Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Snow

                                       We went from this yesterday, a perfect early spring day,
to this, a perfect early spring day.
It seems that every March we have snow. So despite it being warmer than ever this winter we have had our largest snowfall this year, such as it is, this spring.
I am sure those of you up North are laughing your wool socks off at this piddling of snow but I am glad to see it.
I thought we were  going to get through a winter with just a heavy dusting of frost. How could I say we had winter without snow? 
I can now  say we have had winter.
So let the growing season begin.
Have you had snow this winter or has your winter been as mild as ours?
I hope your area wasn't one of those hit by the tornadoes and severe winds. My thoughts and prayers goes out to all who has to deal with the devastation.
My DB took this picture out his window this morning. You can see that Mrs Robin doesn't especially like this weather. You can also see that the sun is out and it will melt the snow so that Mrs Robin can go on hunting worms and getting on with territorial chores.


  1. We had the same transformation overnight, Lisa, although I think you may have gotten a little more snow than we did. Your garden looks so pretty with a little white frosting, but yes, now you can say you've had winter and spring can start anytime!

    I'm so glad the tornadoes missed you, too, this past week; such devastation in parts of our states.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, we had snow, as you may remember in February (6") and it lasted 14 days, because temperatures dropped and it froze.

    Today it is blowing a gale.....the north wind is biting.
    Wish me luck I shall be outside at the school, looking at the new plot for the insects. Brrrrrr!!

  3. Two very small dustings of snow this year is all this winter here in Mississippi. Contrast last winter when we had an 8 to 9 inch snow!
    We had tornado warnings Friday night but thank the Good Lord no damage here. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones.

  4. We have had so little snow here in NJ this winter (with the exception of the odd October storm) but I still expect one good snow before March ends. Great pics!

  5. Hey, Lisa, amazing, all the snows here in Connecticut, winter and spring, have been friendly and fast-melting. Yours is the same, I hope – more interesting than damaging. Here's to spring, snow and all.

  6. The inconsistency of March! We have had the same schizophrenic winter here in New England, and my friend in Kentucky just posted snow pictures after telling me she gardened in 60 degree weather most of the winter. Oh my.

  7. We had 60ies this weekend and now the temps are dropping and they are calling for snow tonight or tomorrow...but the week is to end on warmer spring days. At least it keeps life interesting. :)) Enjoy it while you can. :)

  8. I guess that we've had a little snow, but I can honestly say that I haven't had to shovel at all! So it has definitely been a weird winter.

    p.s. Are those daffodils from your garden this year, already? Ours are just starting to emerge from the ground here!

  9. Oh gosh...the snow sure is beautiful, Lisa!!!
    Your husband sure got a great shot of Ms. Robin!!!

  10. Hi Lisa, you have a pretty garden.
    I am glad that you like your snow. This isn't our year for snow.
    Our redbuds, azaleas, lemon tree, and ornamental pears are blossoming nicely.

  11. Beautiful snow shots!

    The wooley bear caterpillar was correct for us...predicting a cold start, mild middle and cold ending to winter.

    Up here in NE PA we have been enjoying the "non-winter"..and I wore my sneakers, never once pulled on the old boots! It was grand!

  12. I wasnt' familiar with this blog of yours until today. What a contrast those snow/spring photos are...and both so beautiful. Lovely to see.

  13. Hi Lisa, lovely snow pics - how quickly things can change in the garden.

    Here, in my area of Scotland we haven't had much snow either which is unsual for us. Areas in England have been getting our snow. I know what mean about needing a good covering before moving into Spring. It's been trying to snow here today.

  14. I have never experience snow before but I love to take a step closer to experience at least once!

    I love the yellow blooms and winter bid in action. Simply poetic!

  15. We had a mild winter, a little bit os snow, then two weeks on intense frost, and we have had no rain for 4 months...
    My garden is not pleased at all...

  16. We've had such a mild year this winter but at the beginning of February the snow finally started. It hasn't been much but just enough to let us know we had a proper season. I don't mind at this time of year as you know it can't last!

  17. Goodness. Ma Nature has her moments. Your shots are great.

  18. Our winter has been extremely mild. We are in full-fledged springtime in Oklahoma. Love your pictures Lisa.~~Dee

  19. Hi Lisa, your garden looks beautiful also with this light cover of snow. The first Spring flowers don't care about it, as it seems. We've had a bit of everything this winter. In the beginning it was quite mild but then snow came and finally this devastating intense frost which damaged a lot. This Spring will be a box of suprise in the garden...with regard to the plants that have survived.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  20. Lisa girl I swear I jinxed us here ... we had wind and rain Thursday .. almost all the snow was gone .. I decided to clean up the hellebore bed .. I felt rather proud of myself and was on a rare garden "high" and then as soon as I stepped foot inside the door we had a mini snow storm !!!! JEEZ !!
    We hardly had any snow this winter so how can I complain .. I have no idea what Spring will be like .. the clocks moved ahead an hour for today and I am dizzy with all of the changes .. loved your pictures girl ! .. You have such a pretty garden : )

  21. Dear Lisa,
    Very little snow here. It has been a dry winter. Last year we had more snow than I can ever remember....Your crocus look charming with their snow caps!
    March is an up and down month. Hope your gardens are greening up now.

  22. Lovely photos Lisa, our winter has been very mild here and we are loving an early warm spring!

  23. Hi Lisa! I'm late getting around to this blog but, as you know, I've had the same weather! Crazy, isn't it? Love your photos.


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