Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Emerging

Spring is ever so slowly trying to emerge here. Our first purple crocus popped open yesterday. 
A few more of the pale yellow crocus have opened. 
I was able to get out and rake up a wheelbarrow load of small twigs that have blown down. I think most of the larger limbs blew down earlier in the winter during storms. 
I did find some disturbing sights. Like these miniature hostas that were heaved out of the ground. 
These next two are in a pot. I am not sure if the rain just rinsed out some of the potting soil or if the wind just blew it away. 
The crowns of a couple of these mini hostas are exposed. This has never happened before. I sure hope they live to see the summer. 
This has been the worst year ever for my Hellebores. I didn't want to frighten you with a picture of them. They just didn't like all the rain and then severe cold we had. They will live but the show they usually put on is being postponed until next spring for sure. 
I hope your garden hasn't taken a hit from this winter. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Old Man Winter is hanging on so tenaciously there, Lisa. Never fear, though - Spring and the Crocus will win out in the end.

  2. Oh those crocus are awesome ~ lovely photos!

    Thanks for your Get Well Wishes, too!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. It’s turned cold and very windy here but the hellebores have flowered well.

  4. Lovely to see the first signs of spring! Groetjes Hetty

  5. Crocus- good, winter damage- not so good.
    I hope the hellebores surprise you, it's still early so hard to say when you're looking around at all that mess.
    First crocus here as well! One lonely little yellow in a warm spot, and it gives me so much hope. It helped that the sun was warming my back as I looked at it :)

  6. Hi Lisa, I am glad to see signs of spring in your garden! I hope your hellebores will do well in spite of it all. Just cut off all the ratty foliage. It seems every year presents a challenge, but somehow the garden adapts and keeps on going. We had temps down into the 20's several nights last week; spring blooms and tender foliage were zapped! But now a riot of new blooms and foliage is appearing, and at last the sun is shining!

  7. Dear Lisa,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your hellebore. Yes, they do not hardy to rain and frost. This is a reason why I do not grow them in my garden. I think your hosta s will survive, let them to warm in sunny weather.
    Lovely crocuses!

  8. Spring has gotten further along where you are than around here. Only bulbs blooming here are Snowdrops, though I am grateful for them.

  9. Hello Lisa! Here's me think sharing images of crocus and hellebores would have flooded garden blogs like yours but that's exactly whats happened to yours! Awww... yes, there's always next year... but its such a shame when you miss out. Not, going wandering with my camera has meant I've been missing out too and I feel guilty now as the flowers have been there to see! Hope your little hosta survives, I know how fond you are of it. Wishing you a great weekend :-)

  10. Unbelievable. We now have 10 inches more snow! By the way, I tried emailing you but am not sure I have the right address.

  11. Lisa your crocus are a sight for sore winter eyes. As for your hostas I am certain they will survive...such hardy plants in spite of the harsh weather. I have been doing yard clean up as well...just fun to get out and enjoy a break from the ice and snow. Take care - Hugs!