Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winter's arrival

Winter seems to have arrived here today. To me it seems like appropriate weather for the first day of January. The wind is whipping around at 17mph with gusts up to 35mph. Brrrrr is all I can say for it.

I got out this morning and cleaned out the water feature. I can say that the birds are very thankful that they have some clean water. I don't know how long it will be open because of this cold west wind blowing snow flurries around. The wind chill is 12F so that should tell ya that it is cold out there. I know this doesn't impress you people up north with your minus degree weather but it sure feels cold to me. The rabbits foot fern near the water feature is still clinging to life here on this log. I am so happy it has lasted this long. I thought it would be gone the first frost but here it is the first of January and it is alive.
I made it a blanket of pine needles and leaves. I hope to encourage it to live until spring. I don't know if this will hep it but I just had to try to save it.Another fern in my garden that doesn't give up easily is the Autumn Fern. It is in a rather sheltered place but it is still looking good considering the conditions. I would like to plant several more of these around the water feature. They would replace the rather non discript hostas that are now planted in this area. These hostas are ancient. Some of the first I had in a garden long ago and far from here. Their best quality are the blooms that are so fragrant. They are also tough as nails. They hardly whimpered through the drought this summer.

A couple other ferns are still showing some green in the garden. The Christmas fern and (?). Here I am reminded on one of my goals. Keep better records so I sort of sound like I know what I have here.
The Ostrich fern leaves its fertile fronds behind for winter interest.

I have quite a few more ferns I will show you this spring when they start showing their fiddleheads. It is difficult to think about this with the snow flurries blowing around. It won't be long though.


  1. love seeing your ferns and great that you are seeing winter (I hope)! We have gotten a few inches also! Guess we can all this January Weather!

  2. It has been nice just to stay inside today, Lisa. With the wind chill and blowing snow, it is COLD!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you!
    Yes, winter's here. ...
    our ferns are all dead. for now at least.

  4. A cold wind blows here also. The only outside work was to fill the birdfeeders. They are very hungry lately.

  5. Hi there, Lisa :-)

    Ah the ferns I always love to see them in the garden even when they die down. I really should get some photos of mine too.

    I see winter has finally hit you so I will look forward to seeing photos from your garden now and throughout 2008. Wishing you and your family and very Happy New Year :-D

  6. Hi Mon@rch, I loved seeing your amphibians. Can't wait for their kind of weather.

    Hi Robin. Welcome home and Happy New Year to you too.

    Hello Gudl, Happy New Year.

    Yes Frances, I have found our birds very hungry now. It must be the fuel they need to keep warm.

  7. Thank you Shirl. I am looking forward to see all you post about your backyard wildlife. It is facinating to see the hedgehogs and all the birds that are different from ours.

  8. Looks pretty wintery, yes!

    Happy New Year to you, Lisa!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    It's kinda nice that you're still seeing some bits of green around your garden. I'm always happy when my ferns survive another Minnesota winter.

  10. Dear Lisa,
    It is cold here too on January 1st!
    Low tonight is to be 6 degrees. No ferns in my yard are showing any green. Nice to see some are still holding on in your harden.
    The forecast is for 63 degrees on Sunday. I live in Missouri where the weather changes so quickly I never know for sure what season it is unless I check the calendar.
    Many blessings for you and yours for 2008.
    Enjoy your trip.
    Be safe and well,

  11. Lisa, I like the way you describe your ferns and plants - as if they are your little projects, and they are!

    We are having a very cold blast from the north and we might dip into the teens tonight which is cold in these parts!

    I can take the cold (being from the mid-atlantic region) but I HATE WIND. It wears me out!

    I didn't know you last Spring. Now I'm eager to see how you garden from Winter to Spring :o)

    Green Thumbs UP!

    Happy New Year!


  12. I am surprised that you grow fern rabbit foot in the garden. And it is still alive !? I thought it can survive only in warmer zones :)
    Happy New Year 2008,

  13. Hi Laura, Happy New Year...

    After last night I bet there isn't much of anything green in our garden Ruthie. It feels like we are in MN now.

    Hi Sherry, I am looking forward to our little trip. Seeing DB's folks and visitng friends.

    Hi Mary, I am glad you like the way I describe my garden. I am beginning to look forward to spring too. Yep that wind chased me right into the house to the stove to make some hot chocolate. Brrrrr

    Ewa I am just amazed as you are about the Rabbits-foot fern surviving our winter so far. I am afraid that this cold snap will have killed it this time. We will see.

  14. We also have these minus degree temperatures and none of the ferns (which I like very much too) can be seen at the moment.But in a few months it is Spring again (hopefully ;-) !!) and then I'll also post about ferns. Looking forward to reading your posts this year too.
    All the very best wishes to you!

  15. I'm with you Lisa... I would be feeling incapacitated in weather with a (-) in front of the temp! It's only in the high 20's here today and I am freezing!!! Hope your ferns can hang in there!

  16. The Ostrich fern fronds are quite beautiful!

    I hope the pine needle blanket will protect your rabbits foot fern! It was worth a try!

  17. I like all those pics of your ferns Lisa, as they are one of my favorite plants. Fortunately most are tough as old boots and will survive a cold winter.

    A very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours, not forgetting dear Luna of course. Happy gardening and blogging in 2008!

  18. I loved the picture of your pond with the waterfall still running! Ours is under 6 feet of snow and I probably won't see it again til late April.


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