Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Evolution of a Knot Garden-continuing

Frances over at Faire Garden has mentioned her knot garden several times. I have linked the latest mention of it. I just love knot gardens even though I am not exactly a 'formal' type of a gardener.

Back in 2004 I got a wild hair to put a more formal element into my garden. You see, I have friends that Ihad been nagging, I mean encouraging, to make a knot garden because they have 2-story houses with views that would be greatly enhanced(IMO) by a knot garden. Since I couldn't get them to do one I decided why shouldn't I do it since it is my big idea. I don't have an elevated area to view this type of garden but my thinking was that it would be the first thing you would see when you walk through the side gate into the back garden. I made the garden round so this way I thought you would be guided to different parts of the garden from the paths that wind around it. The sketch was my first thinking about the garden. At the time I had an herb garden here. It was so pretty during spring but when the trees leafed out and the garden went to just morning sun the herbs didn't look so pretty. THis photo is a photo of a photo in an old garden journal so it is a bit blurred but you get the idea.

This smaller picture is how it looked shortly after I planted it, the second time. I couldn't afford large bushes so I got tiny ones and I am still awaiting it to grow into my vision.

It has gone through a couple of different phases. I first tried some plants that I thought would fill in quickly. I didn't like the way they performed so I pulled them out and put small bushes in.

I wanted varigated euonomous and the plain box to intertwine. It will be some years for this to occur.

The following is the way it looked this past summer.Welcome to my knot garden.

The tiny bushes have grown into small bushes. All but one survived the drought. So I must say I am pleased with the way they are coming along. I plant the inside of the squares each summer with different annuals. I have tried tulips. The choice of salvia this past summer was ideal with the drought. This is how it looks from my highest vantage point, the back steps.


  1. Oh, Lisa--what a beautiful feature. And how cool to see a sketch turn into a real garden. It's formal but yet not *too* formal: a perfect fit for your garden, I'd say.

  2. I look forward to seeing this as it matures and fills in. I've always been fascinated by knot gardens. Too much planning for me though!

    In the coming months I'm going to post about our trip to Villandry, a chateau in the Loire valley that had the most spectacular knot gardens and parterres I've ever seen. I'm trying to time it so I can post about the heart-shaped knot hedge on Valentines day!

  3. Lisa: It is beautiful! Love the urn filled with color!

  4. I'm an avid gardener, but it's been such a hot Australian summer (many days above 100 F) that we've been hamstrung. Also, because of the drought we have very severe water restrictions in our cities. Maybe we'll have a wet winter!

  5. Thanks for the link! Your knot garden is coming along nicely. I don't know how they get the ones you see in photos of English gardens to look so neat, hired help probably. Keep us posted as it grows into the vision.

  6. Thank you Nan. I have more pictures of the planning etc but they are snap shots. I didn't like the way it turned out by me trying to take a picture of a picture so this is all I have to show.

    I will look forward to seeing your trip. All I know is they must put in huge bushes to get them to look so full and lush in a short time.

    Thany you Layanee.

    David it sounds like your drought was much worse than ours. I hope it isn't repeated this summer. This winter is becoming a wet one. I think we are catching up with some of the rain we need to replenish the rivers etc in this area. We had a flash flood watch last night.

    You are most welcome Frances. I know they probably take better care of their knots than I do. I am sort of a live and let die kind of gardener. i could tell the knot needed water this summer when the salvias would wilt. You know it is dry if salvias wilt.

  7. Lisa I enjoyed viewing the process to having such a delightful garden!! I love the idea!I have never hear d this term "knot garden"..I do a place for one in my garden..hummmm...where's my garden journal. Thank you for sharing and brightening up my dull snow just wind and rain. hugs NG

  8. I'm impressed by your knot garden. Have you seen the knot gardens at the White River Gardens in Indianapolis?

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  9. that looks very nice.
    I wish it was summer again... oh well, at least we had a little break from the winter.

  10. your knot-garden is great idea - it will look even better the bigger buxus will grow.
    It is nice to see planning and executing :)

  11. Hi NG. Glad this little project gave you something to think about on this dreary day.

    Carol it has been several years since I have been to WRG in Indy. As a matter of fact I almost went there this weekend because we were in INdy area. We looked online to see if there was something going on at the gardens and since there was nothing of interest we ended up at the Eiteljorg instead. All this being said I don't remember a knot garden at WRG. What stuck in my mind was the mist garden. I loved the way that mist machine made it feel like you were in the a swamp or almost a sacred area.

    Gudl we have a long way to go until summer. This warm weather has just been a tease.

    Thank you Ewa.

  12. Lisa, this was very interesting reading and seeing the evolution of your knot garden. I've always liked any knot gardens and how cool it looks when the plants 'knot' and link. The way you've planned yours in a circle is ideal for viewing point. Nicely done.

    Diane at Sand to Glass
    Dogs Naturally

  13. What a neat idea - I love the idea that you went ahead and planted a knot garden. Yours looks wonderful and will be fun to watch as it grows.

  14. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your knot garden Lisa. It is beautiful!


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