Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - November 2011

I am delighted to be able to tell you that the Hardy Cyclamen foliage has popped out just in time for Foliage Follow Up this month. Since this is the first year of the HC growth I didn't know what to expect. The foliage followed the first hard freeze of the season. It magically appeared just when I was thinking that there wouldn't be much to show you.
The Hardy Cyclamen foliage is very similar to the foliage of the wildflower Appendaged Waterleaf. The Waterleaf makes a great ground cover and these leaves will last well into the winter.
The rest are the usual suspects. The Arum is up and about looking to make itself useful in the garden until an extended period of frozen ground. 
The hard working Viburnums, like this Leather Leaf Viburnum, are shining this fall. This plant hasn't had so many yellow leaves before. I think this droughty summer is taking its toll on the plant. I am hoping this is only a protest not a demise. 
The winds have been horrible this fall. Even the normally sturdy grass has succumb to the winds. But the greenery will survive well into deep winter when it will turn tan. It looks fairly nice all winter against the red cedars. 
When you start looking a little closer you can find that the Autumn Fern sitting there with Geranium Orkney Cherry and Perfectly Pink Phlox foliage. The red is a leaf from the Japanese Maple nearby. It is fun to see these bright red leaves making exclamation points all around the garden. 
No, it hasn't been snowing. As Luna followed me around the garden she picked up this leaf, came and stood by me as if to say don't forget the burning bush that has faded to a pink.
I will leave you with a look at the window box dressed out for the winter. I cut some greens and grass seed heads for a bit of visual interest. 
For more winter greens interest pop over to Pam's blog Digging to be inspired even for winter color.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - November 2011

The gloom of this GBBD sort of matches what is going on bloom-wise in my garden this November. I think the drought this year took it's toll on the fall flowers. Of course the hard freeze we had this week didn't help matters any either. There are a few hardy blooms trying to hang in there. Like the mums by the front steps. They are protected by porch roof overhang and cement steps around it.
Below is the last button bloom on the Tansy.
My very favorite clematis Ramona has the palest viseage of a bloom that is hanging on. She so longs to please this gardener. She does a marvelous job. 
The rest of the blooms are annuals. Alyssum in white and 
purple hangs on. I think the purple looks as good as it has all season. 
A surprise plant, to me is this bacopa. It has survived the summer and the freeze so far. I have it in pots and in the ground. These tiny flowers keep on blooming and the foliage looks nice too.  This one happens to be the light blue one.
Most years I have Japanese Anemones blooming now but it was a rough growing year here what with the drought. What do you have blooming in your garden today?  If you want to share your blooms with gardeners around the world you can go to Carol's blog to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Report

I am happy to report that the little tree frog came out in the open last night. I knew that it was still with us the other day when I dusted and found frog poop on the table. I just couldn't find it during the light hours.
I was so excited to find it when I went to close the curtains for the night. He sat there awaiting a rolly polly bug to pass by. I didn't give him a chance at dinner this evening. I took its picture and then set it outside. I am so glad it was a mild evening. Today looks to be nice and warm too. It can find a good meal and then snuggle in for a long winter's nap.
Catch and release is a great way to begin a month of giving thanks.
If you haven't read the saga about our tree frog you can go here for the rest of the story.

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