Sunday, May 1, 2011

Neighborhood News From Fairy Manor

This spring when I went to the Indy Flower Show I was quite taken by these three minature shrubs. Left is Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Silver Lode', middle is Euonymus japonica 'Rokujo' and right is Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Gold Pin Cushion'.  I brought them home not knowing for sure what I might do with them.  I was delighted when the Garden Fairies that live in my garden expressed great interest in them. I asked them to come up with a plan and they did.
 They gathered their gardening equipment and worked diligently. 
Stopping to rest only a short while from time to time under their gazebo to rest. 
Each took a corner to work on. 

In no time they had Fairy Manor ready for company. 
If you are ever in our area do stop by for a cup of tea and a biscuit. 
They would be delighted to give you a tour of Fairy Manor. 
We are wishing all a delightful week.


  1. This is just fantastic, Lisa!!! I had a fairy garden once...must re-create one day! I do believe those fairies cannot be anything but happy there on the Fairy Manor grounds!!!

  2. How lovely is this! I'm sure the garden fairies will have a great time there.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    The show seems so wonderful!
    Look like you still have time exploring around but i haven't been to any shows or events after Chinese New Year.

    I hope to take a break like you too!

    Have a delightful week too and Happy labour Day to you Lisa!

  4. This is so cute, Lisa! The fairies did a lovely job of sprucing up their manor; maybe one of these days I'll get to pop in and visit them.

  5. What an absolutely delightful little garden. Who wouldn't want to drop in for tea there. (at first I was wondering, what is she going to do with all those tiny plants?! smart lady)

  6. Oh, this is so enchanting.I hope a little child or two gets to see it.

  7. Lisa, this is just too cute for words. I must show Poppi next time she visits.
    What a delightful fairy garden.

  8. Just beautiful. Not all garden fairies are that energetic.

  9. Cute miniatures --- Fairy Manor is perfect for your little garden sprites.

  10. These are great. What a neat show.

  11. Lisa girl this is so sweet !
    I would have loved to play with them as a girl .. hey, I would love to play with them now ! LOL
    beautiful miniature settings .. absolutely enchanting as they are meant to be : )
    PS Can they come over to play in my garden too please ?

  12. Lisa, this is absolutely adorable. I loved every word and every pic. Great fun!

  13. You have been busy I can see. Its a wonderful garden. We are still a little cold yet to plant everything I want. But soon...

  14. What a beautiful little garden vignette your fairies created. Jo and I never seem to get our studio/shop elves to do anything productive.

  15. Very cute! The fairy manor is beautiful.

  16. Dear lisa,
    Your fairies did a lovely job . I am very sure their Manor is a delightful place. I would love to come by for tea! They must have dancing on the lawn too....I an enchanted.
    Ever since my kids moved to the West coast we seem to travel west. I must think "East for Fairies."

  17. What fun Lisa! Especially liked to see the Fairies were considering wildlife in their garden too... nice bird house and bird bath they have there ;-)

    Thanks, its been a productive week. BTW we have rain tonight so perhaps it will be dry for you tomorrow :-D

  18. Delightful was the word that came to mind as I read this, and then you used it! Awesome.

  19. Love, love, love Fairy Manor. Your garden fairies are more diligent than Carol at May Dreams I think. Hers only post.~~Dee

  20. The fairies are so busy in Spring and what an enchanting space they have created!Lisa I adore this wee wonderland a place to allow your imagination to soar!
    I wonder if I have such fairies living in my woodlands..time for me to clear away dead leaves..and perhaps one may peep out!
    A delightful post!
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

  21. That is a lovely miniature garden. Makes me want to be a fairy!

  22. Lisa, What an adorable manor and garden the fairies have created! I would be honored to have a cup of tea and biscuits with them! gail

  23. Oh My!

    This is beautiful, Lisa!

    I think I just saw one of the fairies flying by on the back of a dragonfly! :)


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