Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Progress in Storm Remodel

My Dearly Beloved decided it was time to get outside to remove the big yews at the end of the patio. We have to do this to carry out my "vision" of the remodel of the area where the big pines fell this winter. We don't have room in our little garden for these big boys so they have to go. The only ones that will miss them are all the house sparrows that use them for roosts and hides to keep away from the Cooper's Hawks. The big black cat will miss them too becasue it likes to hide from Luna in here while stalking the feeder birds. The larger of the two cut down to size for removal.

We had to cut them both back so DB could work around the larger one.

Here is the first brute removed. It is amazing how few roots the brute had. It was quite manageable. Of course I wasn't on the working end of the shovel so I can say that. :) We had quite a hole to backfill. Actually we had two of them. The other bush came out the same way. A clean pallete. I can't hardly wait to get out there and start planting. Of course the fence has to be fixed. It's always something.Of course no job is completed without the Overseer keeping her eye on progress. This time we also had the Guard on duty to protect us from any squirrels that might venture into the area.


  1. You make it look so easy! Can I borrow him for some bushes I want dug out? There is only about 12-18 inches of gravel surrounding them. That won't be bad, will it? LOL!

    I can't wait to see what you plant there.

  2. I am impressed with your husband's success. I have removed many a mature yew in my career days and have usually had to resort to an ax or even a chain and truck mount. Well done!

  3. I love tackling those sort of jobs. I always feel better when I have removed something that is of no value anymore.
    A good job done, you are going to have such a good time planning your new garden.
    Pop over when you have a minute, the lambs are out in the fields, and they are lovely.

  4. Very exciting Lisa! I'm looking forward to seeing your new garden develop.

  5. Good thing your hubby shares your vision, looks like a lot of work. I especially love the photo of the guard dogs :)

  6. Before we moved we needed to remove a large juniper bush.It was right next to the driveway so our solution was to wrap a chain around it and haul it out using the 4 wheel truck. It was surprisingly satisfying doing it that way.
    That Jack Russell sure is cute! My daughter has a Jack Russell/mini-fox terrier cross who looks just like that. She keeps telling me that I should take him to Mexico with me. LOL.Too high energy for me.

  7. Must have been such a job! Lucky you to have your husband to help.
    And the love in Luna's eyes! I suppose she was looking at you or your husband?
    The goat family was fun too.

  8. Nothing like a clean palette for inspiration. I'm not looking forward to pulling out our Yew hedge. Is your husband available? :^) It's great that Vinny comes to visit Luna, they're quite a pair.

  9. Lisa,
    Looks like we would all like to borrow your husband for some help. I have some overgrown shrubs, too, that I'd like to get rid of, but so far my husband hasn't gotten too excited about tackling the project. If it were only so easy as cutting them down, but you are right, the roots are the worst part.

  10. Give DB a big hand! He did a good job. Now if the weather would just start cooperating you could put your vision to practice.

  11. Wow. This is one for my heart. There was a time when I could dig right in and take out big trees and bushes, but now with one thing or another bothering me, besides age, I have to take my time. Still I have things to move, take out and plant. Will I ever get done.

    Your photos are excellent as is your writing.

    You mentioned the Coopers Hawks. I have gobs of photos of them as they come here almost every day looking for a meal and find one in about every ten tries. The crows came the other day and the hawks disappeared. I was thankful though as I have tried for 46 years to get them to land in my back yard and it just happened yesterday. Those photos are on my brookville blog and the hawks are on the my birds blog.

    Both are linked off of my name. My name is really Abraham Lincoln and I live in Brookville, Ohio.

  12. He's done a great job, can't beat having someone to do the hard jobs (its usually me) and wow how old is your wheel barrow LOL.

  13. Looks like you had two wonderful "supervisors" over seeing the job :-} What a nice big space the yews have left for you to plant.

  14. Not easy to get out but once you do it's well worth the effort! Hawk people will love hearing about the Coopers taking the house sparrows!

  15. Sherry, I told DB I could get him a full time job removing bushes. He says he is retired. I think he is just tired.

    KJ a truck can't get into this part of the garden. It would have been easier.

    Hi Cheryl. I will look at your lambs later. They are little darlings.

    I am looking forward to doing some planting now GG. Just have to wait until we dry out from the flooding rains going on here now.

    Yes Teri we are well looked after by the dogs.

    Theresa, Vinny is a Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix. He doesn't have a chance at a peaceful life. We are just babysitting him. He is a hand full but a sweet little fellow.

    Verobirdie I think Luna was telling me not to take her picture. She hates to have her picture taken. Ha... so much for loving eyes. She is a sweet girl.

    MrMcD, this isn't our first yew removal. We took out some huge ones in the front years ago. I should dig out an old photo of that mess. Ha... It makes this little job look like fun.

    Hi Rose, DB isn't for hire. I tried to tell him I could get him some work. ha.

    Hi Beckie, yep I am proud of DB's tenacious spirit. He can do anything.

    Hi Abe, I will have a look at your bird pictures soon.

    I think that wheelbarrow is older than I am Mike. The tire doesn't go flat and it is doesn't hold water but it is invaluable to me.

    Hi Deb, I am glad you stopped by.

    Mon@rch, it is fun to see the Coopers chase the house sparrows. They dive into the stick pile and the Coop walks and jumps around on the pile trying to scare them out. It even goes into the pile as far as it can after the birds.

  16. Your helpers were all hard at work today! Wow. Big hole there but how fun - a clean slate - to do with as you want. I know you hate to lose the habitat - I had the same issue when I tore out the dying oleanders and the whole front bed last September, but they just moved to the back yard and when my plants grow, they may move back to the front again. What's the plan????

  17. Lisa quite a task! I'm anxious to see the after photos of the completed project. hugs NG

  18. What a lot of work...but well worth it in the end. It'll be fun to watch as your new plans take shape, though.


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