Monday, July 9, 2012

Break In The Weather

All I can tell you is that it was a joy to get out this morning for our daily walk.
It was about 20 degrees cooler than it has been in some time even though the sun was out and it was promising that it would warm up.
We got a spot of rain last night. With the front that pushed through the temps fell. Out came a few bugs that have been few and far between.
This bumble bee has discovered that one of the flowers on the hummingbird feeder is leaking. He had to run off the yellow jacket that you can see below right. There were two yellow jackets and they gave great respect to the bumble bee. I don't know who found it first but the bumble bee won the flower.
It has been so dry that the yellow jackets have been going to the bird baths for moisture. This is a first in my memory. At our friend's pool there was a big black wasp landing on the water surface like a water strider getting a drink. That was also a first for all of us. I guess this weather takes desperate measures for them to survive.
 One of the beautiful butterflies had to share its nectar source with Japanese Beetles.
 They weren't paying too much attention to the butterfly though. I almost felt sorry for them, almost I said, because they lay their eggs in the ground and right now our ground is so hard I doubt they will be successful.
I did find evidence of another ground dweller. This casing of the cicada showed up on the Casa (screen house). The cicadas emerge from the ground, crawl up someplace and leave their casing behind.
 Yes, at least one survived. I haven't heard them calling much though. This is going to be a rough year for them. Of course this wasn't an eruption year for them but I do seem many more than one or two. They normally make such a cachophany of sound you know they are around for several weeks during the summer.
Yes, this will be one summer to remember. Not so fondly though.
One thing that has been nice this summer is that weeds haven't been encouraged to grow much. My DB was thinking it was our outstanding attack upon the weeds that made them afraid to show their ugly heads around here. I had to remind him that I think it was more like the lack of rain that discouraged them. You can see that even with a shot of rain it didn't take them long to begin sprouting.
As you see in the picture above the zoysia lawn is not looking too happy but the weeds are sprouting.
Some plants have just given up like this lirope. I am amazed at this. They are so hardy. Other plants like the old fashioned hardy hibiscus nearby just keep on. It isn't as thick or tall as usual yet
 it laughs in the face of drought and so will I.
I hope your area has collected some rain and the temps have lowered a bit like here.


  1. Lisa, thank you much for onpassing the weather break. It snapped me out of my heat stupor this Connecticut morning.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    So please temperatures have dropped....hope it stays that way.

    We had more rain today.....I am just so fed up with the days slowly getting shorter and we still have no promise of summer.

    Sending the rain your way and hope that it arrives this time.

  3. Our temps finally dropped, too, thankfully.Hopefully, you'll get some rain. The plants that are determined to thrive in the heat always cheer us on. :o)

  4. Lisa girl (thank you for those cute comments girl .. Winthrop is all about Winthrop, as you know! LOL)
    We too have had cooler temps .. but we are dry as well .. hubby watered for me this morning (I had to go back to bed .. not feeling great) so that was a relief because I don't want my plants to look SAD with such dry conditions.
    That bee is a trooper !! .. yes we have had weird insects drinking from the bird bath too .. and I found a perfectly blonde furry caterpillar on my Little Lime hydrangea from the garden center .. do you know what it might be ? I would send you a picture because I have never seen one quite like it before !
    Fingers crossed we get some rain eventually eh ? Take care !

  5. Seems that everyone everywhere is seriously lacking rain. Maybe some relief will be in sight soon.

  6. I was just thinking today that it has been so hot and dry that even the weeds are dying.
    Our temperatures are not as hot now as last week, but we are still seriously lacking in rain.
    I'm glad you have some pretty blooms in spite of the weather!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. I just took a photo of a yellow swallowtail on my Butterfly bush this morning. Beautiful thing. Sad about losing plants and the lack of water. I am happy it has cooled down for you. We are finally getting some warm weather. Our blueberries are not sweet from lack of sun and to much rain. I fear our grapes will be the same again this year. Not sweet enough to make jelly again.

  8. Lisa, that's a thoughtful, evocative survey of how insects and plants are faring in these hot times. Here's hoping the hibiscus leads the way to coping.

    I love the shadows. They seem prepared to deal with whatever the day brings.

  9. Oh gosh...I just returned from a trip to Orlando with family and it was 95 degrees and extremely humid! We thought we would die. Glad you got some cooler temps! I tell you, when fall arrives I will be one happy camper!!!

    Good bee shots!!!

  10. Lisa, I am so glad that at last you had a little rain.
    Temperatures dropping will also help.
    Hibiscus are such troopers, aren't they?

    We still have was actually cold last night and this morning when I got up it felt like autumn. Crazy, I really don't know where I am with the weather.

    Hope you get some more rain in the next few days.....weeds survive anything.

    Love to see all your lovely bugs, especially the bee. Bless the bees.

  11. I'm glad to hear that you finally got a little rain, too, Lisa. I am so happy for the break in the heat as well--I never thought I'd be glad that the temperature was "only" 90:) This has been a trying summer for sure. Seeing your butterfly makes me realize I haven't seen any swallowtails this summer; I think my fennel never germinated, so they may have found another garden to visit this summer.

    Love that first photo! Sophie is appreciating the break in heat, too.

    1. Rose I heard an extension agent say that our early spring was not good for butterflies. There haven't been many around here either.

  12. I have always seen the yellow jackets drinking at the bird bath. And certainly the birds in this hot weather have been mobbing the bird bath.

    We need rain too, but certainly you've had it the worst this summer. I do hope your hot dry conditions keep the Japanese beetles down for next year!

    1. We must usually have enough rain for the bees here. The first I remember hearing that they do this is on Pam's blog during the drought they had inTX. Here is hoping for rain.

  13. Dear Lisa,
    I am so happy you had rain. Still waiting here. Temperatures in the 90's are easier than temps in the 100's....
    I am not weeding or deadheading until after we get some rain.
    I still have butterflies....just not as many as in May. Your Tiger in the butterfly bush is lovely.
    I am thinking of September and the joys of October.....and waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

  14. Why is it weeds need less rain than the rest of the garden? I do hope we all get more rain. It is so needed.

  15. We too have had a reprieve from the nasty heat, humidity and drought! One inch of rain and cooler temps today makes for a happy GA gardener. The bees, wasps and other flying insects have been in our birdbaths as well as the small cool off pool we set up for us. Every day I am scooping them out of the pool I don’t mind wasp drowning but I don’t like to see the bees with feet up. Sigh… OMG, you posted Bug Porn with the Japanese beetles. You naughty gal you. Hee hee. I have never lost liriope before. That is tragic but then again, I have been a good gal and watering often. As much as I hate the heat of summer, I have been diligent at watering my beauties….

  16. I am glad you got a break from the heat. What a great post. So much beautiful life.

  17. Glad you have a heat break!
    Ciccadas are very noisy this year here. They are part of the summer fun.

  18. What a terrible summer it's been for many~I hope you've gotten more rain since you posted this. xog

  19. Lisa, droughts can be despair-inducing, as I learned last summer, so I'm glad you're still laughing in the face of this one. That's much better for the soul! I hope you get some rain soon.

  20. Just found your blog, what wonderful photographs! Really enjoyed looking and must come back ... was raised in the US and miss the bugs and beasties I grew up with.

  21. Hope the last few days have brought more rain to your area. We sure could use a gentle all day rain instead of the pop up showers.


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