feeders down. Fortunately, the birds do't have to contend much with snow here, and there is plenty of food for them in the garden.

    1. Hi Deb, Yes Annie can be funny when the squirrels torment her. Snowing again this morning.

  3. Great dialogue between Annie and the squirrel! She is so sweet and cute. You have quite a bit of snow. We had none from last week, but now we're getting 3-5 inches. Too late to protect the plants from the subzero weather. :(

    1. Oh Beth, I hope your snow does help your plants some. We had really cold weather too before the snow. It is cold again and it is snowing again. What a winter for us. I know you are used to this but we are quite spoiled to our snows coming and going quick. This one is sticking around.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Nella and Annie would get on well. I go through the same routine on a daily basis.
    I am pleased to say we only have two squirrels in the garden. I have invested in squirrel proof feeders which have worked well. At one point they were actually taking them down and wrecking them, hence the new buys.

    Love the dialogue between Annie and squirrel.......entertaining.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      We have one squirrel free (caged) feeder. We too need to invest in some more of those. We have a platform feeder for Cardinals and other ground feeding birds. Of course it is the squirrels favorite. Squirrels can be so destructive. They are fun to watch but geez they are naughty.
      It is snowing agian this morning. I am happy I don't have to go anyplace. I can stay home drink tea, dream about the garden and make big plans. :)

  5. I laughed to myself when reading the words of the dog.It was nice to see the snow all over the garden. Poor birds searching for their food in the snow.Nice to see many squirrels at one place:)

  6. Lovely photos of the beautiful birds ~ your dog photos are wonderful ~ so vigilant ~

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Lemons from your lemon tree!? You've got to be kidding!
    10 squirrels might be a few too many for me. There's always been a pretty healthy hawk population around here and the squirrels definitely stay on their toes....
    Annie sure seems to enjoy them!

  8. Good Evening, Lisa! First off, a very happy and healthy new year to you, DB and Annie :-) loved this story telling set of images from your garden. Gosh... I really can't imagine that many squirrels in the garden. The birds seemed to be coping which was good to see. I loved seeing your birds too.


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