Monday, June 9, 2008

Flooding again

These clouds blowing past Vincennes heading north tell the story. All the rain is going around us so far but we are feeling the affects of all the rain. The city's flood gates are all closed. People are preparing to evacutate low lying areas. The following is some interesting information sent to me by a friend. With the predicted flood stage on Wednesday of 26.3 feet, here is how that compares to historical Vincennes floods: (1) 29.33 ft on 05/23/1943(2) 29.04 ft on 01/18/1950(3) 27.25 ft on 03/02/1985(4) 27.15 ft on 01/18/2005(5) 27.11 ft on 06/21/1958(6) 26.50 ft on 01/06/1991(7) 26.30 ft on 03/29/1913(8) 25.45 ft on 05/17/2002(9) 24.57 ft on 01/10/2005(10) 24.00 ft on 02/13/2008

If the crest reaches 27 feet, this is the predicted impact on Vincennes: 27 feet - Water is very close to the top of the levee on the Illinois side. Evacuations are necessary in Old Terre Haute area. Sawmill floods. Kelso Creek fills with backwater. Levees are patrolled. Water at critical stage for Niblack levee.
This is the road we normally drive to get to Ouabache Trails Park where we most often walk the dogs. There will be no traversing this road for awhile.
We had to take the high road to get to the park this morning. Even when we arrived our walk was shortened by about a mile because we couldn't walk through this water. This year this has been a familiar sight. The poor farmers that work the fields along the Wabash river will, or I should say have, lost their crops for this year I would imagine. I think it is even too late for soybeans now. A sad situation for many. This is one of those times I count our blessing of being on high ground. I hope all of you blogger people are high and dry.


  1. wow, that must be really difficult living in those conditions. My husband is on his vacation right now and he's down in the US. Each evening when he phones he tells me what he saw and he was amazed at the floods when in the area ... he's moved along now but what devastation he told me about.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I live at the top of the hill! Good thing too as we had another rain event last night.
    It has been a wet spring here. Everything is lush.
    Glad you are high and dry. So sorry for the farmers...
    I am growing fantastic weeds, I mean volunteers, this year.
    Stay dry,

  3. Last year we had no rain and this year way too much. Feast or famine it seems. Thankfully we aren't prone to flooding where we are, although the ground sure is saturated. I'm very glad that you aren't personally affected with the flooding.

  4. I'm in northern IL and we are hit pretty hard too. No tornadoes than goodness but standing water everywhere. My lane has water over the road like yours. Kind of scary.

    Good luck.

  5. We are in the same boat here (no pun intended!). We have standing water all over the place, and all the ditches and retension ponds are overflowing. There will be a lot of crop loss here. So far, our house has not taken on water, but many here in town have. I hope you stay dry!

  6. Lisa, I've been hearing and reading about the storms in central and southern Indiana, so I wondered how you were faring. A friend of mine who lives east of Terre Haute sent a picture on Saturday of her front yard. The creek nearby had overflowed, and they were unable to get out of their house.
    I'm glad you haven't had too many bad effects of the flooding; my sympathies sure go out to those who are affected.

  7. Thanks for the update Lisa. We have had flooding in our county also. Now I have to go call my brother and see if he is okay.

  8. Lisa, I just knew you would get all the water coming down the rivers when I heard of the rainfall amounts north of you. Hasn't it been a weird spring. Sooo much rain in parts and none in others. Well, maybe it's always that way, and I just haven't been paying attention. Just keep high and dry.

  9. Wow, Lisa. We could use some of your rain down South. My heavens, dear. I'm glad you aren't effecting you as much personally, but I do feel for the farmers. Take care.

  10. I feel so bad for everybody in Iowa, central Illinois & central Indiana. You just keep getting pounded by storms. The brunt of it has gone around us & even the tornados were to the north and south. So no flooding right around here (yet).

  11. How awful Lisa.....I always feel so sorry for people in this situation.
    Our friends were flooded out a few years ago with water up to their sitting room ceilings. Boats had to go out to rescue them from the bedrooms. The damage was enormous.
    The farmers must despair, and they have no control.
    I do hope that the weather improves soon ......I really do.

  12. This has been such a wet spring! The pictures tell the whole story. Water, water, everywhere!

  13. Flooded fields are going to have so many repercussions in future - and for us it's the opposite situation with heat and drought nonstop.
    No matter what happens you know a price will be paid by all!

    I'm glad you're on high ground, Lisa.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  14. How many months has this rain been going on...since March I'm thinking.
    ...we travel back and forth from Tennessee to Missouri and the fields never get to dry out... Hard times for all the small farms.

    Glad you are doing ok; it is hard to feel completely ok when neighbors are not fairing so well.

    Take care,

  15. I feel sorry for the people who have to suffer from this flooding. I do hope, that weather conditions will improve and the soil getting dry again.

  16. I must admit that I was glad the rain and storms stayed to our north while we were exhibiting in Columbia, MO, but that doesn't mean I wanted y'all to get drenched and flooded again. Sorry, Lisa.

  17. I want to thank everyone for posting a comment on our flooded area. Our area isn't even the hardest hit. I thank our lucky stars for that much.

    I hope you all say a prayer for the farmers and the people living in the low lands. They need all the prayers and positive thoughts you can send their way.


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