Thursday, September 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September 2016

It is that time of the year when the days are shortening and the final fall flowers begin to show their stuff. Toad lilies are beginning to bloom. This Toad Lily 'Golden Festival' is new to the garden. I just love the pale yellow with red dots.
The more traditional Toad lily Is pretty too. It is standing upright this year instead of leaning over toward the sun. I think it is 'Mikyazaki'. If anyone knows it as a different name please tell me.
Most of the flowers in the garden are onesies. What has caught my eye are the Varigated Lily Turf. I just love those little rods of blooms sticking up out of the turf. They work great in small vases too.
This little white striped Lirope 'Silver Dragon' has the same type of blooms only much smaller.
They are the same shape but such a pale lavender that they look white when you look at them from a distance. I transplanted these little babies two years ago in November when they came to pour our new front sidewalk. They must be tough as iron. They have settled in and spread some.
Another of my favorites is the Hardy Begonia. This plant has not only survived here it has spread a little. 
The biggest splash in the garden right now even though it isn't in full flower is the 'Fireworks' Solidago. This plant is the pollinator crowd pleaser this time of year. The bees, butterflies and bug all forsake the salvias when this comes into bloom.
I am not going to tire you withe the photos of the onsies. Let us just say that many of the summer bloomers are still coaxing out a few blooms despite not much rain and the light becoming less and less each day.
For more fall flowers click over to Carol's at Maydreams garden. Join the fun of listing what is blooming this time of the month.

Other blooms at Greenbow:
Salvias: Black and Blue, Wendy's Wish, Blue Spires, Victorias Blue.
Russian Sage
Honeysuckles: Sempervirens, Scentsations.
Tall Garden Phlox: Pink and White
Jeruselam Artichoke
Hydrangeas: Lime Light, Vanilla Strawberry, Oakleaf.
Persicaria: Dragon Tongue; Corporal

Little Bonnie Dwarf Spirea
Cape Myrtle

Chinelle Plant
Angelwing begonia


  1. Wow, you still have tons of flowers blooming! It's great to see the butterflies enjoying the Goldenrod. I noticed the hummingbirds nectaring on it, too, the other day. I'm surprised you've had so much less rain than we have, since we're not that far apart. Your garden looks very healthy. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Lovely display Lisa.....
    I love the hard begonia, looks beautiful.
    Goldenrod is also a favourite, sadly they never do well here.
    Butterflies have been few this year. Plenty of blooms but not many takers :((

    Have a good weekend......

  3. I meant hardy begonia of course :)

  4. Is the yellow toad lily the one you bought at Hornbaker's? It is lovely! No wonder you were so tickled to find it. I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't planted any of my plants...but then I haven't done much gardening in the past two weeks, period. I'm hoping for good weather next week and a less-crowded schedule so I can get everything planted and some much-needed cutting back and weeding done.


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