Saturday, December 15, 2007

First Snow

We got our first snow of the season. It was a good flocking of white this morning. Between 5:50 and 9:30 we received about 2.5 inches of wet snow. Just enough to give all the big bushes and trees in the garden a good flocking. Even the water feature looked tame with its flocking of white. The snow didn't last long on the streets because after it stopped snowing it started raining. It has rained all day and now into the night. If this had been snow we would have had a foot. It will be interesting to see what we end up with in the morning. More snow, rain, ice or all of the above.

It is funny how Luna and Oly are different shades of white. They rather blend in with the snow despite not being snow white. They have their paths that they take through the garden. It doesn't matter if it rains, snows or the sun shines they have their routine.
Despite Oly being so tiny. He doesn't mind getting out in the snow. He trotts around sniffing, lifting and swishing like the big dog. Not much gets past this little fellow.
Luna has to do her fence patrol no matter what the weather. She ran one rabbit out of a flower bed. It was bedded down in some leaves. Oly was right on their tails trying to keep up with the chase. As Luna skidded across the patio Oly was hot on their trail


  1. Dear Lisa,
    The snow is so pretty. Your doggies do blend right in! Hope you have just rain. Ice is very hard on plants and birds!
    Stay dry!
    Stay warm.

  2. Awww... they're both so cute!

    And I just love that first picture, Lisa. The way the iris foliage are peaking out of the snow in the lower left is very fun.

  3. Oh Luna and Oly look like they are enjoying the snow.

    I love the look of freshly-fallen snow... you'll have to let us know how much snow you end up with!

    We've had snow every day for the past week - just a few centimetres which is fine with me. It is easy to shovel, although the driving is pretty slippery.

  4. We did not get that much snow today, maybe an inch, and not much sleet or rain. I guess we have been lucky so far, but we'll see what happens overnight. It could be quite different by morning.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Beautiful dogs- makes me wonder if my dog misses frolicking in the snow in Chicago. But then again, she never got to swim like she does in Austin. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks like a nice, wet first snow -- and the dogs are certainly enjoying it.

  7. Hi Sherry, I am all toasty while sitting here listening to the wind howl around the house. When I hear that sound it makes me shiver.

    Yes Kim it is fun to see the tops of plants sticking out of the snow. Their toes are warm with the blanket of snow but the tops will be frozen in no time.

    Yes Kate, the dogs love the snow for a change in their habitat.

    I too love the look of freshly fallen snow. I do so look forward to the first snow. It doesn't usually last very long here.

    Carol I will be curious to hear if you get even near the 17" they predicted that could happen. What an event that would be. At least it is to happen on the weekend when not so many people would have to be out and about.

    You are most welcome Bonnie. It is funny about Luna. She likes to swim too. She doesn't get the opportunity very often but when she is around a large body of water she wades right in. She is rather timid about new situations and I was surprised when the first time she was around a pond with us she just went right in.

    Hi Marvin, I am enjoying this first snow.

  8. Beautiful snowy scenes with your sweet pups! I sort of wish we could have just a little snow for Christmas.

  9. It would be nice if the snow would stay for Christmas. Perhaps you'll get a fresh, powdry one. I hope it for you! Luckily, at the moment we are snow-free....
    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!

  10. Just beautiful. I have a white cat and on the rare occasions when we do get snow, it is funny seeing her blend in.

  11. At this time of year, every transplanted northerner misses that snow. I'd kill for another white Christmas! (Just as long as everything was long gone by Jan. 5th) I hope your snow lasts.

  12. I sure am glad that we didn't get the amounts of snow they were predicting. I couldn't image seventeen inches of snow. That would be tough to shovel, wouldn't it? I'm a little concerned that this may be one of those bad snowy winters.

  13. Freshly fallen snow....if you need some more, Lisa, just let us know...we've got heaps. Morning will tell the tale for sure, though!

  14. Such snow - we never get it like that here, we've got lots of glittery frost just now though! Your dogs look adorable in the snow!

  15. CGP, Thanks for stopping in. I love your poetry especially the haiku. We are actually dog sitting for the poodle. His name is Oly. His mom is stuck up in NE because of the blizzard.

  16. Lisa,

    I always enjoyed watching our dogs in the snow. Yours blend in very well while my dogs show such a contrast!

    Watch out for the slippery stuff!



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