Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pop Ups

Every day that I walk outside I am finding pop ups all over the garden. It is such an exciting time in the garden. When Christmas fern fiddleheads begin to unfurl... Hellebores nodding heavily with blooms...
Some Daffodils doing double duty...
Later blooming daffodils opening...
Spirea setting out many blooms on the ends of its branches...
And one of those Patio Peach trees Durazno 'Bonfire Patio' showing off its blooms. Such a fun time to step out into the garden.


  1. Looks like spring is in full bloom over here! I bet it smells wonderful! Love the spirea! You don't see as many of those around as you used to....

  2. As much as I long for all the blooms you have, I really love the photo of the fern beginning to unfurl--great shot!

  3. Lisa: So much in bloom and I love that fern! Also your forsythia bower is a delight. I noticed the birds starting to nest here also.

  4. Lisa - beautiful little things are popping up in your garden. It's so exciting to watch them grown, isn't it?

  5. Its amazing Lisa how you have caught up with me. We are really cold at the moment. My ferns were starting to unfurl. A heavy frost got them and they are limp and lying on the ground. I expect there are more down below ground, I hope so anyway!
    My spirea has just come into flower, they always remind me of weddings, I don't know why. I worry about me sometimes!!

  6. You take such amazing photos! That first one of the fern is just awesome!! Spring really has sprung by you with all these gorgeous flowers.

  7. I totally agree, the fern unfurling is a delightful shot! And that double daffodils is gorgeous. Too often, even in this wondrous time of rebirth, we don't stop and look at the individual blossoms. Works of art by Nature herself!

  8. Oh, these make me smile ear to ear. Don't you just love it??? :c)

  9. Lisa, you've waited a long time for these moments of spring to once again fill your senses. I am happy for you to be making new discoveries of "pop-ups" each day... it is a wonderful time when all things are new and alive!

    After your comment yesterday on my blog ---I thought of you this morning while exhuming a whole new crop of earthworms. I watched with new interest how the large wigglers definitely flap around trying to find their way back to the darkness.I can see how they would be noisy if there were so many of them in your truck bed.:-)
    meems @Hoe&Shovel

  10. Olá

    Beautiful pictures, congratulations

    It is the first time that I visit your blog, loved


  11. Hi there Lisa, great to see spring with you!

    After all the rain and flooding you've had you must find great joy in seeing these plants blossom in your garden now :-D

    Have a great weekend :-D

  12. I do love the little shaggy daffs, though I have given up all daffodils in my garden.

  13. I want your garden!!
    It's so nice to see how colours slowly come back :)

  14. Yes Cyndy the old fashioned spireas I have in the garden are here because they spark such fond memories of my childhood. I have the one they call bridal wreath too. It blooms a little later.

    Rose, I have several ferns and I love to watch them in the fiddle stage. Their fiddles are all different.

    Layanee those birds are a nusiance. I am glad you like the folly.

    Diana it is an exciting time of year in the garden.

    Cheryl, ferns are very resilient. I am sure they will pop back out.
    I hate to hear you are having frost again. I think they are predicting some frost for us this weekend too. ENOUGH already.

    Hi TEri.

    Beckie you are quite right about nature being a work of art. I just love to go out and watch all unfurling.

    You are right Jayne, I just love it.

    Hi Meems, it seems like you have lots of earthworms in your soil.

    Ola and welcome to my blog adeus.

    Hi Shirl. It is supposed to be a rainy cool weekend. I am looking forward to it though.

    Eal, you can have daffs vicariously through all the garden blogs.

    Mel, If you saw all of my weeds you wouldn't be so anxious to have this garden. Ha..

  15. Dear Lisa,
    So many blooms already in your gardens! My Spireas have not even begun to show buds! No fruit trees in bud here either! Spring is father along for you than for me.
    I hope next week to finally have warm spring days.
    I am enjoying all your pop ups!

  16. Oh wow, that hellebore is lovely... such delicate veining on the leaves--usually you just see "freckles!"

  17. You describe the outcoming of the fern correct, it really looks like fiddleheads. It is so nice to watch all the pop ups, some of them are very fast and some take time growing. It is indeed an exciting time now that Spring has finally arrived everywhere...

  18. Hi Lisa: I tried to send this note to your email, but it bounces for some reason when I try to email you-tells me my particular server isn't allowed, or something. You can delete this note after you read it if you wish, of course!

    One of my helpful cats must have walked across my keyboard the other day and 'read' your email--I just discovered it tonight as I was going back through to see if I'd answered everything that got left unanswered, and there you are. I'm so glad the seeds got to Kylee, who then sent some on to you. I was a bit worried, given how neurotic our respective customs people can be.

    You should do just fine with these poppies. Mix them with a little find sand and sprinkle them where you want them to be. Press them into the dirt a bit and just wait a couple of weeks. And don't weed them when they come up, of course. They'll be sort of blue-green when they come up, and very tidy looking little seedlings. And in your warmer climate, they'll grow quite quickly, I suspect.

    My hand is fine where the cat bite is; I've been on antibiotics for a week for the diverticular nonsense, so that took care of any bacteria that might have been hanging around. Just immersed in a lot of work that's due over the next ten days or so, so I"m not popping up all that much; doing some blog reading when I can, not always commenting. Our highspeed problems have turned into something new and interesting and different from what we had before--and we're the only one on the entire node of customers having this problem, and it's not my computer or software or the transmitter they installed here. But they'll get to the bottom of it soon, I'm sure.

    Glad that Luna is doing well--it really hurts when someone we love is unwell, be it animal or human family member. Your walkabout post on Friday was wonderful-here, we're still a long way from mayapples or fiddleheads in the garden, so I content myself with eating frozen fiddleheads. They're one of my favourite vegetables; sort of like a cross between asparagus, beet greens and snow peas, but different. Just delicious!
    Let me know how you make out with your poppies. They have lots of good poppy-growing karma so they should do just fine!

    cheers, jodi


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