Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 2008

I want to welcome all you Garden Bloggers that are hopping around to the various blogs to look at what is happening in other gardens this month. If you don't see what you think should here you can go to Carol's May Dreams Garden to see many other blogs that are participating in the April Bloom Day.

The first on our list of blooms is a group of what was supposed to be white tulips that have turned out to be a creamy yellow. They are gorgeous so I won't complain I was just surprised when they weren't a solid white. The Almond bush is blooming quite nicely. The poor thing about died last summer so I was thrilled to have some blooms pop open just in time for GBBD.
The Serviceberry Tree is blooming like crazy. It just opened its blooms today. They have been budded and about to burst for some time. The were just waiting for some lovely warm sunshine to coax them open.
The Pulmonaria is open now too. It has had a struggle with life. Last summer it was a mere shoot that was all that was left from a nice plant that had planted in the spring. I pulled it up from where it was planted. I put it far away from the patio so I couldn't watch it die and it decided that it liked where I put it. You just never know about some plants.
This Lamiastrum Galeobdolon or False Lamium 'Herman's Pride' is such a lovely yellow bloom. If my cameral had been cooperating I would have gotten a macro look at the blooms. They are so pretty and they last quite awhile in the spring. I like to cut them to use in bouquets. I had been warned that this could be quite invasive but I haven't found that to be a problem here. It does grow well but if it gets going in a direction that I don't want it to go in I just pull it up. Much of this has been damaged by the upheaveal with the pine trees. I was quite happy to find these little blooms.
This Epimedium 'Sulpphureum' is another delicate looking plant yet tough that has great blooms. The blooms almost come before the foilage.
Other flowers in my garden blooming are species tulips, creeping phlox, snow on the mountain, Grape Hyacinths, Chocolate Vine, Kerria Bush and the Redbud trees are beginning to bloom.
And of course we can't forget the wild violets.
I hope your garden is beginning to awaken and all of your garden
dreams are coming true.


  1. Beautiful blooms, Lisa. At first I though we were at about the same stage, but lucky you to have serviceberry, epimediums, and kerria in full flower already. Thanks for the garden tour.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Your gardens are fullof bloom already! Lovely.
    Thank you for the garden tour.

  3. Happy Bloom Day! These are all wonderful!

  4. What a pretty bloom on the almond bush. Does it have a fragrance too?

  5. Nice blooms. I like it when a plant surprises by deciding to perform when you least expect it...then you just have to love them for doing so well despite well-intentioned gardeners.

  6. Wow... what a big list! (I'm feeling inept... lol.) Such beautiful blooms--and I like your not-white tulips a bunch, too.

    Seriously, did you say almond bush? As in the edible nut almond, or is that just a common name with which I am not familiar? (I'm so hoping you'll say the former... all I need is a little encouragement to try growing almonds myself! lol.)

  7. Happy GBBD Lisa! Love those creamy tulips of yours, they may not be what you expected but they are gorgeous nevertheless. It's fun to see that we have many blooms in common such as lungwort and lamium. BTW what is a serviceberry? Do you have its botanical name?

    Wonderful blooms on your almond tree, such delicate blossom.

  8. Hi Lisa, you have some lovely things beginning your spring show. I have often admired the flowering almond, the fluffy pink looks so magical blowing in the wind. How did you get down to shoot the epimediums? I tried and tried but could not get low enough to get a good shot. Happy spring.

  9. Your garden blooms are so beautiful Lisa. I am green with envy! :c)

  10. Lisa: Lovely blooms on your tulips even if they are creamy rather than pure white. Sometimes it works out to the benefit of the garden when colors are unexpected. It is beginning and it won't be long before we can't keep up with all the blooms!

  11. You have some wonderful blooms Lisa! Doesn't it lift the spirits to see the flowers emerging?
    The epimedium is interesting. Actually, your whole garden is interesting! You have a great collection for Bloom Day!
    Happy gardening! We're going to have sunshine and warmth here today. Yay spring!

  12. Lovely blooms Lisa! Spring has definitely arrived at Greenbow!

  13. Lisa - those tulips are just luscious. Sure wish we could grow them here. After living 4 years in the Netherlands as a child, they are the one thing I really miss in my Texas garden. Love the story about the Pulmonaria - reminds you that we really aren't in charge, doesn't it?!! Happy GBBD.

  14. I'm having so much fun going from garden ro garden to see what's blooming around the globe! I keep on finding lots of new plants I didn't know, like that Lamiastrum. I just love it!
    Happy GBBD Lisa!

  15. Lisa, the flowering Almond is just gorgeous! As are all your blooms. What a variety you have. How do you remember all their names and locations? {I know the garden journal :) }Well done!

  16. Goodness, your garden is just GORGEOUS!! All these beautiful colors. WOWEE!! What a paradise. Almost makes me want to go back to Wisconsin. Almost.

  17. Absolutely beautiful, my garden is slowing down while yours is picking up. There is something to be said for having real seasons.
    I love Kerria, I had one in Santa Rosa.

  18. I love the Epimedium. They are beautiful plants, I really must get some. Your garden is really coming on Lisa.
    The yellow lamium is lovely, I have white. The bees love it don't they.

  19. Pam, No the Almond Bush has no scent.

    Kim, the name Almond Bush is definitely a common name. I don't know the botanical name. I was given this bush from my BIL's mother years ago and I try to keep it going.

    Yolanda, Service berry is a bush/tree that is native in these parts. I could look up the botanical name for you some time.
    Like most natives it is tough and has berries for the birds, blooms obviously for the bees.

    Frances, the best thing about my camera is that it has a screen that rotates on the side of the body or you can fold it in. I can put the camera way down by a flower and angle the screen up where I can see it. Really good for shooting butterflies and bugs too.

    Layanee you are right about not being able to keep up with the blooms. I can't already. I forgot to mention the things blooming that have been in bloom for some time.

    Kerri, you bet my spirits are soaring. The sun is out and we have a stiff south wind bringing in some warmth to our area.

    Diana you are so right about Mother nature being in charge. I like to think I am but reality keeps me in check. ha..

    I dont think you are ready for WI yet Teri. My grands say it is still pretty cold up there.

    Cheryl at this time of year the bees like anything blooming. Poor little things. I have yet to see a bee in my garden.

    Thank you all who has commented on my garden blooms. I am so happy to be able to share with you. I hope to get to everyones blog to see yours too.

  20. The flowers of the Almond bush are so sweet - as are the rest of the plants that you show today. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Lisa,

    Beautiful! Blog posts are becoming colorful, aren't they? You have a great assortment to show. Our cold temps and a frost last night is postponing spring blooms but we'll catch up.


  22. Wow, all those beautiful flowers! Thanks Lisa

  23. Lisa,

    Your blooms are just beautiful! I look forward to when mine are as far along as yours. Some of the plants I put in last year (that I was certain I'd lost) are just beginning to poke through the mulch. Always a pleasant surprise to see things pull through!


  24. I've never seen a an Almond in bloom in person, but I sure wish I could see yours. Those flowers are so beautiful. It's obvious you didn't grow up in a paint store the way I did, you should see how many shades of "white" there are. Those Tulips qualify as an Antique White in my book. Spring is in full swing in Indiana. Yippee!
    BTW - Yolanda Elizabet also grows a Serviceberry, Amelanchier, but I don't know if it's the same species.

  25. Thanks for sharing your lovely blooms ... so much color and beauty.

  26. Lisa, all lovely things. I really think your lemony tulips are prettier than white. Do you know why Serviceberry trees are called that? I learned in gardening school. Email me if you don't know.~~Dee

  27. What a wonderful array of Spring blooms in your garden :)

    Fancy a Hokey cokey? You will need a wiggly tail :)

  28. Oh this epidemium is so beautiful! I like this delicate little plant! You have a lot of very nice blooms in your garden at the moment! Hope there won't be any frost any more!

  29. I love the just opening buds - they do feel like early spring.

  30. I can't believe how long it is taking me to get around to some of the bloom day posts! Your garden looks like it is at least a week or so ahead of mine. My serviceberry (Amelanchior) is loaded with buds but isn't blooming yet.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
    Carol, May Drems Gardens


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