Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Squirrels Viewpoint

Elizabeth wrote a post here about her garden as she sees it from her second story window. I don't have a second story window but I liked the idea of looking at my garden from that high. So my DB got the extention ladder out so I could take a few photos before the sun got too high the other day. I thought I would show you around from a squirrels viewpoint.  I must warn you this is picture heavy and not a lot of narration. Don't get dizzy and fall off the ladder.  You can see here how the knot garden was revamped after I lost so many bushes last summer.  It still needs work of course.  Don't worry I am working on it, or at least thinking about it.
As you have noticed I have made many flower beds as circles so the Mowerman doesn't complain too much about having to stop, back up etc. Luna is under the apple tree.
When I first started taking these photos Luna was wondering what in the world was going on. Here she is looking towards the east side gate where my DB has stepped out of the photo.
Looking straight down from where the ladder was standing you can see a little pathway off the patio toward the east side gate.
If you look off to the west of here you can see the length of the patio.
Straight out from the ladder is a half round at the E end of the patio.
Excuse me, I need to move the ladder. Here I am looking back toward the east.

Now we are going to look straight out from the west end of the patio.
Another look just a bit Westerly.
At the West end of the patio there is the path that leads out toward the Casa if you take the left fork or toward the West gate if you take the right fork.
The pathway.
Excuse me again. I must move the ladder. I took it out under the Locust tree to show you the back side of the garden. Looking East you can see that the sun is getting up. You can see the back side of the knot. Luna is now thinking that this game isn't much fun and it is getting hot out here.
Here we are looking back toward the house. You can see the back side of Lincoln and where the new Tricolor Beech is planted.
When you look West you can see the path that takes you to the Casa.

This is the path that runs behind the blackberries. Sort of a no mans land. Poop patrol is ran here regularly as Luna thinks that no one sees her back here doing her duty. She is right of course because the shrubs and blackberries are growing thick here.
Excuse me while I get off this ladder.  I can't photograph this last part becasue of the trees hanging over the path. This wide open area is in front of the yard barn and the big back gate. I have visions as to projects that could go in here but my Mowerman starts shaking his head no and turning purple at the mention.  However I don't give up easily. 
I hope you enjoyed the Squirrels viewpoint of my garden.  Do you have a squirrels viewpoint of your garden? I would love to see it.  Be careful if you get up on that ladder.


  1. Your garden is gorgeous. I love the perspective. The squirrels sure do have it good your way!

  2. That view from above gives a wonderful perspective. I never realized how your garden was laid out. I love the look with the grassy paths running round the beds and leading from one to another. I need to rethink my larger beds and maybe have smaller round ones scattered thru the grassy areas. Love the brick edging too. I took all my brick out when they sank below the soil line. You must have a lot of sand under yours?

  3. I enjoy getting a full tour of all the garden spaces a blogger has, and yours are wonderful, especially from on high (I need to try the ladder perspective). I like your meandering paths and hidden areas, and quiet patio retreat. Thanks for going to all this effort with the ladder --- it was so worth it to see the scope and design. I love where the tricolor beech ended up.

  4. Hi Lisa, what a treat! The dappled light on the lawn and beds was amazing. I love that you are at least thinking about the knot garden, too! What a riot you are, up and down that ladder, Luna must have thought you had lost it for sure. It looks grand but that last bit certainly calls for....something. :-) We do have a squirrel's perspective, from the knot garden here we can see over the roof of the main house, no ladder needed.

  5. The overhead view is better than a map of your garden. You can really understand the layout, and how the garden beds flow together. I had fun clicking each picture to see the details in planting.

  6. It is nice to see how your lovely garden looks from that perspective. It is very obvious that it has been a labor of love over the years.
    I'm not very good with heights and I'm quite clumsy so I avoid ladder climbing. I'd probably drop my camera!

  7. My, what a fancy yard. Sure you don't want to come up and help with ours? We aren't that creative. One long strip of veggies down the side that is it. Of course, it could have something to do with our laziness and motivation but we won't talk about that here and now.

  8. Your garden looks so nice--and what a great idea to use a ladder to get an elevated view. That never would have occurred tome, but of course I have a ladder (and no second story). Hmmmmm.....

  9. I really love overhead garden views. I used to get up on the roof and do that a lot but now there are too many trees so you can't really see much. Your garden looks fantastic!

  10. Hahaha, i am laughing and very amused the way you weave your post and your ladder. The squirrels viewpoint is very effective, and thank you for the tour. The squirrel cannot see most of our garden, as lots of trees are grown so much that i need to be a flying bird to have a vantage point. Or maybe you have to be a kite to see all the nooks and angles. hehehe

  11. Thanks for sharing this view of your garden. It's so hard to picture layout when you're looking at only small parts of a single bed. You've done a really fabulous job.

  12. I love your squirrel's eye view! Your garden is just beautiful, with so many different aspects. I have one good view of the garden from our bedroom window, but I don't know if I can arrange anything like this beautiful tour - even with a ladder.

  13. Lisa, Thanks for this wonderful tour of your garden--it is beautiful! I love all the curved beds; you have so much going on here I didn't even realize. The ladder was a great idea for giving the full picture of your garden; I'm glad you didn't fall off it:) Tell Luna she is an excellent tour guide of the garden, and I promise I won't tell about her secret place behind the blackberries. A girl's gotta have her privacy:)

  14. I very much enjoyed your garden from a squirrel's perspective. I hope the squirrels realize how lucky they are. Your garden is so lovely and green, with so many different shades and textures of plants. The affect of the golden sunlight and its dappling through the trees is marvelous.

  15. Oh my goodness, I'm SO glad that you got up on the ladder. It really shows off how immense your garden is! And gives a better idea of how the spaces fit together, too. Very nice. :)

  16. Oh Lisa you are too much!What you would'nt do to get these squirrels view images which BTW are fabulous!!Loved peeking at all your circled areas and I must say a well manicured lawn and garden!Your Luna must think she's off her rocker climbing up there!!I got a kick at you tellin g us that you moved the ladder a few times...I can just picture that scene.
    I LOVE to look out at my garden from my second story bedroom..I've taken sevedral photos that way must do this again once my summer garden blossoms out.
    Is it HOT enough for you in your world? Here we are so hot the peonies are wilting!!!I've done another peonie post!!

  17. Lisa I'm so HOT I'm making typo errors above!!!!sigh

  18. Love your garden and the photos...now, if I just had a second story!

  19. Hi Lisa......such a pretty garden, I do love it.
    I like the perspective....a squirrels view.

    The knot garden is a wonderful idea. They are very popular in UK......I must confess I would not (ha) know where to start.

    Lovely to see Luna......

  20. Lisa, what a wonderful garden you have! No wonder the squirrels (and other 'critters") are so happy there. I LOVE Luna! What perfect name! Years ago, when I was quite young, I had a pure white Angora cat named "Moon"..

    You have a gorgeous blog! Thank you for visiting mine.



    ♥ Robin ♥

  21. Wonderful~thank you for climbing up there for us...what a great idea. I had no idea how large your garden is, but I am not surprised at how delightful it is~I could visit your photos for inspiration again and again! gail

  22. That was fun! You're smart to work with the lawnmower rather than fighting it (him). Thanks for showing your patio, I couldn't picture it before. I don't think you've shown the whole trellis before. I really like it.
    You know, it's great how you got Luna trained to leave her mess all in one area. :^)

  23. lisa, what an introduction to you and your yard and your luna! i love circles and you've designed your circle beds just perfectly!

    i am giggling thinking of you up and down, up and down on that ladder. hehehehehheeee.

    thanks for stopping by my place. please come again anytime.



  24. I'd never realized just how large your garden is, Lisa. I love your circular beds and wide grassy paths (so much better than my narrow ones that I'm paving over). Your garden looks like high summer already--so green and lush! Thanks for the squirrel's-eye perspective.

  25. Such a fun idea! It really gives you a different perspective, and your garden is lovely. Luna is like Vanna White showing off the garden to it's best advantage. ;-)

    It's so funny, my doggies do the same thing. They need their privacy to do their business, I guess. I will think I have it all cleaned up, and oops! A nice big pile will be hidden behind the Lady Banks rose, or in the back corner where the blue memorial garden is.

  26. What a great idea, and what a sport your husband is!
    Your yard is lovely!
    I had to laugh when I read about your circle gardens. A few years ago, I told our yard guy about feng shui, and since then we don't have a square corner anywhere.

  27. Great view! Better than Google Earth!

    And what a gorgeous piece of earth that is! Beautiful! I'm sure lots of work goes into making it look that way...so congratulations on a job well done!

  28. I love this perspective too! Especially seeing Luna standing on guard throughout some of the photos, in case squirrels DO come down into her terrain!

  29. Fantastic views Lisa, I love to see viewpoints like this. I do like the layout of your garden very much with different views and winding paths. I can imagine you working in it now :-D

  30. My goodness Lisa, you're gardens are way more extensive than I thought, and I thought they were big. You have a bunch going on in your neck of the woods. I love the idea of a squirrel's eye view. Kudos to Elizabeth for coming up with it.~~Dee

  31. Lisa girl ! I would love to be a squirrel in your garden : ) .. when Luna isn't around though .. could get a bit dicey ? haha
    Your garden is so BIG ! .. this view point or points rather, really shows it off wonderfully !
    My upper vantage point is the deck .. unless I try getting on the roof .. and no one wants to see me DO THAT ! haha
    I love the circle beds of course : ) Does Mr. Lisa really turn purple when you mention .. another .. project ? LOL !

  32. Lisa, what a great, great garden. I love the plants growing inside the patio. I think I recall you saying you live in town. I can't believe how much you have growing. Amazing. Oh, and I did do this kind of garden tour only I didn't have to climb up ladders!:


  33. This is gorgeous, Lisa! You have a veritable garden tour right here in your own back yard! What a lovely piece of property you have. Lots of work and love went into this.

  34. This was wonderful! It really gives a sense of how all the parts fit together and the views lead into each other. Glad you are not afraid of heights!

  35. This is a long and very meaningful post.
    It's about discovering another part of the garden or world bits by bits.
    I love the surprises and the shots serve one.
    Never before I become so qurious!
    Yes, I have some squirrels at my garden too.
    I should adopt your viewpoint perhaps!

    Take care and happy weekend!

  36. This is another great post, you are not only creative in gardening and landscaping, but also in photography. I really loved that squirrel viewpoint and the garden is really lovely.

  37. Hiya Lisa,

    What fun!
    You must have beenr eally high up as I started experiencing vertigo:-)

    Lovely idea. Being able to do it from the third floor safely behind a window frame means I might have a go. Ladders aren't appealing. Would love to see a picture of you up there, leaning over precariously.

  38. Dear Lisa, thank you so much for your kind words to my last post in May. It was very comforting. Now I am back to everyday's life and try to catch up with all the posts I failed to read...quite an impossible thing.
    Seeing your pictures in your post here, made me feel like a little bird, flewing over your beautiful garden. An interesting and nice experience :-) !!
    I'll come back again.

  39. I'm smiling at you climbing up and down the ladder and Luna wondering what it's all about :) Great idea for an overall perspective.
    What an industrious pair you and your DH are! Your garden is truly a little paradise and a wonderful place for Luna to roam and keep you company as you potter in the soil :)
    Thanks for showing us the layout and design of your garden. It's a real treat to see it.
    So glad you didn't fall off that ladder ;)
    No need to climb a ladder here, thank heavens. I can just go upstairs and take photos.

  40. Lisa, you make me wish I had an extension ladder - what great views of your garden! And you are very thoughtful to have rounded beds for the lawn mowing. Very nice!


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