Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mish Mash Monday on Sunday

After a couple of days with so much rain. It was wonderful to get out in the garden for a bit of weed pulling. Even weed pulling was a bit much for the garden when it felt like I was walking on a wet sponge. 

I have gathered up all the plants that I want to bring in.  Must be done tonight becasue it is to get into the 30's.  Most of the plants outside in pots will not like being in such cold air.

With the skies being so blue I couldn't hardly stand to stay inside despite the wet ground.  The turkey vultures are enjoying the dry wind too.

While walking in the park we saw in interesting phenomena.  These posts aren't on fire. The sun is just making the moisture in them evaporate right before our eyes.  It was rather ghostly looking.

Everywhere you look. There is a spot of color. It won't be long and the fall show will be in full color.
Back in our garden there are few blooms.  The last of the bees are taking every advantage of them. I think all the rain and cold air has put the bumbles and wasps to sleep for the season.
I hope you all are enjoying the fall colors coming on. 


  1. Thank you for the "mish-mash." ;-) And thanks for including the photo of the posts. Crazy! I wanted to tell you that I'd visited with my daughter (lives in Omaha, NE) today. They had 5 inches of snow this weekend!! I'm so not ready for that... Have a great day!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing the posts with the steam...spooky!
    Cold here too. I brought in my plants for the winter.
    You have had lots of rain!
    Getting the gardens ready for winter now. I do love the crisp mornings! It looks as if the summy afternoons will wait for another week.

  3. Like you, Lisa, it was good to see the sun after the gloomy rainy weather of the last few days. We had almost as much as you. The photo of the posts is really interesting-does look kind of like ghosts. :) Don't you love the trees turning and all those gorgeous hints of what's to come?

    Have a great week and enjoy the crisp fall weather!

  4. It's been a really wet fall here too, and so we're hoping for spectacular color in a few weeks.

  5. Lisa, I love the ghostly pillars shot...I love the first changes of color in the trees...It's so pretty against the green trees and if you're lucky, blue skies!

    Risking retribution from the weathers gods to say this...I am so tired of rain. We've had way too much (16+ inches) this fall. If this keeps up we'll have snow all winter!

    I haven't any house plants to bring in...but anything I haven't put in the gardens will be buried in the leaf piles until i get around to planting them.

    Have a great week! Gail

  6. It just keeps raining here too. These constant gray skies are kind of depressing. So far no leaf color here.

  7. Hi Lisa....I love the posts....all a bit mystical.....

    It seems everyone has had a wet summer, except me. We are back to warm temperatures today....and it should last the week.

    Lots of bees today also saw a dragon and red admiral.....pity they weren't around yesterday for Sunday safari!!

  8. Hi Lisa, I do love fall colors (and, as it turns out, steaming wooden posts!). I just feel happy whenever I see Mish Mash Monday posts. ;-)

  9. Nice post Lisa, really like the shot of the posts with steam coming off them.

  10. Great fall photos! The steaming posts really set the autumnal mood. I'm glad you got everything in before that cold.

  11. It's interesting this time of year, waiting for change, being so aware of it. Lovely post.

  12. You'll have so much more color -- I look forward to seeing Autumn come to your blog. It's still hot and humid here, temps and humidity in the 80's.

  13. You'll have so much more color -- I look forward to seeing Autumn come to your blog. It's still hot and humid here, temps and humidity in the 80's.

  14. I love the steaming posts--very spooky! But the mention of cold, wet ground made my feet curl in protest. It just seems unfair that we have to get the "cold wet" before the "cold," you know?!

  15. Those posts with the steam coming off them are really neat, Lisa. We drove through Indiana on Friday on our way to a wedding in Tennessee--I can attest to the amount of rain you've had; it came down in sheets! We enjoyed a lot of the fall color along the way, but I imagine in another week it will really be glorious. I am not ready for this cold, though--brrr!

  16. I brought the plants in over the weekend as the cold is coming. Even with the garden decline, it is such an enjoyable time of year isn't it?

  17. Hi Lisa, that is a lot of rain. Good for you getting some things done anyway, while the sky is so blue and before it is too cold. Poor little bees, looks like they are going for the last bit of gusto on that flower. Love the smoking posts!

  18. The mockingbirds get the beauty berries here, Lisa - the purple color effect doesn't last long.

    You got to me with those steamy photos, too - nice catch! Happy October!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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