Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blanket of Fog

The other day when we were at the park I took a few photos and showed you the little ice bergs that were in the river.  It was so cold then.  Today it was a balmy, comparatively speaking, 32F when we went for our walk.  The challenge today was the fog.

We didn't realize how foggy it was until we got out in the mist.  The fog was dripping off the trees.

My Dearly Beloved held the dogs while I ran back to the truck for my camera. You know I would find something I would need to photograph. The little dog here is Vinny.  He is staying with us while his family is in Florida looking for warmer weather.

The ice from the run off of the hills is melting fast.  I imagine that is one of the reasons why there is so much fog.

There is so much moss growing.  At least it is the only green thing in the forest right now.

I was admiring how the moss was emerging from under the frozen falls.

I have shown you a picture of the Wabash from this vantage point in the park several times over the seasons. The above photo is from this fall. Below is how it looked today.

I guess all of those icebergs makes for fog soup. There is more on the menu for tomorrow too. Be careful out there for any of you that have to contend with this.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foliage Follow Up - January 10

Pam over at Digging has suggested that after we do Carol's GBBD that we follow up with a foliage post. This suits me because here there isn't much blooming at this time of year.  I do have some amazing (to me) plants that have kept their foliage after a hard winter's spell of temps 20 degrees below the normal average for some 3 weeks.  Plus there were several nights that got down to the minus temps.  Without further ado some of my favorites are...

Wichita Blue Juniper that is still a baby but it is holding up and showing its blue hue. Below this grey blue shrub I have some Black lirope planted. They make a pretty combo in the snow.

This Whipchord Arborvitae is quite the conversation starter. It displays its braided chords all year long. It quite looked like 'thing' sticking up through the snow. It is another baby in the garden. I can't wait until it grows into its own.

This bush is a bronze color during winter and when it warms up this spring it will turn a chartruese color.  I sure wish I could find the tag for it.  Of course the camera doesn't capture the color very well in this photo.  It sort of blended into the day.

The Pieris 'Red Head' is green all year long. It is even setting some buds for this early spring.
I had wondered if I could have any foliage plants to show but when I walked around the garden this weekend I found there was quite a few plants with green.

Inside is another story. I have a row of plants just waiting for spring to come around so they can go back outside. Just focusing on the green peeking out here and there makes one feel so much better during this grey time of year.

So if you have some neat foliage to share with us.  Please make a post then pop over to Pam's and leave a comment with your link in it. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - January 2010

As you can see this Abutilon has one bloom and one bud to show for Bloom Day. I highly recommend this plant if you have some partial sun to grow it in outside.  It also makes a great indoor plant during winter, if you keep it watered.  When I brought this beauty inside this fall it started blooming more than it did while outside. I think it was because it had been sitting in such a densly shaded spot.  It likes the winter sun that the decidious trees allows in. 

The poor little narcissus is finishing its bloom display.  There are very few blooms left.  I won't give it up until the last bud blooms though even if its pearly white blooms remind me of the snow outside.

I hope you have a wonderful Bloom Day.  For more blooms on this cold January day, or if you have blooms to share go to Carol's May Dreams Garden.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wily-Nily Wednesday

Or as I often say "Out of the Garden".  You can see why our walks have been somewhat curtailed.  We haven't walked quite as long what with the weather being so cold and snowy.

Even the Wabash River has had mini ice bergs floating down the river.

Today though it has warmed up a bit.  At least the icebergs have melted.

Of course Luna doesn't care how cold it is or how snowy. She loves this kind of weather. She doesn't get hot.  It is difficult to keep her from racing ahead.  She has to sniff almost every other paw print or any other trail left behind.

Speaking of trails. I found this unusual paw print in the snow on top of a table. Does anyone know what paw this might be?

I realize the above isn't a great photo but with my binoculars I could see this Great Horned Owl sitting in the pine tree soaking up the morning sun. If you click on the photo you should have a better look at it.
I wish you all could have been with me to see it.  The Great Horned Owls nested in this area last year. I didn't want to disturb this owl while it was sunning itself.  It probably has been having a difficult time finding food while there has been such a thick snow cover for so many days.  Something we don't usually have to deal with here.  I hope you have a nice sun-filled winters day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cats in the Garden

No, this pond is not in my garden I just thought it looked so pretty with the pump sending out a plume of spray to keep an area open.  This wicked cold weather, 2 F this morning, is not good for much of anything living.

I am always amazed how birds can withstand such temperatures.  Of course they have other things to worry about other than Arctic conditions.  The neighborhood cats are drawn to the feeders as well. 

I know this innocent looking creature isn't any more comfortable than the birds.  He should be at home by the hearth. I can just hear him thinking.  Where are those birds?

Are they over there?

No they went thataway.
Then just a few minutes later I look out and what do I see???

This beautiful white ball of fur hunkering down behind the log planter waiting for the birds to forget it is there so it can have a half frozen snack.

Who Meee, eat poor little defenseless birdies???? Surely you jest.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day - January 1, 2010

My goodness isn't it amazing how time can run away from you.  Here it is the first day of January. The first day of the year 2010.  I woke this morning and ran to the window to see what kind of birds I might see to begin this year's sighting list.  I was not disappointed in the late night or was it early morning light?  I first saw that there were Crows leaving the roost but at the same time I heard Cardinals chipping away their morning greetings as they met under the feeders.  Cardinals are always the first to arrive and last to leave the feeders.

I got out the little 4"x6" notebook that my Beeg Seester gave me last year to prepare it to receive my notes about birding this year.  It seems to be just the right size for my jottings.

In the back of the book I put a little calendar. Then I place a list of all the birds ever seen in Indiana by anyone and I check them off as I see them through out the year.

This morning I was inspired by my little notebook to write a series of haikus. 

Here is my contribution to the Garden Bloggers Muse Day which you can see more of at Carolyn Gail's blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

When morning dawns
and the birds burst forth with song
I want to be there

For the first chorus
bring the day into focus
warmer than the sun

The feathered breast,
crescendo of energy
excitment abounds

Seeking new species
feathers appear unbidden
natural treasures