Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feeder Count

Now I wonder why there aren't any birds at the feeder today. I was wanting to count them. It must be the wind. We are having a wind advisory today. Yes, the wind must be the problem.
This is the only cat that I have invited into my garden. Pussy Willow is the best kitty outside. It doesn't frighten or worse yet KILL the birds in our garden. It just sits there looking all come hither with its fuzzy wuzzy showing.


  1. Oh Lisa, how funny, but your black furry friend seems friendly little birdies, don't be scared! Today as I was trying to count someone let Kitty out! He was put back inside pronto! The birds just don't trust him.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  2. It is quite windy here in the "big city", too. I went outside to check on a big noise I heard, to see if something had blown off the house or was just blowing around the garden, and scared a few birds at my feeder. I sure wish I knew more of the names of the birds who visit my feeders!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. cats are good at keeping the feeder numbers down!

  4. It's windy day everywhere Lisa. The winter in Puerto Rico have very strongs winds. Your birds are here in Puerto Rico Lisa. They are prepared to go back to US.

  5. Windy here today, too. And rather warm (55°) but that won't last.
    Even though the cats will occasionally catch a bird, it doesn't seem to keep them away. I always feel bad when they do get one, especially if it's a baby that fell from the nest or something. And the mice - I've rescued a couple of those from their clutches before. We had a nest in a wood pile last year and they were so tiny! (Mice) This year, if I find one, I'm thinking about bringing it in and keeping it as a pet. And to think, I used to be afraid of them. Not anymore! (But I still wouldn't like to find one running around the house loose!)
    The black kitty is gorgeous!

  6. Frances don't let that sweet feline face make you think it wasn't hunting.

    Carol I am going to suggest that you get a bird guide so you can learn the birdies in your garden. It does make your day to see a new bird in the garden.

    You are quite right Mon@rch. Grrrrr

    Hi Gabriel, I noticed that you posted a Black-throated Green already. I can't wait for spring migration!!

    Oh mercy Kylee. I can't imagine having a mouse as a pet. I think they make good snake food. They are darling looking little things in their nest but I wouldn't want one. I don't know who that black cat belongs to but I don't want it under our feeders. I wish it would go home and stay there. It does keep Luna busy. She has to check all the bushes and other hangouts that the cat frequents.

  7. YOu crack me UP! I had a cat to deal with today, too! I called the dogs on her and she slowly left - took her good old time, too. Oh, and a Cooper's hawk came by. LOL!

  8. I know a little pussy-
    her coat is silver grey-
    she lives down by the river-
    not very far away-
    although she is a pussy-
    she'll never be a cat-
    for she's a pussy willow-
    what do you think of that?!


    (forgive me, but everytime i see pussy willow that stupid song goes through my mind.....)

    beautiful photo!

  9. Lisa,

    Are you participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count? I hope so! (I just posted about that myself.) Great activity.

    Robin at Bumblebee

  10. I can't believe all the strange cats today! We had a big old grey Tom on our deck looking in the patio doors. Our cat(an inside one) went nuts. Tney all must have been blown in by the winds!

  11. Lisa, that is too cute! I have cats that come sneaking around too. With the Cooper and cats the birds have to be extra careful around here.

  12. Great shot.... that speaks volumes by itself.


  13. Shame, Lisa but at least you got a good photo :-D

    Great to see the pussy willow buds - I enjoy this time of year watching the garden :-D

  14. LOL Lisa...hmmm... can't see anything in the photo that would explain the birds not being there. :c) The wind was horrible here on Saturday, and then Sunday was rain alllllll day long. I am sure my cup feeders are waterlogged and in need of cleaning. Floating Zick dough and all.

  15. Mary our Cooper's Hawks seem to have moved on. Haven't seen them in awhile. They must have gotten tired of eating Doves and House Sparrows.

    I like that song too Cyndy. I hadn't thought about it in a long time though.

    Yes Robin, I will turn in some bird numbers.

    We had three feral cats in our garden today. There is another big fat black cat and a Morris-type cat hanging around here. This smaller black cat is the only one that hangs out around the far.

    The garden is awakening ever so s-l-o-w-l-y Shirl.

    We had all that rain during the night Jayne. Nothing worse than floating Zick dough to a bird.

  16. My word, that cat looks just like my Spike, but I checked and he's still here with me in the office sleeping on his window seat and only dreaming of flitting birds. Since he and Sluggo are inside cats, they get their jollies watching out the windows.

    Kylee, please don't bring in any mice as pets. They can carry a nasty little disease called Hanta Virus. They are best left outside to their fate.

  17. I didn't know that! I'll pass this information on to a friend in Washington state that has brought many a mouse in as a pet! Thanks for the info!

  18. Giddy I am so glad to hear that your cats are indoor cats. I love cats that are indoors. They can't help it if they try to catch birds. I just don't want them to do so. Outdoor cats kill more songbirds than anything else. SAD that people don't realize this.

    Kylee I didn't know mice carried any kind of a disease either. I know someone that had a house mouse for several years. Not my kind of pet for sure.

  19. Lisa,

    I wish our cats were as calm under a bird feeder. Ours are out for the kill! They bring in all sorts of critters. I've even had a woodpecker in the house.

  20. Dear Lisa,
    So nice to see the Pussy Willow. I used to have one. They are very pretty dried too.
    The black cat is pretty but I would not be pleased to see her under a feeder!
    I am having a few snow flurries this morning. Will continue the count. Hope you are able to do some.

  21. Great post. Love the pussy willow.

  22. The Zoo Lady lets her cats roam. Hmmm I am surprised.

    Yes Q, I am trying to count. The snow flurries are blowing here today too.

    Thank you Cheryl.

  23. That is a cute photo of the cat at the bird feeder....I can show you a similar one....

  24. What a beautiful cat and wonderful that he doesn't hurt the birds--except for keeping them away from the feeder. Love the photo of the pussywillow plant too... I'm sooo ready for spring.

  25. That's fun, Lisa. I read your text before I scrolled down to take in the whole picture. Then it was just too darn funny!

    You have a beautiful blog.

  26. Lisa: I will be on the lookout for the pussywillow! A little early here but it won't be long! Can't wait for spring!

  27. Hi Lisa,

    There's nothing quite like a cat to make visiting birds wary - or really cold weather.

    That was a good picture!

  28. Such a pretty cat! What a good girl not bothering the birds :-} Cold and windy here today too - more snow on the way!

  29. This picture is very symbolic - I am always scared that my cats do some breakfasting at the feeder :(


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