Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thank you Kylee and Fiskars

I want to thank Kylee and Fiskars for having this give away. I WON!! 
As luck would have it my old, and I mean old, Felco No7s are not working quite like they used to. You see this old clipper was purchased in the late 90s and they have been real work horses in my garden. I have replaced springs, sharpened blades etc...
They are similar to this new Fiskars Power Gear 2 in that the pull side swivels when you trim to give you more umph in your cuts. Unfortunately the swivel on the Fleco has stopped swiveling. When I saw the give away on Kylee's blog I certainly wanted a shot at winning them. 
Happy Day when when this baby came in the post directly from Fiscars. Thank you again. I have already cut several bouquets and I must say the Fiskars is very light weight and of course sharp as could be. I will have to get used to the new grip after so many years using the old one. I hope that the Fiscars works for as long as my old one. 
I will give them a real work out as soon as it gets a bit cooler here. There is a poor little cypress that needs rescuing. I am sure I will have many tales to tell with the new Fiscars by my side. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - July 2015

July is the time of the Lily here at Greenbow. Tall garden lilies...

Daylilies .

The medium Hostas are blooming up a storm, 
to the tiny minatures blooming. 
Of course lilies aren't the only things blooming. We have some tall garden phlox. 

This coneflower is my newest one. It is named Cheyenne Spirit. I sure hope it reseeds like they say it does. 
This is your typical coneflower that is spotted around the garden. 
There are a couple of shrubs blooming now. The Beauty berry is sporting lots of blooms and bumbles collecting the nectar. I have a hard time getting pictures of bugs with my new camera. I can't  seem to get the hang of this new camera. Grrr
The other shrub blooming is the Clethera.
The ever reliant butterfly weed and dragons tongue perscaria is abloom. 
And if you are up early enough you get to see the datura blooming. 
For more blooms than you can imagine go to Carols May Dreams who hosts this monthly bloom meme. I hope to see what all is blooming in your garden. 

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