Sunday, November 16, 2008

Out of the Garden - Christkindlmarkt

When we got up and about today I found that there was a thin coat of ice on the bird bath. Brrrrrrr I really didn't mind because it put me in the mood for what we had planned today. We went to a feastival in Ferdinand, Indiana called Christkindlmarkt. I am not one that usually goes to these types of events but I couldn't resist this one. Oh yes, it had the typical small town entertainment. The darling children's choir performed as well as a group of violin players. There was a nationally renouned marionette group performing. Of course the big draw was all the christmas decor. Not only that but this community was created by German immigrants. Some of them were my ancestors and I still have family that live in the area.
While I enjoyed the German foods , christmas trappings and the charming entertainment I really went to see the booth set up by my friend Patricia. She is a milliner. Millinery is an almost lost art form. Women don't wear hats as they once did, yet it seems that in this day and age there is a small contingent of women that still like to wear hats.
Since Patricia's children are out of college and have their own lives she has pursued her dream of being a milliner. She has been to Chicago and other places taking classes from women that are world renounded for their hat making. She knows what she is doing.
She usually goes down South to peddle her hats at juried Art Shows. Every one of her hats is hand made and no two are alike. She was invited to enter this show and decided to enter this show because it was so close to where we live.
It is such fun to be able to go to where she is selling her hats. Seeing her hard work fly out of the booth in its own little hat box. Ladies just delighted to find a quality hat that fits just right. She makes everything from tams to big picture hats.
She makes hats to match wedding attire or any other special occasion. All custom fit of course. If you have been to the Kentucky Derby or watch it on tv I am sure you have seen some of her creations there.
When she goes to a show she makes hats that she thinks will entice the community of women to buy. Of course you never know just what will sell at a new venue. So she had quite a few different styles and colors.
I took close up pictures of several that I particularly liked. We got there sort of at the end of the event so there wasn't as much of a variety in hats left in stock.
Of course I am not being paid by her to put this on my blog. I just had such a good time at the markt and I think her art form is so interesting I thought I would share it with you. I am so proud of her for following her dream to be a milliner.
I get excited when I see a large grouping of her work because I see them in all phases of creation. From being cut out on the work table, blocking, steaming, seaming, decorating and of course...
I can't resist a new hat from time to time.

If you would like to know more about the interesting community of Ferdinand and the Christkindlmarkt you can go here. Or if you would like a new hat I could sure put you in touch with a good Milliner.


  1. Lisa, I just found time to comment on your last post and now another one!. Don't you just love Ferdinand?? The church there is one of the most beautiful I have ever been in. I remember going to the turtle soup 'fairs' there a s a small child with Grandpa Albert. Did you ever go? I love your hats by Patrica. They are always as you say works of art. You have a head for hats. I didn't get that gene from the family pool. I look like I,m playing dress up! She is truly a gifted artist.

  2. OOOOH!I love that red tam with the snowflakes...really awesome!

  3. the photot of this birdbath is exquisite,very very 'cool'. and these hats. hey you look spiffing in it. i can't wear a hat, but i do love them. what a lovely set of photos, very xmassy too.

  4. Lisa, could you post a link to Pat's site? I have a friend at church undergoing chemo and would love to look at her hats. Thanks!

  5. Hi Lisa, I consider this post a public service announcement rather than an advertisement. You are helping many who would love to own one of your friends hats. I'm glad she did a brisk business there and your choice suits you well. When it is cold outside, you need to keep you head covered! :-)

  6. Her hats are darling. It must be very time consuming and precise work.

  7. What fun, Lisa! I've always loved hats, but I rarely wear one anymore. I'm partial to big picture hats, though. As you say, this is a lost art form, and I would guess that there are customers out there who would be thrilled to have a custom-made hat.

  8. Lisa, how fun! I wish women wore hats as they did before. In Oklahoma, the wind blows them right off our heads sometimes. Your friend's art is beautiful.~~Dee

  9. Brrrrrrr, that ice is a chilly reminder of what's to come!-Randy

  10. I saw an episode of Martha Stewart about a few months ago where she visited a milliner and showed the process of making a hat. I thought it was fascinating. I had no idea.

  11. I love hats and have a good number of them. My Mom ALWAYS wore a hat when she went out. When she was still able to walk up town (she walked everywhere) people came to know her as "The Hat Lady" and would pamper her ... the royal treatment she would get ... and I, I would be ignored (if I was with her). She is in a home now, due to blindness and dementia so doesn't wear her hats anymore ... unless we take her out.

    There is a lady in Ft. Langley that has a hat shop (we've bought a FEW hats there) and she goes to hat shows to buy hats for her store ... she has some interesting hats too, sometimes, but is not a milliner. Such an interesting hobby/business to take up!

  12. I'm a hat person, and it's a rare thing to find me outside of the house without a hat. I've yet to find a hat that I don't look good in. I have been sorely tempted to buy a hat at an art show we go to every year in Barrington, IL, which is held at the end of September. I wonder if your friend was one of the exhibitors. I love her hats, every one of them.

  13. How fun is that!! Those hats are beautiful!! And you look like a hat person and great model.

  14. Seeing those beautiful hats, makes me wonder why we've stopped wearing hats...? Let's hope hats will once again become fashionable - it's such a pity if that profession died out.

  15. Hi, I popped over to check out your bloomday and fell in love with those hats! What a hoot!

  16. Hi Lisa.......great hat post.....I love hats but they really do not suit me, daughter looks absolutely wonderful in any hat she picks up......I must show her this post........

    They all look lovely....pieces of art......

  17. Love the shot of the ice on the skating rink!

    I think your friend has been in Nashville at one of the craft fairs. I know that one or two of her creations looked especially good on my head...but buying a hat when the temps are near the mid nineties is not a good experience! Would you ask if she has been here? Thanks!

  18. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for this post. I have always wanted to make hats and have just begun to realize my dream. I am working on learning the art of being a Milliner. I almost always wear a hat...
    Your friend has some lovely creations.
    You look darling in your new hat!

  19. Lisa your friend certainly is gifted in the art of hat making! Exquisite selection! My fav. the green w/ black feathers!
    I would have loved attending the fair
    because when I travelled Europe this past summer Germany was one of my favorite countries visited...the food..mmmmm!

  20. The hats are wonderful!

    Thanks for all the photos, really nice to see all the creativity! And I think you made a good choice:-)

  21. We had the same this coating of ice.
    Don't you love the way the crystals form!?

  22. Lisa,

    My name is Marc Steczyk and I am Ferdinand's Town Manager. I receive daily updates from google where the word "Ferdinand" or words "Ferdinand, Indiana" are mentioned, as such I received a link to your blog. Thank you for visiting our community this past weekend, and I'm very glad you enjoyed our 11th annual Christkindlmarkt. Thank you also for mentioning us in your blog, and I hope we see you again next year. Have a great winter!


  23. Oh, I love those hats!
    There are many more knitting patterns for hats out now too--especially the felted hats in different shapes with embellishments. Here in Minnesota, hats are a necessity this time of year.

  24. Hi Beckie, I do love Ferdinand. Yes, I remember the turtle soup fairs. I was really little. I wouldn't eat the soup. My poor pet turtles wouldn't have approved. ha...

    MrMcD, Patricia has not been to Barrington, IL so there are more milliners out there.

    Gail, I knew that Patricia had been to Tn so I asked her where. She goes to a show in Franklin in October or April. She said she will be going this coming April.

    I am glad you all liked to see Patricia's hats. They are great.

    Marc, I just love Ferdinand. It is such a beautiful little community. A place to be proud to say you are from.

  25. I'm never brave enough to buy a hat (in fact to wear one) but I always stop when I see some in display. Maybe someday...
    Those are beautiful.

  26. What fabulous hats!! I love that black one! I can't wear many hats well, because I have such a big head and a big face. The ones I look decent in tend to be those that have wide brims and there isn't really much call for those. I wish I wore them well, because I do love them!

  27. Lisa, You are so right about this craft being a lost art. Those are some great choices you featured. I really like the black one and the green with buttons. We don't have much need for keeping our head warm down here but up there I'd be tempted to have a closet full of those beauties.


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