Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Emerging

Spring is ever so slowly trying to emerge here. Our first purple crocus popped open yesterday. 
A few more of the pale yellow crocus have opened. 
I was able to get out and rake up a wheelbarrow load of small twigs that have blown down. I think most of the larger limbs blew down earlier in the winter during storms. 
I did find some disturbing sights. Like these miniature hostas that were heaved out of the ground. 
These next two are in a pot. I am not sure if the rain just rinsed out some of the potting soil or if the wind just blew it away. 
The crowns of a couple of these mini hostas are exposed. This has never happened before. I sure hope they live to see the summer. 
This has been the worst year ever for my Hellebores. I didn't want to frighten you with a picture of them. They just didn't like all the rain and then severe cold we had. They will live but the show they usually put on is being postponed until next spring for sure. 
I hope your garden hasn't taken a hit from this winter. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Miscellaneous March Thoughts

This time of year I am usually able to get outside and do a few clean up jobs. Messing and gomming in the garden.  Making plans and moving things around. Watching the crocus and daffodils blooming. Even February usually offers a few days of yard work, but not this year. All I have managed is picking up sticks between storms.
Despite the sunshine that has graced our area today the cold and snow is keeping me indoors. I am having some thoughts about rearranging some of the furniture outside. I have already moved everything inside that I could possibly move.
My latest birthday bench sits out by the barn now. I  would like to see more often. I am thinking about moving it to a more prominent place. 
When I look out the patio doors, especially during winter there isn't a whole lot to see. I thought it would be nice to see an inviting bench to draw you out into the garden. 
Of course this situation would mean I would have to increase the width of this planting bed to incorporate the bench.
Which would mean I would have to purchase some more plants to make the bench feel at home here. 
Yes, I think this is a plan. I will let the bench sit here for awhile to see if I feel good about this.
When the snow melts I will go sit here and think about it.
Do you ever try out seating in different parts of your garden before you settle on a placing?
On this warmer but overcast day when I was moving things about the Snowdrops opened despite no sun. I was so happy to see them.
The Pussy Willow is beginning to strut it's fur.
At the feeders there is some finch movement. More House Finches have been turning up and one of them was leucistic. I had never seen one before. It was here only one day. I wonder where it went.
 On a more sunny day we saw the resident chipmunk at the feeders. It was only here one day too.
I wonder if it went into hibernation? Do they hibernate? Sure haven't seen this little guy all winter.
I wonder how many are in our garden. It is hard to tell because they aren't the most gregarious little critters. Maybe the Cooper's Hawk that haunts the garden keeps them in check. 
I hope the weather gods become more generous with the warmer weather soon. Until then everyone stay warm and have plenty of  garden thoughts.

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