Sunday, August 30, 2009

Out of the Garden Safari

The morning was shrouded with fog. It didn't take the sun long to burn off the fog and the day was quite beautiful. We headed to our favorite birdng area. We had to stop for gas and to our delight we found some of the Froggers gassing up. You see, just south of where we live, on this weekend every year there is a gathering of old cars called the Frog Follies. No vehicles newer than 1946 is allowed to show. This little machine below is called a T Bucket.
I thought the back of this one was the prettiest shot in this light. They weren't exactly parked for the best photos.

The fellows that tinker and collect these vehicles love to show them off. They appreciate a person taking their photos, just don't touch.
We look forward to this weekend every year. It is fun for us to drive to our birding destination just to see the Froggers that are parked at hotels on the way. Some are going to or coming from the event. Face it, I am easily entertained.
Like when we came to this ditch and there was this huge clump of minnows swirling around. I wanted to get in there with my little sand bucket and try to catch some. Of course I didn't because I no longer have a little sand bucket but these minnows took me back to days when I did.
This huge black fly was buzzing around. I thought it was a bee the way it sounded when it flew but when it finally landed on a handrail I saw that it was a fly.
There was a ditch with a few nice clumps of Cardinal Flower blooming up a storm. Beautiful.
This Mining Bee (?) was busy collecting pollen and sipping nectar. If you make this big you can see this bee's tongue. I am not sure what this little lavender flower is. If anyone knows I would appreciate an id. I thought it might be flax. I am just not sure.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I got busy this week because I knew I was going to have some visitors. So I got the Conservatory all cleaned out and arranged. The Woodspirits were also happy that I gave them some attention. Out front where I hate to work due to all the sun and heat my DB dug in and cleared the worst weeds out. He called me over to look at the tremendous plantain he found growing, so you can imagine the shape of this garden. I almost had him leave it since it had worked so hard to grow to this size but then I thought of all the little plantains just waiting to escape from those pods. It would have been a nightmare had I left it no doubt.
With my garden spiffed up, as much as it could be at this point, I was ready for their arrival. Here arrived Monica the Garden Faerie and her friend Carole. They were on their way to Missouri Botanic Garden. I was just delighted that they stopped in to see us on their way.
(in the photo Monica, Lisa and Carole)
What with my garden winding down for the season and them having a few extra minutes to spare in their trip I offered to take them to a couple of gardens not far from mine. I think I can say a good time was had by all. I hope you all have a great weekend too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - 8-15-09

Here in the heat of the summer most of the big color flowers are finished. I have some annuals that are thriving in the heat. Lantana is blooming its head off finally. It has pouted through the wet cool part of the summer. The Turtle Heads are blooming nice as is the Joe Pye Weed and Butterfly weed. Notice that weed word working its way through this line.
I have two new Toad Lilies that are blooming up a storm. One is Tricyrtis hirta 'Arctic"...

The other is 'Empress'. I love the cool blue of the Arctic and the royal purple color of 'Empress.
The Autumn Clematis is beginning to bloom like a spray of firworks.
The 'Unique' hydrangea is blooming nice through this heat. It always makes me feel cool to see those white blooms in the deep shade. Niko Blue still has some big mop heads of blue going.
There are plenty of the old fashioned Plantain Lily blooming. The big white blooms attract the bees and hummingbirds. French honeysuckle is blooming nicely too. Of course the Susans continue to bloom and tall garden Phlox perfumes the hot air.
For more blooms from around the world go to Carols at Maydreams Garden.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Skywatch Friday

This photo scream August to me. August is when the three "H's" come to play. Hot, humid and Hazy. For more Sky Watching go here. Try to have a pleasant cool weekend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Out of the Garden - 08-10-09

I must say, I had the most different, interesting day today. I got to do something I have never done before. This sky might give you a hint. What does it bring to mind? A horseshoe perhaps? If it did make you think of a horseshoe you are getting warm, and I don't mean because it was nearly 90F today. My DB took me to Colts Training Camp to watch the Colts football team get ready for the new season at their place of practice in Terre Haute, IN.

I must say if you aren't a football fan you would have been bored to tears here. I, being a big fan of the Colts, was thrilled to go. I didn't quite know what to expect. So we hoofed it over to the practice field to watch all that goes on. On the way I did have to stop and admire the beautiful stand of Iron Weed and Jeruselam artichokes that were blooming along the edge of the tree lined creek. The trees are what kept us cool in the shade while watching the practice.
There were a good number of fans there. Some of the very young got their photo taken with "Blue" the official Colts mascot. The line for autographs was quite long. People line up way before practice starts at 8:30 a.m. to get the autographs of their favorite players.I don't know how official this fellow (below) is but I can assure you he was a very serious fan. He stood the entire time during the practice in his very warm get up. He also posed with any fan that wanted their photo taken with him. He is also seen at every home game I hear. The players were quite close even though my photos don't make it seem that way. It was interesting hearing what the coaches said to the various players. Instructing them on technique and routine. The big camera in the sky was filming all of it. There were actually two of these big towers filming the practice.
The quarterbacks had their routines to run through together. They split the different players up together to practice the different plays. Then they would have little skrimishes. I was amazed at how they came crashing together and very few actually hit the dirt so to speak. The football field had grass on it that looked like a golf green.
I would say that if you ever get a chance to go watch your favorite team practice you should do it. It is fun. The crowd gets into the repetitions by ooing and awwing over good catches and runs. If it is like this set up there are different things for the kids to do, like a slide and wall climbing. Of course there is some serious fan shopping that can be done.

Heck if all else fails just people watching is amusing in a situation like this. People know they are among the very devoted fan base and will dress up like you can't believe, such as the young lady that was pregnant and she rolled up her tshirt and painted horseshoes and her favorite players numbers and names on her tummy. I wish I had gotten that picture. I just wasn't quick enough. Actually I think I was in shock. ha... I hope you all had a good Monday too. Have a great week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Time In My Garden

Nan Ondra over at Gardening Gone Wild has written about this months Garden Design question/dilemma. How have you dealt with your garden beds over time? Can you show a project from the beginning to a major change? This is it in a nutshell. Of course she has asked in a much better manner. Pop over to read the about the Design challenge and then post a project if you can.

The north (NW) side of our house is an area that I rarely used to look at. Back in April of 2004 I decided that I needed to do something on this side of the house. There is only one window on this side. So I had a big blank white wall to deal with. I placed a Forest Pansy Redbud tree here with the birdsnest spruce that already existed. The other larger shrub I planted was Sunkist Arborvitae. In between and around went the hostas 'Striptease' and Francis Williams. There are divisions of other hostas, astilbes, Cigmafuga,Iris, Ferns and Daylilies. This is also where there are several native plants like Jack in the pulpit, Mayapples etc. This is how it looked after the initial planting. This spring I took a photo of this side of the house. It has filled in nice. It actually could use some dividing of the plants. Ferns had bullied their way into the mesh. The poor Forest Pansy Redbud split last year. There isn't much of it left. I keep thinking I would replace it but as long as it sits there looking good I will leave it. So it goes for my first before (April 2004) and after (June 2009). I will look forward to seeing some of your projects.

Mish Mash Monday 8-3-09

It's beginning to look a lot like...Fall?? So it seems here. The spiders are beginning to build their webs in earnest. I love the way this one looks like gossamer with dew on it and the rainbow of color that slides across one side. We have had so much rain that the old table top in the garden is sprouting fungus. It has three types on it. This one is the most colorful.
I just love the bloom of this begonia.
I really grow these big leaved begonias for their interesting shapes and markings. Sometimes I am gifted with some blooms.
This planter has turned out quite pretty. With the begonia, persian shield and petunias together.
The window box is full now too. The caladiums are growing like crazy. I love the way they fill up the kitchen window. When you look at them from inside they look like stained glass.
I hope you all have a great week.

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