Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rabbits are out and about

On our little walk about the garden yesterday (wednesday) morning after the snow Luna did fence patrol while I followed rabbit tracks around the garden. I was wondering what the rabbits were finding for food in our garden this time of year.
Unfotunately for them, fortunate for us and our plants, I didn't find any evidence of nibbling. I could track the rabbit all around the garden though. It is intersting that it stayed on the regular paths for the most part. I could see where it would go into its favorite bushes where it likes to hide from us when we come outside.I could also see where it cut through one flower bed right over the top of the big rock where the lizard usually sits. The lizard must have gotten cold and moved to a warmer place. Here you can also see that Luna was tracking the rabbit. Her footprint goes right over the rabbit print on the rock.

You can see right where this rabbit departed from the garden. In one side out the other.The cats have been checking out the bird feeder right out my window too. They have been quite active in the garden. I wish they would go eslewhere to hunt. It doesn't seem fair to feed the birds just to have the neighborhood cats take them.


  1. We don't have bird feeders because of our cats. It wouldn't be right to lure the birds only to have the cats pounce on them.

  2. I love to scout out and follow the tracks in the snow around our place. Last Sunday morning we had evidence of several deer visitors in our front yard. I hope they don't come back!
    Your rabbit friends seem to enjoy your yard, unfortunately :)
    Luna looks happy having her morning walk :) I hope she's feeling better this morning.

  3. Lisa: Don't you wonder where all the little critters find to hide in the cold? Those rabbits are persistent little critters seeking out your vegetation even in the cold. I guess they have to be even more improvising with all the snow covered greens they usually enjoy in the spring.

    I've never had a problem with cats bothering my birds and your comment about it has me wondering why. We have several strays around and used to own two of our own. Oh well, one thing I don't have think about which is good because the squirrels are so numerous and make hardy bird feeder thieves.

  4. Hi Lisa

    Good to see Luna again and out with the rabbits. I have a warren in my garden, we inherited it when we moved here six years ago. I have had to fence it off because Nella is a terrier and could get trapped down the run. She has great fun chasing them though when they dare to come out!!
    Lovely post as always.

  5. Yes Kerri, Luna is better today. The meds are helping tremendously.

    Meems, I do wonder where they are camping out during winter. I think maybe under the neighbors shed. Luna loves to look under there when she gets a chance. The rabbits also eat birdseed.

  6. Tucker is sending Luna get well wishes! She does look pretty good on her morning walk! Tucker will be 10 in April which is getting up there for a dog...I dread the day!

  7. it is very adventurous to be able to follow all the left foot prints on the snow. I also like to 'read' snow.
    This year we almost do not have any snow.

  8. We had a rabbit in our garage since November. It chewed everything in sight and left droppings all over. I think there was a mother and babies, as there were different-size droppings. We tried to find them without luck. We tried leaving the garage door open for hours at a time hoping they'd leave.

    Either they finally escaped a couple of weeks ago one day when I was snow blowing, or they died in the garage of starvation. There's little nourishment in the bits of wire, carpet, mop heads, rags, cardboard boxes, and leather gloves they were eating. The chewing has stopped and there are no fresh droppings since I swept up after snow blowing that day. If they died, I guess we'll figure that out by the smell when it starts warming up. Ugh! I hope they escaped.

  9. I know most of you don't care for rabbits, but I kind of like the little furry creatures. I watch for the babies every year to start coming out.
    I will admit, they don't bother anything that I have growing so that's probably why.

    Lisa, so good to see Luna out on patrol! I know she thinks she is protecting her pack.

  10. These photos show some great tracks. I wonder if those bunnies have a rabbit fort somewhere. Hope Luna is feeling much better.

  11. Ewa, I always think of your part of the world covered in snow during winter. It seems everyone is having an upsidedown winter. We usually have one or two snows per winter that don't last long. This year we have had many. Todays snow has melted with more in the forcast tonight. We will see if it happens.

    Lintys, I can't imagine rabbits staying inside a garage if the opportunity to depart became apparent. I hope you don't find a bunch of dead bodies. UGH...

    Beckie, I hope that rabbits don't use your new cutting garden as a salad bar. You will find why I don't like them so much. If they wouldn't eat my flowers I wouldn't care. I leave clover in the grass for them but like most else they like a varied diet.

    Teri C, Luna is much better thank you. Only herffing if she gets worked up. I think she knows her limits.

  12. Did you check the base of your trees? Sometimes rabbits will eat the bark. The tracks in the snow are great! I was sorry to read about Lunas illness, but glad to know that she has such a good family to look after her. My mother had a rescue dog..they are quite special!

    I understand how you feel about he neighborhood cat at your bird feeder....we have had a hawk taking some chickadees and I haven't wanted to fill the feeder until the hawk moves on.

  13. Luna looks very happy in your photos. I just love looking at your garden.... and those deer photos are wonderful! Keep the cats away from the feeder...

  14. Cyndy, I know the rabbits have to be desperate but I didn't look at the base of trees. I will have a look tomorrow.

    Thank you Bec.

  15. Know what I do when I see a cat? I capture it, and if it has a collar I put in a nice little note to the owners about the dangers outside cats face, and the sobering statistics of how many birds and small mammals cat kill a year. If they don't have a collar, they go to a no-kill shelter.

    : )

  16. Susan, good idea. These cats have no collars. They wouldn't let me get near them with a 10foot pole. :/

  17. The bunnies are out because tomorrow is leap day! It is there day to be out leaping around! :)

  18. I watched 4 big fat bunnies come out for corn just before it got dark tonight. They are cautious bunnies and my dogs don't even try to chase them anymore. I have several well-worn paths on the snow in the backyard, but I have also noticed they've been nibbling on some shrubs. I must be more faithful about putting corn out for them to chew on.

  19. Tracks are fun to see. Tells a tale!

    There is a neighborhood cat who plops itself down near the feeders for an entire day. I save money on sunflower seed but I'd rather have the birds back... My Bostons take care of the cat.

    Hope Luna is feeling good.

  20. I left my snowy garden with all the rabbit tracks...I was throwing out carrot tops for them!! Guess I felt guilty knowing that I would soon leave them unattended.
    I'm coming by from New is high 70's wearing short sleeves!!
    I am saddened to hear about Luna..I know this condition only too well..I had two cats that had the condition. I will pray for Luna that she can gain strength to
    overcome this condition as do well with meds. I'll keep in touch.
    hugs NG xo

  21. I haven't been able to see any tracks at all this winter, due to lack of snow. But I hope rabbits and roebucks will stay out of my garden - it makes me so angry when they eat my roses and other plants. But they are lovely animals only not here...
    /Katarina at Roses and stuff

  22. Happy Leap Day Mon@rch. Loved your photos.

    Ruthie, our rabbits eat sunflower seeds left by the birds. There is usually some weed seeds in with it too. They often glean around the feeders.

    Hey Nature Girl. I was wondering if you were wallowing in sunshine yet. Good for you. Thank you, Luna is doing just fine. Meds are great!

  23. I have no snow to 'track follow' bunnies or foxes like my up-the-equator-line blogger friends :(


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