Sunday, January 20, 2008

Black Panther

It was a beautiful sunny if cold morning. We were sitting at the table having breakfast when I noticed that there were no birds at the feeder. No birds seemed to be in the garden at all. On such a cold day this is unusual. I decided to get up and look outside to see what predator might be in the trees. Well, I was surprised to find a big black panther, errrr cat, at the water feature.I have never seen this cat actually drinking out of the feature but I knew it must. Most of the critters that pass through here do or else the water wouldn't disappear so quickly. I thought she was going to mosey away.But no she was just changing positions on the rocks. Kind of like butterflies do to warm themselves. I can just hear her " aaah this feels good on my toes and tummy."Hmmmm...could there be a moth or other insect for me to have a little snack?? No...What was that?? OOOoooo a little gray squirrel shaking its tail at me. Taunting me to come closer...Ok little gray squirrel. Here I am. I've done my part. I've come closer. Now its your turn. Come to kitty...Alright you scardy squirrel. I will make it easier for you... Now that isn't fair. You keep going up up higher into the tree.

I am just not going to play with you any more.

I will just sit here and admire the birds. Come to kitty sweeet little birdies...


  1. I had a calico and a white panther coming to my feeder a good bit in the spring, but they've been scarce since it got cold finally. So frustrating to see them stalk everything.

  2. Wouldn't Luna like to take a shot at the black cat?

    My neighbor's have a pure white cat that they occcasionally, too often, let out and he wanders over to my yard to hunt. As long as he keeps rabbits away, he can stay. But if he even looks at the birds or starts to dig around to use my garden as his litter box, then I take out after him!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Lisa I loved this post as did my 2 little ~black panther jewels!~ More more!! purzzzzzzzzzzzzz.NG and her 2
    black panthers!

  4. Oh, when I just read the title, I wondered if it was a real panther. :<) Are there still panthers? I ought to look them up. I'm quite sure they are in the south, and called "painters?" Your panther is just beautiful. Our cats love water and will get in the tub to catch drops from the faucet. We bought a great cat waterer which plugs in, and has a reservoir and a bowl all in one unit. But the best thing is that there is a sort of upside down bowl that water drips from which the cats love. Boy that sounds confusing, but it is just great.

  5. Jayne I hate it when they stalk the birds. I don't mind them chasing the squirrels away.

    Carol, Luna chases them every time she sees them. The cats see us open the back door and they head for cover.

    THere are actually two black cats. One is larger and fatter than the other which is how I tell them apart.

    Naturegirl, you and your cats wouldn't enjoy me running outside chasing away these cats. I would welcome them into the house but they are wild as can be. My neighbor feeds wild cats. She is good in that she always catches them and has them spayed or newtered but they are still left outside to be wild.

    Nan, there are black panther sightings in Fl still. I don't know about other places.

    Here in IN there is a come back of Bogcats. The conservation officers know this by the road kill as well sightings people tell them about.

  6. OOps... I meant to write Bobcat not Bog cats. I don't really know much about Bog cats. :/

  7. Wonderful black cat! Although watch those birdies!

  8. Lovely cat - she was really enjoying the pond! A garden pond has been on my "wish list" for a while now - I absolutely love them and yours is gorgeous!

  9. I love your pond.

    We have quite a few outdoor cats around here. I usually shoo them away when I see them in my yard and I've seen my neighbor behind me do the same thing. They use my flower beds for litter boxes and I hate that. They also stalk the birds and sadly I've seen them successful at catching their prey.

  10. Lisa, I'm giggling at this. Your narrative is perfect. Kitty on Safari! LOL!

    What would Luna do if you opened the door? We have a little female tabby that wanders around once in a while and torments the birds. Chloe & Bella go ballistic inside the fence and the tabby, on the outside of the fence, laughs back at them :o)

  11. Deb, this little spot of water cannot be called a pond. It is what I call a water feature. I would also like to have a real pond, with frogs.

    Robin we shoo the outside cats away from our feeders. I am sure the neighbors think we are crazy becasue when Luna is napping and we see a cat out there we run screaming out the back door to frighten them away.

    Mary it is funny to watch a cat or squirrel torment Luna. The cats have a healthy respect for LUna. The squirrels think she is too slow. One of these days she will show em. I really wonder what she would do if she caught one. I have never seen her shake anything. I don't know if she just tries to herd them or what.

  12. Hi again, Lisa :-)

    I love the look of your water feature although I do love stones especially with moss growing on them. Can we see some more water feature photos please?

    I sometimes have a cat stalking the area around my pond although I have a good idea what its looking for - tiny field mice! Sometimes they hide and perhaps nest in the tiny caves I built within the rocks.

    Is that large tree in your garden?


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