Saturday, July 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - July 2011

As the heat settles on the garden and we slip into those lazy hazy days of summer foliage plays a big part in the garden.
Green is the operating word here at Greenbow. Where in the flower beds there are a lot of greens and then take many forms.  Barren Wort (epimedium), Ginger and Sensitive Ferns huddle together.
I saw in a magazine a picture of black grass popping up in a spread of golden creeping jenny. It works but the creeping jenny has to be tamed from time to time as it trys to take over the world. In my garden the "golden" creeper turns more green this time of year. I would like it better if it stayed its golden color longer. 
Hostas play a big part in my shade garden. They tend to hold the colors that they are supposed to be. 
Do you have any interesing foliage combos in your garden?  If so Pam at Digging would love to have you post a foliage follow up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I would love to see them too. So if you need inspiration for foliage in your garden head over to Digging and have a look at other foliage combos.  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I love creeping jenny. It does stay yellow in my garden.....I love it when it flowers. I have mine with ajuga.....the deep maroon and yellow look great together. I personally, have not found it to be invasive. In fact I wish it would spread a little more than it has.

    It is pouring with rain and the temperatures are below average 18C (66F). I walked Nella this morning, we both got a good soaking. For some reason I thoroughly enjoyed it (I do worry about me sometimes :)

  2. I guess they do so well because of all the humidty you get..? or is it just hot and no humidity?

  3. I love that last photo, Lisa--such a beautiful hosta. There's a new one--or new to me--that's pretty much all white, which I don't like. But I like the white contrasted with the green edging in yours. When it comes to foliage, I'm also in love with heucheras. Beckie met me at Prairie Gardens yesterday and "enabled" me to buy two more:) I still don't know where I'm going to put them.

  4. I like creeping jenny too. Most of my garden is green now too. There are few blooms. I love that last photo of the hosts, such great textures!

  5. I ADORE your hosta and variegated liriope combo -- great texture and cool color! The hip creeping Jenny and black mondo grass combo is especially nice too.

  6. Green is the right word for my gardens too. It is very lush with all the heat and humidity.
    Our hosta are blooming too.
    I think right now my favorite leaves are the mints....refreshing.

  7. I always love green:)
    Seems like without green, I am not content...

    Today, I read a famous foliage natureland in Hong Kong from a travelled magazine.

    Then, now I came by reading another spread of foliage sharing with amazing shots. Thanks Lisa, you know, I also have picked lots of these and put in my vase for decoration before. It's another creative way to cheer us up!

  8. I have the creeping jenny and mondo grass combo, too! Or, I should say, I DID HAVE that combo... I'm not sure that there's still any mondo grass in there. I'm not as diligent about taming Miss Jenny. :(

    Love that hosta shot, by the way. Your shade garden pictures make me feel cooler somehow!

  9. All that lush green reminds me of home! Love it. Thanks!

  10. Nice green garden. Looks so cool for my eyes.

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