Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday - Golden Alexander

Today I wanted to show you one of my favorite wildflowers. Anethum graveolens - Apiaceae, or most commonly known as Golden Alexander.  It is in the carrot family. It has lanceolate, finely and sharply tooted leaves. Something like hellebore leaves. Sometimes they are even evergreen here in my Zone 6 garden.  They have these golden yellow compound umbel flowers. 
It isn't invasive but if you don't deadhead the flowers before they go to seed you will have them scattered everywhere through the flower bed you chose to place them in. 
Here you  can see where this one is snuggling up to the varigated Weigelia bush.  They complement the pastels in your garden. Or they can take a stand with the darkest brightest colors you place them with.
They will grow in full sun or deep shade.  They aren't a bit picky about placement. A real bonus too is that they do well in a cut flower arrangement. I can't say enough good about these beauties. They are a real workhorse in my spring/early summer garden. The blooms last a long time.

Wildflower Wednesday is brought to you by Gail at Clay and Limestone through Greenbow and several other blogs. To find a wildflower for your garden go to Gail's to see everyone that is posting about Wildflowers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Foliage and Follies

This time of year I am so busy in the garden. It seems like this year I have been particularly engrossed in the garden.  This obsession will wane when the weather heats up.  I am enjoying every minute out there while it is cool and comfy.
One of my projects was to make a trellis for some of the Sweet Peas I have started. This is the trellis I put up for the Norili Sweet Peas.  I am so happy these peas got started and they seem to like where they are planted becasue they are growing.
Another trellis I made was a little more elaborate. It also has Sweet Peas to grow up it. As you can see it is  near the Casa (screen house) so hopefully we will be able to see and smell these.

My design for this one was inspired by Robyn Gordon, at Art Propelled, who is an artist that carves totems. Her work is absolutely marvelous to me. She uses found objects in her work. So you can see that I have used some RR spikes for the top of the trellis. When this is no longer needed as a trellis I am going to make this a wall where I can place found objects like in this picture I tore out of a magazine 2 years ago. I hope to have a wall of 'stuff' at some point.
Another project I have done was lining part of the path that goes to a side gate with concrete that my DB busted out of the patio area.
I like that we didn't have to take it to the dump and it serves a needed purpose here by keeping the pea gravel in the pathway. When the flowers all fill out you won't see much of it either.
It seems that eveyone is talking about the explosion of blooms
and then of course the foliage that then will take center stage.
Even Lincoln seems a bit surprised at the way the ivy seems to want to overtake him. I will evenually have to get out there and rescue him.
Do you have any frivolous foliage or any garden projects keeping you in the garden longer than usual?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

While out on our morning walk we detoured through the woods rather than on the road at the park. I am so glad we did. The Wildflowers are blooming like crazy.  Finding this hillside full of Larkspur was to me like seeing those pictures the Austin gardeners are showing of their Texas bluebonnets.
In another area there was phlox blooming with just a few larkspur thrown in.
Even in this sea of May Apples there were a few larkspur peeking out.
It seemed that everywhere I looked the larkspur was trying to steal the show. Obviously it has been a good year for larkspur.
At home the wild ginger is blooming their funny little bloom.

                                         My one little clump of Virginia Bluebells are ringing.
The violets are rampant this year. 
The trillium is blooming too. Are there any wildflowers in your garden blooming? I bet that you have at least one of these yellow beauties.
I know that Gail at Clay and Limestone would like to see what is wild and blooming in your garden too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope that the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolate for your basket,
Lots of  Flowers for your garden

And much Peace for your heart.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Garden Blogger's Muse Day - April 2010

My garden is my muse this month. It has been unseasonably warm here so I have nearly buried myself in mulch this spring so far.   The forsythia has never looked prettier as most everything else, but on this day it is the forsythia that caught my eye in the blazing sun.

                                                                          Forsythia rays
                                                         competes with Spring's sunshine
                                                                         even in a vase
For more Garden musing go to Carolyn Gail's blog Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.

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