Sunday, May 18, 2008

Snail migration

I must say I haven't thought much about snails unless they are in my garden chewing on things. Today they made me pause for thought. I wonder if they migrate as turtles do?? We were walking at the park and found several snails crossing the road. As usual they appeared to be bustling, as much of a bustle as a snail can manage, right across the road. This is one creature I don't want in my garden or on my dinner plate. This creature has a face only a mother could love after rolling in something perfectly stinky. I wasn't paying any attention to her as I was trying to see a warbler in the trees above us and I felt a little tug on the leash. Nothing out of the ordinary but when I turned around to see why...ugh...too late. There she was trying to squiggle onto her back to get the full affect. Thankfully I came to my senses and got her away from the nasty smelling stuff. Luna was quite proud of herself. Just look at that big smile on her face.
After a good face washing she looked rather angelic lying there in the grass taking her afternoon nap.


  1. Lisa,
    I enjoyed this post. I admire that photo of the snail. Unlike birds, their movement does not interfere with a photo, but perspective can be a challenge. You did a great job with this fellow.

    Your pooch is angel. In the first shot, the face seems to say, "Did I really just do that?"

  2. I actually think snails and slugs are cute. I once wanted to take a big slug home as a pet. Snails are really sweet, but I agree I don't like the edible snails, nor do I want them eating my plants. I try to ignore them, if possible.

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  4. Hi Sandy, I am glad you enjoyed this post.

    EAL I think some countries have snails with pretty shells but cute, naww, I don't think so.

  5. Snails crossing the road.... there's a joke in there somewhere! Great shot of him. Luna? Roll in something horrid? Not that sweet girl we see snoozing. ;c)

  6. I once read about how snails pollinate the flower of the wild ginger (which blooms -very nearly on the ground). I gained a bit more respect for them, but just a bit....

    ..and oh my, so glad you washed the stinky dog, I could smell her from here....

  7. Aaaahh lovely Luna I could forgive her anything.
    This happens with my terrier all the time......I love her to, a good wash and she all cute and lovely again.
    Nice post, love the snail pic. I don't like them eating the plants but I love them to look at.

  8. What an interesting piece of nature. I live in a sand county in Wisconsin which does not allow me to grow much but I don't have to worry about snails! :)

  9. The joke about snails crossing the road is:

    Q: Why did the snail cross the road?
    A: To get to the Shell station.

    (Please groan at your convenience.)

    I know nothing about specifically about snails, but most mobile creatures move around a lot more in spring as they search for mates.

    I think it's a true measure of a dog person that we continue loving them no matter what totally disgusting things they do -- or attempt to eat.

  10. Lisa,

    LOL! Looking at Luna brought back the funniest memory of my friend and one of her labs who would always get stinked up during a walk. We used to say, "Oh, know, she's getting ready to STOP DROP AND ROLL!"

  11. That is a great shot of the snail! Luna looks so nice and white after her bath.

  12. Great pic of that snail. BTW did you figure out why it was crossing the road? Same reason as the chicken? ;-)

    Ohhhhh that Luna, she can be a bad doggie too I see. And with such a light coloured coat anything will show. Glad to see she looks all nice and clean again. :-D

  13. Lisa, your Luna is an angel. She has to be the most photogenic dog ever. But you can even make the snail look good, not! ;->

  14. We do eat snails here in Portugal, and they are delicious! Great to have as a meal with a bunch of friends and over a few beers ;-)
    I'm glad to see that Luna is doing fine even. Most dogs would do the same as she did, that is just in their nature. A dog will always be a dog.

  15. I could never have a white dog, it would always be dirty not a beautiful pristine white like Luna.She just shines! That is one of the reasons Mr Dog is charcoal gray. He get bathed once a week at the most. And brushed every few days, I am a bad dog parent.

  16. great photo of the snail and it's heartening to see that Luna gets into smelly t hings like my dogs do from time to time :0

    I've tried 3 times to leave a message over at your art blog but Blogger keeps kicking me out ... let's see if this works ... I LOVE the recent artwork posted there.


  17. I didn't know you had snails in Indiana! We don't have them here. Luna's little escapade reminded me of the time both my dogs were rolling in dead mouse. Can you get any more digusting than that?


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