Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More People Pictures

Elizabeth over at Garden Rant posed an interesting question/request. She would like to see more people in gardens this year. While I love to see other people in their gardens I don't actually like to have my picture taken. I am not very photogenic. I am not all that bashful but geez, I can't take my own picture while in the garden. This is what happened when I tried to take my own picture. Scary.

I have friends that don't mind if they are occasionally caught in the act of enjoying my garden. After all they are as lovely as any plant in my garden. I would understand and not post someone that I don't think would like to be shown. I wouldn't embarass anyone.It is a good thing that my DB would pose for a picture so I could show the scale of this cigmicifuga. People and pets do give more life to the garden. After all a garden is to be enjoyed. Some people have fretted about our "Big Dog" in the garden but I can tell you she hasn't done as much damage as I have from time to time.
However when I am out in the garden working or with my camera I wouldn't want anyone to see a picture of me trying to take a picture of my gazing ball. Or to know how many pictures Itook before I decided I can't get a picture of my gazing ball without my self being in the picture or the many other goofy things I do in the garden. I don't know Elizabeth. We will just have to see what visitors the garden brings us in 2008.


  1. As you I hate to have my picture taken so not many people believe I even exist. I love you gardening pictures and your garden. I wish I had more time for mine. Maybe this spring I will just have to take the time.

  2. I don't like pictures of me, either. I posted one, though, after a few people sent emails suggesting it would be nice...

    But pictures of gardens are nice when you also have a few people in them!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Happy New Year Lisa!

    I like having a face to put together with words and photographs. You look great - I don't know why you say you aren't photogenic!! Your gazing ball pictures made me smile - yes, that is something I would do and have lots of fun with. Your DB looks proud standing amid the Bugbane. And Luna looks adorable ... she also manages to keep her coat looking very clean in all of the pictures I have seen of her.

    Keep on taking some people pictures along with plant ones.

  4. you are photogenic! come on!
    gazing ball picture is adorable :)
    and it was great idea to put DB in front of cimicifuga to scale it. It looks big! How long does it grow there? you wrote it is south wall? so I presume it is warm and sunny there.
    I am asking, cos mine is not doing well :(

  5. Your picture looks good, especially with camera in hand at the gazing ball! Sort of an indirect shot, not really a portrait. I am not ready to reveal myself, maybe some day, or in disguise!

  6. I think your photo is lovely Lisa! Just as lovely as your garden for sure. It is nice now and again to see people in the garden. I love your efforts with the gazing ball!

  7. floh, one of your goals could be spending "15 minutes per day" in the garden. This is a good way to start getting yourself into the garden more. I did this many years ago and it got me into a good habit of getting out there every day. Those 15 minutes often leads to many relaxing productive hours in the garden. The garden and your self will benefit.

    Carol I loved your picture. It is nice having a face to go with a voice on a blog.

    Hi Kate, I will have to post some pictures of Luna when she rolls in something. UGH...It is amazing how clean she stays. Even when she gets muddy it dries and falls off. It is the German Sheppherd in her.

    Ewa, a photographer told me that I wasn't very photogenic once. I beleieve him. I am glad you liked the gazing ball. I just love it. I guess because my daughter gave it to me. The cimicifuga is on the north west side of the house. It has been there, hmmmmmm, I would say 4-5 years now. There were more of them but I dug some out trying to dig out the ostrich ferns from around them.

    Hi Frances, Go ahead and show us your picture. You don't have to hide. :) I don't think anyone likes pictures of themselves.

  8. I also don't like having my picture taken. I love the gazing ball picture, and agree that if anyone was around with a camera when I am in the garden, it could be embarrassing...especially when I am chasing moles!
    Maybe someday I will get brave enough to follow you leader's in adding a face to the words.

  9. Like many others, I do not enjoy having my photo taken; one that is on the back cover of my book is one I took myself, but I do tolerate the one that's on my blog (longsuffering spouse took it.) Elizabeth's post was excellent--her writing generally is a delight--but I am not a people photographer so consequently seldom take photos of other people in their gardens;;and if I did, I'd have to get releases, permissions, etc before I'd put them up on the blog.

  10. Lisa,

    How cool are you for taking up the challenge! And I love all your photos, though I must say the gazing ball one is awesome. It makes me want to try something like that.

    I didn't mean all people all the time, but yes, we all DO want to see what our fellow bloggers look like. It makes a stronger connection.

  11. I loved seeing your picture and smiled at the gazing ball picture. Isn't it so true. Sometimes I'm amazed when I come in and put my pictures in iPhoto, to see a shadow of me or a reflection where I didn't expect one. Very good posting!

  12. Hi Lisa,

    I agree with you. More people! It humanizes the whole garden (after all, it's humans that enjoy them, right) and also gives us an idea of scale.

    I hope the idea catches on.

    --Robin (Bumblebee)

  13. I don't have much of a garden but will do my best in the summer to get my picture in one! Love the one shot with the big golden ball!

  14. LOL First off: you don't look all that scary to me, Lisa. ;-) Secondly, I don't like my picture taken either. Thirdly: I like it when there's some mystery left. Having said that, I like looking at all the faces of my garden blogger friends.

    Fun post Lisa, the pic of you and that gazing ball is truly amusing!

  15. I love the creativity of using the gazing ball for taking your photo! I have a couple of photos (not on digital) that I took of my mother in her garden and I treasure them.

    Diane at Sand to Glass
    or Dogs Naturally

  16. That gazing globe photo is a hoot! I prefer to be behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Most of my family pics are of the family, not me. It kind of reminds me of the episode of "Frazier" where he, his brother & father are watching an old home movie of the brothers & the deceased mother. Marty Crane is not in the home movie & is asked where he was. He says he was behind the camera of course! That's me. I would have posted a photo of my son with the giant Aster tartaricus this Fall, but he informed me quite clearly that he didn't want his picture on my blog. I respected his wishes. Maybe my daughter will be a willing model this year.

  17. The gazing ball picture is a classic "blog-photo" shot. It reveals a little but not all, and it conveys a sense of the gardener in the garden. I really enjoyed that one!

    I think candids of people in a garden are nice. I tend to include a number of these on my Garden Tour series (, but not so many in my day-to-day garden photos.

  18. Hey Lisa,
    I think that's a really nice picture of you! Thanks for braving the camera to share it with us.

  19. I too enjoyed seeing the photos of you, and the lovely Luna too, of course! It's fun to be able to put a face with the name.

  20. I'm so glad you decided to post a picture of yourself, Lisa! It's just nice to have an image to match with the writer/gardener.

    I love the gazing ball picture! That's priceless! :-)

    I hope to see more pictures of you in future posts!

  21. This is so true and funny! There are so many people I know who shout, "Don't take my picture!" So, I have very few photos of PEOPLE on my blog. One of these days, I'll make them grin and bear it. I used to be photogenic but not anymore...

    I enjoyed seeing you, Lisa!

  22. I'm always the one behind the camera too. It's funny, you would think my husband was the only one who ever held the children when they were little. I have so many photos of them snuggling together and none of me with them.

    I love seeing pictures of other garden bloggers, it does help make a stronger connection as EAL said.

  23. Dear Lisa,
    I think you are beautiful! The photgrapher who said you were not photogenic did not have a very good "eye"! You look fantastic.
    Thank you for your picture.
    Most of my gardens are simply food for birds, bugs and people. I do have memory gardens and special plants that came from my Grandmother's garden.
    Maybe in 2008 I will show more plants and people rather than birds and butterflies. I do have a tripod and a remote and a husband that takes wonderful photos.
    Thanks again.

  24. Great photos! Love that one in the gazing ball!

  25. The gazing ball picture is the greatest! :)

  26. Not photogenic... yeah, right! You have very pretty eyes--and I love your hair. My mom's hair is that color and I keep hoping that someday, mine will be, too.

    Happy new year! :)

  27. Hi there, Lisa :-)

    Nice to see you! Yes, I'm another who remains behind the camera :-D

    Reflections are a great idea - I liked that shot too :-D

  28. How nice to be able to put a face with your garden and comments. I think this is a lovely picture of you! We never really like photos of ourselves, do we?
    I like the pics of your friends in the garden, and hubby too. He's a good sport :)
    The gazing ball though, is the winner! What a fun photos :)
    Luna is a beauty. I can see how well she keeps you company.

  29. Thanks for posting your photo, Lisa. I do like being able to connect a face to a blog "voice". I take most of our garden photo. If there's anyone in them, it's my wife. Now, everyone thinks she does all the work.


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