Monday, January 21, 2008

A walk in the park

"Oh come on Mom lets go for a walk. I know it is cold but the sun is out. " Now how could I resist this sweet face? Nope, couldn't do it. We took her out to our favorite park. This park is situated along the Wabash River which is out of its banks right now.

Nope we couldn't walk down this walkway. It is almost fully covered with ice. You can tell the river has gone down a little but the ice hasn't caught up with the waters edge. Nope we couldn't walk the trail that leads to the river. The river came up the creek to meet us instead.

We had to stay on the road that runs around the park as we did the day we went when there was snow on the ground. When it is like this, snowy and cold, there isn't any people out and about we usually have the park to ourselves. Sometimes I let Luna off the leash to run. Here she is letting us catch up withher. She loves these days of being free. They don't come along very often. Conditions have to be just right. No trains parked along the park edge to spook her. No deer out running around to entice her to run away. I figured the deer were tucked into their beds at this time of day on a snowy cold day. Most of all no people running around in cars. She isn't the least bit street smart. She could run right out in front of someone in a vehicle.

Oh the joy she shows on her face when she can run unimpeded. I wish you could see the big smile on her face as she runs past us. Up and down hills, into the creek for a drink. I should have taken a picture of her up close so you could see all the mud she collected. UGH... Luckily after she dried it fell off. I think she knows the routine becasue she didn't even ask to get off her leash today. There was no snow but there was a scary train parked by the park. A good time was had by all in spite of the cold or maybe because of the cold.


  1. Yes that is a charmingly sweet face. Glad she got to stretch her legs. Hope you all didn't slip on the ice!

  2. Luna's so cute! My dogs love to run off the leash too, but they don't listen too good, so they mostly only get to run in the backyard.

  3. Ah, what a sweet story, cute dog and great photos!

  4. Simba loves to run when she gets the chance, too. You've got snow! We're supposed to get about an inch tomorrow.

  5. Such a wonderful walking partner!

  6. I've certainly enjoyed these sunny days, but criminy it has been cold. Brrrrrr... I hope you were all bundled up.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. Lisa, wonderful photographs. Sometimes I wish I had a dog again, and somethimes not. Our garden is small and I would not leave the dog alone in the house, when I go outside.


  8. That last photo says it all Lisa! How wonderful she got to be free and go exploring. :c)

  9. Luna sure looks like a winter-loving dog with all that fur and that beautiful white coat. It sounds like you both had a nice walk.

  10. What a sweet dog you have !
    And the reportage about the tiger was great too!

  11. Your winter photos are absolutely beautiful! And so is your best friend!

  12. Frances we had to be careful. It always seems quite an adventure to walk in the snow.

    Thank you Ruthie. Luna likes to run in our back yard too but there isn't anything like a good romp at the park. It is Disneyland to her.

    Thank you to all who have enjoyed our tromp/romp through the park.

  13. I can well imagine how happy Luna was to be able to run around free. We took the dogs of my friend Maria to the beach last year where they could also run and jump and be silly to their heart's content and, most importantly, they could do it safely.

    BTW It looks pretty cold in your neck of the woods. Brrrrr

  14. Dear Lisa,
    Being free to run and play must be ever so delightful for Luna and you.
    The river looks so cold and beautiful.
    Walking in the snow and ice is refreshing. I have to be careful! Hope you are too.
    Fun walk in the park!


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