Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last Wednesday I came home from work and found that a friend of mine had left me a pile of turkey manure. She had her nephew that owns a turkey operation bring her a load. She didn't need all of it so called to see if I might want some. Did I want some??? And I didn't have to haul it. Wow, what a gift. It snowed on it and I was busy thursday so I had to wait until Friday to do anything with it. When I got up friday the sun was shining so nice fooling me into thinking it was warmer than it was, I decided to get out there and spread the turkey manure. I got my trusty wheelbarrow and a shovel. I took a couple of loads over to the new flower bed in process and then...
My Knight In Shining Armor aka Dearly Beloved came home from running some errands and took over shoveling operations. With his help we got the entire pile spread in just over an hour. That's a lot of poop to scoop. It isn't heavy but mercy me there was a lot there.
I am most happy to be able to show you the remains. Not much to look at. My DB is a demon with a shovel in his hand. It would have taken me a week to do what he did in such a short time. Can you tell I'm pleased??

I spread it quite thick on the area where I intend to make the new bed. This spring I will till it all into the soil. My mind is racing around thinking of all the plants I will be able to plant here. I really wish I had some lovely rocks to stack around the edges of this bed. I would love to make it just high enough one could sit on the edge comfortably. I wonder where I could get some rocks.... I guess this is just some more winter dreamin'.


  1. what a load of scat you have! Those plants will be very happy next summer~!

  2. How lucky you are for the turkey manure. I hope you can get some stones so that you can sit. I really like my beds that have sitting places. My back is older now and doesn't like to work so hard.

  3. Lucky you!! Did it smell, or was it too cold outside to notice?

  4. That's interesting! Would you like some horse manure? You can pick it up here!!


  5. Dear Lisa,
    Nice gift! Maybe you can find a construction site that is getting rid of rock. If there is a free cycle in your area sometimes you can find rock listed. I picked up a load of bricks one time. They became a back walk.
    My new beds all have a double edged cut so it is easier to mow around. I think my husband wishes all the beds were this way.
    Putting in new beds is always exciting. It looks as if you have lots of gardens for the birds and butterflies.

  6. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments :-) Wow! You certainly were busy, no doubt the shovelling warmed you quite a bit :-) Good organic fertiliser! Stay warm!

  7. Yes Monarch, I am trying to make my plants happy.

    I have lots of places to sit in our small garden Dee. I am always looking for a vantage point.

    Kylee the TM does have an odor. I don't find it too offensive. After several rains it will disapate. It is good to do it in the winter time. That way you don't get the full force of the smell. My DB hate the smell.

    I would love to be able to come get some of your horse manure Gudl. I don't think I could get much into a suitcase though. Wouldn't that be difficult to explain to the customs agent. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

    Sherry, maybe you can show me your garden edges?? I usually make it as easy as possible so as not to discourage the Mower Man aka DB. We want to keep him happy.

    Hi Chris, Being on the end of a shovel keeps you quite warm.

  8. That was certainly a large pile. Lucky you to have such a strong and willing shoveler. That will make for some stunning flowers and leaves, whatever you decide to plant in the new bed.

  9. So the way to a woman's heart involves turkey manure and shoveling? I should have known. :-)

  10. How lucky to get a plentiful mound full of turkey manure. :)

  11. Yes Frances, I am mightly blessed with my "willing shoveler". He cooks too. :)

    You know what they say Marvin, "Simple pleasures are the best."

    Yes Curtis I am a lucky lady.

  12. Lisa, do you suppose there's something wrong with us gardeners? Who else in their right minds would be happy with a pile of cr... err turkey manure? :-)

  13. Oh, what a nice surprise! I can't wait to see the finished result.

  14. Wow! Nice Nitrogen!

    Has it been composted?

  15. Hey Lisa, now that's what I call a friend :-D


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