Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Safari

The poor garden looks so bedraggled but the sun was shining today so I was lured outside to see what survived our first frost last night.  The small white snowball bush is now blushing from all the frost.

The big tall Asters didn't mind the frost too much.

There are a few Toad Lilies still blooming. Most have gone to seed.  I sure wish a lot of those seeds would sprout but I haven't noticed much germination from all those seeds in the past.  Maybe I need to leave them on longer.

I was surprised to see several Lady Beetles skittering across the garden.

There was even a cucumber beetle rousting about.  At least that is what I think this guy is, if I am wrong feel free to correct me. He skipped to the bottom side of this begonia leaf when I tried to get a photograph of him.

The Black and Blue Savlia is still hosting bees and bugs galore.  They withstood the frost.  They are in the back garden so they are somewhat protected by the Casa and trees nearby.

You can see that the Anemones were somewhat damaged by the frost.  No this anemone doesn't have a tail.

It was Luna behind the anemones trying to see what I was looking at.  Sometimes she is confounded by the way I sit and stare at the plants in the garden.  I mean it isn't like I was staring at a cat, mouse, mole or vole that might interest her.

"Aahhh come on Mom, lets go find a nice warm spot in the sun and take a nap.  I can't hardly keep my eyes open" says she.  "Good idea Luna. See you all later", says I.


  1. Luna is a very smart dog! Hope you both enjoyed your naps Lisa!

  2. I enjoyed the safari. Luna is a sweetie.

  3. I dunno about the toad lilies. I'm a MUCH lazier gardener than you are, and not cutting the seedheads down at all doesn't seem to make a difference here, sadly.

    Luna is such a delight to see on your post. She always makes me want to go give my Coco a kiss on the nose. (And so I do!) :)

  4. Be thankful that Luna just thinks it's odd you're staring at the garden--if I look too closely at mine, Sophie thinks she needs to check it out, too, trampling everything in her wake:) I've been surprised, too, by the number of insects still alive outside. I even saw a Painted Lady today! And yesterday a hummingbird flew by--I wonder if he missed his flight south.

  5. the weather is so weird i think all the critters are confused. it's wet, cold, then warm. love all you still have going on in the garden.
    happy autumn.

  6. Luna has the right idea though Jo and I spent a big part of Sunday working in the garden and enjoying the first sunshine we've had in a little over a week. (The bug is, indeed, a cucumber beetle.)

  7. Ah sweet Luna, she is so sleepy! You still have much beauty, Lisa, frost or no. I am waiting to go outside when it gets a little lighter to see the frost on our pumpkins and such. Brrr.

  8. Hi Lisa....that Luna is just so beautiful....her coat looks lovely.....
    An afternoon nap, if only......heaven.

    You still have plenty of blooms and bugs around Lisa.....encouraging.

  9. Dear Lisa,
    You have a delightful Sunday Safari! Thank you for the garden tour. We also had a hard freeze and I was amazed by what survived!
    Luna is a fine friend indeed. I think Sunday afternoon naps are the best!
    Seeing your bugs is so fun. I will miss them when Winter comes.

  10. We have had several hard freezes and still a few plants don't want to give up. I'll bet Luna enjoys the cooler weather.

  11. It doesn't look like you had too much damage. We had frost patches here last night but everything seems ok today.

  12. Lisa, Is a snowball bush a hydrangea? Thanks for the tour around your gardens. :-) How old is Luna?

  13. Love the pic of Luna - I'm such a dog lover! Must be so difficult gardening with extreme weather.

  14. Lisa, I have the same issue with Toad Lilies... They flower beautifully, but don't seem to spread at all.I never cut the flower heads off. Do you suppose we have to divide to get more?

    We don't have any delightful Luna's in our garden to keep us company...Do you talk to her while you're weeding and planting?


  15. Luna is so cute! What a look on her face.
    I've never had any of my Toadlilies go to seed either. I don't know what they need.
    After 3 frosts/freezes, my Anemones are starting to look a little worse for wear, but then I found two new blooms that just opened, unscathed. Ah, fall...

  16. Lisa, it amazes me that the bees are still out trying to find pollen. I have seen several on my less that beautiful blooms. Not much blooming here after 2 frosts, but at least the weather has warmed for a few days.

  17. Lisa what a wonderful post filled with these bugs braving Jack Frost! I'm with Luna get inside where it's warm!! Soon we bid adeau
    to our sleeping gardens..sigh.
    Lisa Thank you for always being by my side to cheer me on with your encouragement as I walk through this journey of healing. love and light to you dear friend..hugs anna

  18. Sunday was beautiful here, too; but it's all coming to an end soon!

  19. Who's a clever doggy then? ;-)

    It's good to see that your garden is still very colourful, regardless of the frost.

  20. Wow! These blooms are so gorgeous. I must stop by and appreciate all these blooms.
    OK, I shoul try blooming tuesday instead of cactus monday.
    So so beautiful!
    Luna, you are forever so faithful following Lisa. Good dog, good dog!

  21. Hi Lisa. Hi Luna. That is definitely a cucumber beetle. Hate 'em. Love your photos. What would we do without asters?~~Dee

  22. I can't believe what that black and blue salvia will stand in terms of cold. I've been very impressed with mine. Everybody's talking about toad lilies--I have yet to even see if mine are blooming!

    Your property looks wonderful as always.

  23. Our toad lilies usually get zapped before the seeds have a chance to form and be viable. I've never noticed any seedlings before and I never cut mine.

    It's amazing what survives frost, isn't it?

  24. Only a few mums and the hardiest of asters are still hanging on here in Minnesota.
    Luna is so cute -- she looks like she's doing well.

  25. My fleece flowers still looks good, too. Or at least, they did until a few frosts. Though Luna looks like she's a bit ready to rumble (as opposed to nap), LOL!

  26. It's a week later - wonder if you're still seeing so many insects and blossoms. Hope you're in a mild patch right now, Lisa and that the toad lilies haven't croaked!

    Still hoping for a flower or two on my one toad lily..the plant is barely 1/3 the size it was last summer but it's alive.

    Luna reminds me of some little kids when the phone rings - they don't like mom speaking to anyone else (even the flower in the camera lens) with such concentrated attention ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  27. It's interesting to see which plants take the frost better than others, isn't it? I love the pink blush of the snowball bush.
    I'd really like to try Salvia B&B. I wonder if it would have time to bloom for me here.
    Luna is such a sweety. Looks like she loves keeping you company in the garden even if she'd rather take a nap :)
    Enjoyed your sky shots and the beautiful fall foliage too. Glad you finally got some good leaf color.


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