Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mosey Around the Garden

This week was a busy week for me. When I did have a spare moment or two I walked around and just admired the little bit of color that was left.

We are experiencing a cold wind that is bringing in winter temps today. It warms me looking back at a few pictures I managed to take.

This Spirea is so pretty in the fall. I didn't remember that until I came around the corner of the house and it was ablaze in the morning sun. I am not sure which Spirea it is. It is the one that has little white balls on it during spring.

Now this is a new treat for us. This Dogwood shrub, Golden Glow, is nomrmally a Chartreuse-gold and it has turned to fall with a brilliant coat of reddish leaves.

These yellow mums have decided to change outfits this fall. As the weather has cooled it has put on an orangy bronze for the end of the season.

This tree isn't in our garden but I couldn't resist putting a picture of iton my blog. I have so enjoyed
this beauty all fall. I love the contrast of the dark
bark peeking out from under the golden/orange leaves.
It just screams FALL to me.
Another screamer I found is this pink bush that literally stopped me as we were driving toward home this afteernoon. It isn't exactly a color that one expects to see during fall.
I am not sure what kind of bush/tree it is but the leaves are really pink and stand out with all around it being red, orange or yellow.
I hope you all enjoyed this last lovely weekend of fall. Winter is definitely knocking on our door today.


  1. LOL I sometimes misread words and at first thought your title was "mousey" around the garden. I'm fond of mice, so that would have been OK, too. Love the huge tree; it is indeed gorgeous. I'm also wondering what that pink tree is; kinda looks like a redbud but it's SO not the right time for it!
    ~ Monica

  2. Hi Lisa....I am glad to read that someone else thought Mousey.....I did to.....
    I love the Dogwoods.....they all have such a lot to give a blue tits love to sit amongst the stems.......
    Beautiful autumnal colour Lisa.....
    The weather here is still awful....the UK has had its fair share of rain this year....I have never seen such growth on the evergreens....we have a cold north wind tonight and it is pouring down.......

  3. Hi Lisa! I am so glad I have found your blog. All of your pictures scream FALL! Whilst, here in Central Texas, it barely whispers.

  4. Lots of great fall color Lisa! I can see why you've enjoyed that tree so much. It's gorgeous. I love the dogwood and the little pink tree. I'm so curious what it might be!

  5. Such beautiful colours of Autumn!

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks for walking around the side to see that spirea, it is a stunner! And the yellow mums turning orange, wow. I want one of those. And the golden glow dogwood is a winner too. Your big tree, not yours, I know, but you can claim the photo! would bring a smile to any face. :-)

  7. Hi there Lisa :-)

    Great blasts of colour you have going on there! Love the orange but that pink tree would have stoppped me in my tracks too - wonderful :-D

  8. The autumnal colours are fabulous in your photographs. I love the colour of the mums. What a stunning shot of the pink-leaved tree. Gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. This Fall seems to have been beautiful everywhere. I appreciate seeing your beautiful photos. I recently took a photo of one of my dogwoods that turned a beautiful shade of red/green as well. :-) Happy Sunday!

  10. I admire it, too, Lisa! The black bark behind brilliant color. There's a tree so lovely I pass every day on the way to work that I admire. Bright golden leaves with black limbs so striking! There's no stopping in the fast lane, though.

    Your photos look like mine. Cold winds blew in today... Back to a reminder of winter to come.


  11. Mosey is a great word, Lisa - and you have some great color to mosey towards. I wonder if the pink tree is some kind of Euonymus - something about it looks like a burning bush pumped up to a tree.
    Happy Fall!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. I just love walking through your garden, it is always so entrancing and full of beauty!

  13. Is mosey coming from you southern background, Lisa? It's a great word. You have some great colors in your garden. That tree that has screamed fall to you is beeeeautimus! I think the painter in me sees the contrast of the trunk first then that brilliant color of the foliage.
    Thanks for letting us mosey along with you reveling in the last of your autumn colors.

  14. Orange yellow and scarlet gorgeous tints of Autumn!Here we saw a fast change from color to FALL...I mean like day the trees turned and within a few days they were bare!

  15. That's interesting Lisa. I've never seen pink leaves in the fall either! Beautiful fall color you have up your way. :c)

  16. TGF and Cheryl, there are mice in our garden. tee hee...

    Annie, burning bush is just what I told my DB I thought it might be. It is some hybrid that turns pink. It sure is unusual looking in fall sporting that pink color.

    Yes Mam Meems, I have a southern background. :)

    NG, it was 27degrees this morning. There won't be much color around here after last night. Brrrrrr

    I am glad you all liked the color show.

  17. It's winter here, too, Lisa! I thought I even saw a few droplets of snow in the air yesterday.

    The spirea bush looks lovely this fall; I didn't know they turned gold, either. But that orange tree is simply magnificent! I hope it's located where you get to see it every day. The pink tree is a mystery, though; it looks like a redbud or flowering crab that got confused about the seasons:)

    Stay warm!

  18. The pink tree/bush is wonderful. I would have had to ask the owner what it was. It's incredible!

  19. My Dad has a Hazelnut tree that turns pink in the fall. Yours just doesn't seem the right shape tho.

    I love the tall tree too. Such color and contrast.

  20. Gorgeous fall color, especially that stunning tree. It is the epitome of fall color. Love those dogwood shrubs, too.

  21. The spirea is pretty and I'm intrigued about the pink flowering tree. It almost looks like a crabapple or a redbud.

  22. thank you for treating us to this visual leafy treat.

  23. Lisa, your colors of fall are great. I thought too that pink tree mught be some type of burning bush trimmed into tree shape. I'm having a time adjusting to the weather-from 75 to the 30's. Brrrrr!

  24. I'll bet the pink tree is a Euonymous. The dwarf form of alata is red, while the full sized beastie turns pink in the fall. I know the Spirea that you have, but its name eludes me at the moment. There are a lot of them around here.

  25. Your photos in the last 2 posts tell the story of color through the seasons...

    and since we have winter knocking on our door too, I'm getting ready to enter the monochromatic world of browns, greys and whites...

    enjoy your color while it lasts!
    (your begonias were fabulous!)

  26. What a lovely little mosey, Lisa... thanks for taking us along!

    Any chance your spirea might be 'Vanhoutte?' (Spelling may not be right there...)

  27. Hi! I am in Nebraska, where it has been raining, with highs in the 40s to 50s, and lows in the upper 20s to mid 30s. I like your mums. I don't grow many, but want to try some that will not take over, but will live a number of seasons. I like your spirea, too. We have some small ones that are turning a similar color.


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