Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Safari

 Early this morning the day seemed to be starting out hot as it has been lately. The windows were fogged but I noticed a distinct difference. There was a tiny snail meandering through the moisture on the windows.
I am such a weenie during these heat spells. Unfortunately this entire summer has been a heat spell. So I stayed inside after we got home from our usual Sunday bird outing.
I wasn't alone though. I had several visitors at my window. 
This guy wouldn't hardly take no as an answer to a request for me to come out and play. 
I haven't felt lonesome at all the last few weeks. The poor bedraggled House Wren is busy feeding her second brood outside my window. The poor dear is working her tail feathers off bringing food to the little ones. It won't be much longer and they will be fledging. I can hear them calling for food when I am across the room from them.
I hope you all had a fine weekend. For more Sunday Safari notes go to Sherry's here and over to Cheryl's here.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    What a very fun safari!
    It was muggy this morning before a nice storm blew in cooler rain but I do like the cooler temps. I saw we are to have three days of pleasantness....I just might get some seed planted.....I still have lots of growing time.
    Hope relief comes your way soon.
    Love your Dragonfly.....and sweet little Mum Wren.
    I do understand about the heat and humidity. This has been the hottest summer I can remember.
    Happy Sunday Safari!

  2. We have had a nice mild summer which some are complaining about but I am loving it. I am not into over 90 degree weather. we have been in the low 80ies in the day time and 50ies at night. Not bad actually. The blue birds here are about to fledge and some house finches were being fed in our bird feeder this morning and a couple days ago I saw Acorn woodpeckers feeding babies on top of the telephone pole they next on or in..I am going to miss them. Loved your safari..:)) We are never alone. :)

  3. I'm learning so much about birds from your blog! Terah

  4. Great bug shots, Lisa! The wren is a happy Momma right neat you can watch all the action, eh???

  5. Tku for the link Lisa :)

    Lovely safari, such fun.

    I like snails...easy for me to say, as I have a wonderful song thrush who eats them, so they do little damage here.
    Poor wren. I always feel so sorry for the birds when they are feeding their young. They looks so worn by the time the season ends.

    We had rain again inch. Blowing some your way, and cooler temperatures.

    Shopping with parents this morning and then 'little people' arrive for their weekly stay.
    Won't be around for a while.


  6. I've been a "weenie," too, this past month, Lisa:) But I do venture out to sit on the front porch in the early morning and evening and have been enjoying the hummingbirds in particular. One flew within a few feet of my face yesterday as if to tell me it was about time I refilled the feeders (I did). No wrens here, but the barn swallows are also fun to watch--they drive Sophie crazy by swooping down near her and then flying up out of her reach:)

    Looks like it will be cooling off a little this week, but I sure wish it would rain! Headed to Oregon tomorrow; I hope my garden is still alive when I get back.

  7. What an interesting photo of the snail and the moisture. I had to enlarge it to see it, but there it was! You have such an eye for detail.

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  9. That greenhouse effect is rather disconcerting. My windows did that one morning during the worst of the heat, but no snail came to do artwork. I hope you get some more seasonable (read "cooler") temperatures soon.

  10. If only we would open our eyes we could be on safari every day. I was weeding the herb bed today and saw a spider hustling along a very large egg sac.

  11. Love this Sunday Safari... you're quite the in-demand gardener, it seems, since everyone is knocking at the window to see if you'll come outside and play. :) Hope the weather starts cooperating soon, so you can!

  12. Wow! I can't wait for you to post more of these sun shots.

    I super love the first photo very much! It got abstract quality with it.

    Actually, I also love seeing insect for they are so intricate and nature!

    Ha..Ha..The grasshopper is hanging upside down.

    Thanks Lisa:)

  13. I go and admire all your photos again.

    Loving your compositions:)

    Indeed Happy Sunday Safari!

  14. Hello Lisa, you too seem to enjoy the summer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting onmy nlog.

  15. A bug safari! Mr. Ched would be running for cover. I'm sick of the heat here in BC, here's to cooler temps!!!

    happy weekend Lisa, G

  16. Lisa, I've been a weenie, too! As a result of that and my traveling, the gardens are less than stellar. LOL. Love your window views!

  17. These guys are sure exotic! Thanks for the virtual safari!

  18. I haven't gotten out as much as usual this summer either. It's cooled down here to reasonable summer temps, BUT now we're having mosquito problems. I love the underbelly shot of the grasshopper. I'm not wild about them in my garden, but I do like that angle of them.


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