Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Pinks

Angela over at Cottage Magpie wants everyone to think pink this Valentines Day. So I have jumped on the Pink Band Wagon and here it is...
My first pink is a hardy hibiscus. I have no idea what its name is or where I got it. I have had one in my garden since I can remember. It reminds me of my childhood is why I keep it around. I also like to see the big fat bumble bees that like its nectar. They waller around in these blossoms until they are drunk and their legs are full of pollen. This is a not so hardy hibiscus. This beautiful creature was repotted to bring in this fall but someone didn't get it inside quick enough. It is a shame too because it is a beauty and is a prolific bloomer.

This is my one asiatic Lily. It gets a little darker pink when it has plenty of water. I took this picture right after a rain but it didn't get much rain this summer so it was paler than usual.
Now this darker pink is a tree peony. Sorry about the quality of picture but I couldn't find a better picture. Actually this is theonly picture I have of its blooms. I will have to rememdy that this spring.
Ihave noticed that several of my bloom pictures have insects in them. This is a carpet rose. It blooms so well for me and doesn't have many pests...other than this guy. I think he was looking for other bugs to eat tho.
My Purple cone flower sure invites lovely guests to its table.
This is a tall garden Phlox that smells heavenly.
Even the annual Million Bells is a pretty pink.
This morning glory was a nice striped pink. It bloomed like mad and grew so tall. I enjoyed it the summer I had it. It had varigated foliage which made it more interesting than some MGs.
This Queen of the Prairie is just to die for. It grows beautiful foliagethat is kind of fuzzy and then shoots a stalk up to 6'tall and has these glorious blooms that last for some time. It isn't fussy about soil. You can cut the flowers to use in bouquets too. One of my favorite pinks for sure.
This mum is pink and has a yellow center. I just love the button look of these blooms.
Last but not least I have a couple of daylilies that are pinks. This first on has a magenta vein running through it with a yellow and green throat.

This dainty little pink gal just barely holds its own in the garden. When there are several blooms on the plant it looks good though.
So there you are my friends. I hope your Valentines Day is in the Pink.... Happy Day.


  1. Lisa, your "pinks" are lovely! What kind of plant is Queen of the Prairie? I don't ever remember seeing it and certainly not at 6" tall! Happy Valentine's Day to you and DB!

  2. I love the hibiscus in the first picture. So pretty! I had so many pink flower pictures, it was hard to choose. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Oh, that was soooo much better than a store bought cut bouquet! Thanks for the beautiful gift of your flowers Lisa! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  4. I love million bells. Although they're pretty common, you have to give them credit for blooming like mad even without deadheading. They will have a place in my garden next year too.

    Robin at Bumblebee

  5. Oh, Lisa. Your pinks are beauties. I'm fond of the hibuscus in your photo and I was wow'd by the Queen of the Prairie!

    Great picture show. And, let's not forget about your favorite model...Luna. Ahhh.

  6. Beautiful pink flower photos. I love the hibiscus the best - it's gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Beckie you can look up Filipendula rubra. That is the Latin name it is of the Rose family. I think it is very under used plant that should be way up there on everyones list as a must have in the garden.

    Robin, I am glad you liked the hardy hibiscus. It is a tough plant that performs well under most circumstances.

    You are most welcome Jayne.

    Yep, I agree Bumblebee. They are coming up with new colors about every year. I look forward to the new colors every year. Maybe they are just new to our area. Fun.

    Mary, Luna is a not so cooperative model. I like to catch her with the camera when I can. She always runs toward me when she sees the camera come out.

    Thanks Susan, Happy V day to you.

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Your pink flowers are so pretty. I am very fond of your Swallowtail!
    Beautiful butterfly...Queen of the Prairie is a native in my area and the butterflies love the blooms.
    Dreaming of butterflies, it won't be too long before they come again.

  9. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!! Your flowers are to die for. Just gorgeous!

  10. What a lovely display of "pinks"...a really pretty and pleasing one to browse through.
    Hope your Valentines day was fun.

  11. you're right - your Queen of the Prairie IS to die for! Stunning. Think it would grow in Austin? What are it's growing conditions? Made me smile -- thanks for sharing.

  12. Hey Q, Glad you like my pinks. And a big Happy Valentines Day to you.

    Teri, Glad you like my pinks too.

    Cheryl, lovin today. The sun is out and the ice is melting. My DB is healthy what more could a lady ask for??...More flowers maybe. teehee

    Diana, like I told Beckie you could look it up. Filipendula rubra. According to my book it says..'Iowa, Michigan, east to West Pennsylvania and South. So...I just don't know what to think of that. Maybe there are other Austin gardeners, and we know there are many, that can answer your question more directly with their experience.

  13. Hi there, Lisa :-)

    I have really enjoyed seeing all your pinks - especially after seeing so much white on my blog. I have say that without a doubt the 'Queen of the Prairie' stood out by miles for me too! It is really quite special isn't it :-D

    I hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day :-D

  14. Thanks for stopping by Shirl. I am truly enjoying the day. Took Luna to the park for a walk about. The ice is melting but the wind feels cold.

  15. Such beautiful color over here!

    Thank you!

    ...and happy Valentine's Day!

  16. These are wonderful pink colours. Loved the morning glories and both the Hibiscus. Doesn't Luna look beautiful sniffing the Phlox?

  17. Lisa, Your "pinks" are lovely and your doggie is a sweetie pie. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Gary.

  18. Happy Valentine's Day! I love that Luna has her nose tipped up, as if she's sniffing that tall phlox. :)

  19. Hi Cyndy, You are most welcome.

    Hey Kate. That Luna was getting up to get out of the way of the camera. I like your interpretation of the action better. :)

    Hi Mary Ann, Happy Valentines Day to you and Bruce too.

    Thank You Kim. Happy Valentines Day to you too.

  20. I love seeing all these pink blooms! It's a sight for sore eyes during these bleak winter days.
    I too love the Million Bells. They just keep on going right through the summer, with very little care.
    Your hibiscus is gorgeous!!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  21. Everything looks so pretty in pink, especially Luna :-}

  22. I keep planting Hibiscus and killing them. I think they are getting too much water because I have them in plastic pots with snap on bottoms. The nursery says that they need to be watered daily, but that seems to be the way I kill them. Maybe I'll try again this year.

  23. Beautiful flowers! Love the pink ones!


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