Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blue Phase

Even though blue is difficult to come by in the garden. This time of year there are quite a few blues. From the sky outside
to my blue sofa inside,
and all the blues in between
Blue Grape Hyacinths  
and the perfectly named for this time of year, Windflowers though small bring the sky close to the ground for us to admire.
I am excited about all the blues and with great anticipation I am looking at blue pots that will have some complimentary fillers. 
Like Jessica, visit here,  I have some blue on me since I turned my green potting bench into the Blue Tang potting bench.
I am now ready to get those blue pots filled  and continue through my Blue Phase. 
Are you going through a color phase? If so what color has your wheels turning?


  1. You are blue, just like me! <3

  2. Those wind flowers are lovely. I think I need some of those :-)

  3. I loved this! Such a beautiful color in all its shades.

  4. Blue can work so well ...
    Years ago we had a marvelous blue bird bath, and they loved it too!

    Lovely photo's you've shared, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  5. I love all your blue flowers, plus the blue pots and potting bench. I don't have Chionodoxa or the Windflowers, I should give them a try.

  6. Beautiful! It seems that spring has arrived already!
    Happy Easter, Monika

  7. I love blue and am finding blue flowers that I am eager to try in Washington that I could not grow in the south.

  8. My favorite color! Love all those blue pots! I was just telling Beckie about a new blue pot I bought that is huge, and she mentioned you had just bought one, too. We are kindred spirits, Lisa:)

  9. Great post! I am not sure if I am going through a color phase but last year I added some orange and red to one of the gardens so now I am a bit nervous about getting so bright.

  10. I love many colors in the garden, but these medium to dark shades of blue that you highlight are definitely favorites! Great photos, too!

  11. Hello again, Lisa :-) Ah… I too love the true blues which are so hard to find in garden blooms (guessing that’s what attracts us to them so). As you may remember, it has been the Himalayan Blue poppy (Meconopsis) that has been my true blue but it finally bowed out last year. I really must replace it with some young plants as they seem to like it in Scotland. I’ve a few blue pots too – enjoy having fun with Blue :-)

  12. Oh, pretty blue! I love blue. Those blue pots and accents are wonderful for all kinds of colors in the garden! And I love that wonderful pot wreath you have, how delightful!


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