Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2011

Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day that Carol at May Dreams Garden has hosted and encouraged everyon to list what all is blooming in our garden on the 15th of every month.  This month is very nice in my garden despite the wet weather. I am going to show you some photos I took the other day since today is a cold 52F with mist in the air all day. 

The iris show is almost coming to an end. The bearded ones are blooming. You can see behind these iris the wild honeysuckle blooming.
A few of the Japanese Irises are beginning to bloom.

 I have several shrubs that are blooming. This buckeye is one of my favorites. There are also two types of viburnumns blooming.
 As I was telling my Sister the other day about Comfrey, when it starts to bloom as it is now it will bloom until frost. The bees are most happy about that.
There are still some columbines blooming, the native and some white ones.
If there had been sunshine and warmth the past couple of days I would have had some minature hosta blooms and the Mock Orange shrubs are set to burst open at any moment. These will have to wait until next time. What is bloomning in your garden?

Other blooms:
Baptisia, Golden Alexander, Water Plant, White Japanese Iris, Amsonia, Perfectly Pink Phlox, Ramona Clematis, Climbing Rose, annuals.


  1. Your iris are beautiful! What is the bird on your header? It is so unusual.

  2. My question too, what is that beautiful bird. He stole the GBBD show today.

  3. What a great shot of the bee on the comfrey, Lisa! Your iris are beautiful. I was so excited when we got home Wednesday night to find the first iris blooms here. Of course, the weeds seem to grow twice as fast while we were gone, too:)

  4. The Japanises Iris' are really pretty, Lisa! Your garden is amazing once that darn snow is gone!!!

  5. The bird on the header is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. They have been migrating through our garden. This one was at our feeders. A beautiful male.

    Good to see you at home Rose. I can't wait to read/see all about the wedding. You are right. The weeds grow fast, the garden waits for noone.

  6. You've sure had your share of rain! Our garden was actually a little dry for a few beautiful, sunny days before this latest bout of wet weather. But we were plenty wet before that!
    I can see you're enjoying some beautiful May blooms. Isn't it wonderful? :)
    The Comfrey is so pretty. I must try planting some.
    I love the Viburnumns and Honeysuckles.
    Your Irises are lovely - such gorgeous colors.
    Yes, you'll be seeing Amish horses & buggies on my blog soon :)
    Enjoy the spring...and hopefully we'll see the sunshine return soon...although the forecast is not encouraging!

  7. P.S. I love you header pic of the rose-breasted grosbeak. We have several coming at the moment, plus some other 'migrants' and plenty of the of which is a one-legged male cardinal. He's such a cutie. It's fun to watch him balance with his tail.

  8. You don't need another misty day, do you Lisa? I can't decide which iris is more beautiful and love that bird.

    I've never seen one, but my cousin in Michigan told me a Rose Breasted grosbeak landed in her maple tree last week - he left when she got the camera. Great catch!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Please send some of that rain this way.
    We really are desparate for rain in SE UK.

    I love the japenese iris.....years ago I would not have given them a second glance but the last couple of years they have really got a hold of me. It is strange how we change over the years.......

    Comfrey is a wonderful plant for bees. Do you use the leaves for fertilizer?? I make a liquid feed with mine...smells awful but the plants absolutely thrive on it.

  10. Your Iris are so lovely...and I adore Buckeye!

  11. Dear Lisa,
    Always fun to see what's in bloom in your gardens. I must grow comfrey again. It is a wonderful herb.
    Do you grow peonies? Mine are show stoppers right now.
    It is chilly here today with rain in the forecast. Our rivers are full.

  12. You are way ahead of us! Your spring bloom is so lush and cheerful. Our comfrey is well up, but far from blooming.

  13. I have never seen a buckeye bloom at such a close view... wow. I didn't know that they were so beautiful! At first glance, I thought you were showing some sort of a fancy new annual agastache another exotic plant. :)

    Happy GBBD!

  14. Hi, Lisa!
    Your flowers are looking fab! Have you ever made tea with the comfrey? I've always wanted to try that. Happy belated bloom day. :))

  15. Hi Lisa,

    My hellebores are in full fashion, a couple of tulips and a primrose blooming here. Oh and another plant I forget the name of.

    We had a sunny day yesterday and a good part of today. Nice! A thundershower is threatening at the moment ... right when we were supposed to venture forth on a walk.

  16. So interesting about your comfrey! Mine will be a wonderful late spring to early summer bloomer, but by August, it disappears completely..going dormant until the following spring!

    Gorgeous Iris btw!

  17. Beautiful blooms! That yellow iris really pops.

    Our comfrey looks great and is also blooming now, but it's planted out in the open in our veggie garden. It will die back and barely survive our hot, dry summer.

  18. Beautiful! It's so dry here nothing is growing, much less blooming. I will live through your beautiful photos. Terah


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