Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Fling Wrap Up

Chicago Gardeners sure did put on a great Spring Fling this year. The people that attended were the very best. Everyone was so lively and friendly.

I could go on and on about the Spring Fling gushing just as this fountain does at the Chicago Botanic Garden. But I will try not to do that. The weather was just perfect for us as you can see by the sky shown here. The most quite time I believe was when we were in Rick Bayless garden. Maybe it was the presentation that took so long. This just goes to show how nice everyone was paying atttention when they would like to have been looking around. Carolyn Gail's garden was the sweetest little garden. I was pleasantly surprised to find we could all fit into her garden but it was so full of delightful plants and things that you didn't notice the size. With lovely roses as this one she said was thought to be from the confederate era. What ever era it sprang from it sure is a beauty. The bonus of touring her home was certainly appreciated. It is as welcoming as Carolyn herself.

The public garden in Wrigleyville was an eye-opener for me. I have read about these types of community gardens in magazines for years but had never been inside one. It is amazing the amount of veggies and fruits that they can produce here to help their community.

Lincoln Park showed us some sculptures. Of course it had much more to offer but I am trying to show a few different items seen and not yet posted about.

Below is the booty that I made it home with. After seeing all of the inspiring gardens with their containers and displays I just had to have a little something to remember the trip. So I opted for a nice big red container and a smaller one.

One of the other bonuses we received at the SF was a pair of Ethel Gloves. Ethel and I got out into the garden andI gave them a try out even though they are a bit small. Ethel and I got all planted.

I filled the large pot then...

the small planter. Of course I bought a few too many plants for the new planters so the overflow plants went into a concrete planter I already had. I am pleased that the Supertunia given to us by Proven Winners worked right into the color scheme of the chosen plants.

I just can't thank the Chicago Gardeners for enough for all their hard work. It sure made for a pleasant Spring Fling.


  1. I missed that cool sculpture at Lincoln Park, thanks for showing it. I'm finding my Ethel gloves a bit binding (and I normally fit in M gloves just find)--the elastic leaves impressions in my skin. I do like the colors, though! :)

  2. Looks like this was a wonderful event, and how great that you get something living and beautiful as a memento! That's the magic of gardening. I love community gardens, I used to volunteer at one here in the UK, it was one of the best things I ever did. I'd be so excited to see one of the established ones in the USA!

  3. Wow! I super love those sculptures!
    The top first image with mirror and relective effect one is so cool!
    Yeah, when doing gardening, the joyous part is have found a fitting and comfortable glove.
    Gld you found one Lisa:)

  4. Now that's a great concise wrap-up of Spring Fling! I missed that sculpture! But then, I missed a LOT. Still, I saw a LOT, too. What I regretted most was that we were so busy, it was hard to get around to visit properly with everyone!

    Again, it was great to meet Tena and so good to see you again!

  5. I enjoyed your wrap-up and pics, Lisa, and I love your new container plantings. Yes, my Ethel gloves are too small also. What I've most enjoyed from the swag bags are the magazines from Sunset.

  6. Monica, the gloves are too small for me too. I gave them a try but no go. I will wash them and give them to Tena.

    Kylee, I wish we could have chatted more. It was difficult in such a big group. I get easily overwhelmed in such a large group.

    Pam, I thought of you and the other SW & W gardeners when I saw the Sunset mags. They are really geared to your area. I loved looking at them though.

  7. Lisa, Can you believe I haven't even tried out my Ethel gloves yet? They're just too pretty, I hate to get them dirty:) Love those new red containers. Somehow I managed to get home without buying any plants, but I've since made up for it. I think I'm ready for another Spring Fling weekend--this time I'd like to check out all that I've seen on other people's posts and that I missed!

  8. Lisa, thank you for the trip with you! I enjoy every bit.

  9. Your container plantings are great. I hope you found a home for Hosta 'Krossa Regal.' My poor Ethel gloves are dirt encrusted already.

  10. What an interesting sculpture. Glad you had such a good fling! Gives the old soul a lift to have a good get-away. Your pots look lovely.

  11. Yes Barbara, Krossa Regal gets its very own post.

  12. Lisa, You can design my container plants anytime...your new ones are wonderful! I remember great conversations, wonderful gardens and finally meeting wonderful bloggers face to face that I've known for a year or more...but not that photo! I can see myself in the photo, but, the memory is gone!

    Btw, you did a great recap.



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