Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evening walk about

After work and dinner this evening I decided to walk about the garden. You never know after being gone a few hours what might have popped up this time of year. I don't want to miss anything. I am not out in the garden this late normally. I was pleased to see how pretty the white blooms look this time of day. I have read about how wonderful white look at dusk and this evening I was reminded how lovely white can be when I looked at this snowball Viburnum. This was only planted last year during the drought. It hung on and is treating us with these lovely snowballs. Another pretty old fashioned bush I have is the Bridal Wreath Spirea. It puts on quite the show this time of year. If you like this old fashioned look this is a bush for you. Easy to grow and it is a good performer. With the spirea on one side of the drive and the snowball bush on the other they will be very welcoming for a few weeks while they are blooming.

That one tulip in front of the spirea, I guess I should pull out. It is a left over from previous years. There used to be a whole clump of them but they have either died or sucumb to the shovel.
When I walked through the back garden Idecided I couldn't stand the empty space in front of the big jar. Last year I tried some Huechera 'Snow Angel' but it couldn't take the drought and or the deep shade here. I got an inspiration to move some of these yellow hostas over here. They were moved from an area where they were being taken over by some mondarda. They were in too much sun too. Sometimes during summer they would wash out to almost a pale white color. I hope they like their new home. I wish I could tell you what kind of hosta this is because it is such a good little hosta for me. It was a birthday gift from my Dearly Beloved several years ago. It has been used as filler in pots, planted in places where I have difficulty growing something. It hasn't let me down yet. I hope it continues its work as I really need something that will grow here under these trees in dry shade with lots of roots from larger bushes etc.
When you take pictures of areas you can sure see what needs to be done. I guess I need to move the left over fence parts into the barn so they won't be so unsightly. I also see that if these yellow hostas live they will be about the same color as the windows on the barn. Ha... that wasn't planned but I think I like it.
This time of year it almost doesn't pay to walk around in the garden. One thing always leads to another. Back out front I discovered that the rugosa rose has almost died out. I don't know what has caused this but my next day off, weather permiting I will have to yank this bad boy out. A gardeners work is never done.


  1. The viburnum is very pretty; its flowerheads remind me of hydrangeas. Seeing your transplanted hostas reminds me that I need to transplant a couple of mine quickly before they get too big. And like you, I wish I'd remembered the names of all mine. There are so many varieties of hostas nowadays that there's no way to remember all their names without writing them down.

  2. I like the white on either side of the drive. White can be very soothing to the eye with all the other color in the garden. I'm sure your hostas will thank you for the shade and will enjoy their new spot.

  3. The hosta will be really pretty there in front of the jar Lisa. :c) Love the pretty white flowers which greet you.

  4. Dear Lisa,
    Your Gardens are a bit farther along than mine. The Viburnum bush in my garden is just now giving green snowballs and my Spirea is beginning to bloom. They are beautiful bushes.
    You are so right, there is always something to dig out or move in the gardens.
    I like to work one bed at a time but often get distracted.
    I really have enjoyed the white flowers in my gardens. I like them for cut flowers too.

  5. Gorgeous viburnum and spirea! I love walking around my garden. I try to do it every evening after work.

  6. I love walking through your garden with you especially since I just cleaned out the winter leftovers and the hostas are just starting and the deer have already nipped off a few.

  7. I love the viburnham.....It has lovely blooms.
    I have a spirea, mine has just finished flowering...they are good doers.
    You seem to have had the same trouble as Beckie with Rosa rugosa...they do really well here.
    Always something to do this time of year!!!

  8. Hi Rose, I write down the names of my hostas and keep the tags and I still can't find the names when I need them. Oh well...

    Hi Beckie. I hope the hostas thank me.

    HI Jayne.

    Hi Sherry, I can't wait to see more of your garden this year. I too use the spirea in bouquets.

    Yep Karen. I get out there daily too.

    Oh Teri, I know those deer can give people fits in the garden. I am thankful that they are discouraged from coming into our garden by the fence. They could easily leap over but they haven't been near here that I know of.

    The Rugosa did well for about 4 years. I guess it is its life time here. I just don't know. Maybe it was too stressed with the drought last summer then the floods this spring.

  9. Hi Lisa, so glad you decided to talk a tour of your garden in the evening. The white shines like moonlight in the dusky shadows. Your yellow hostas will look fantastic with the yellow window frames, how clever you were to think of it. They might be August Moon? You are so right that looking at the photos to decide what to use in a post, the things that need done jump out at you. That didn't happen before the blog!

  10. Hi Frances, August Moon isn't on any of my lists. Hmmmmm I hope I find out sometime what it is. I should know. Of course this is something else blogs have brought to me...that I need better record keeping. ha...

  11. White really does light up the corners doesn't it. I need more white! It is surprising how fast things change in the garden within an eight hour time period!

  12. You shouldn't dig out that Tulip, you should cut the flower & bring it in. Then it won't look funny in the garden & you'll have a beautiful flower for the house. (One of those win/win situations.)
    Yellow Hostas in front of the blue & yellow barn is brilliant. You should take credit even if you didn't consciously plan it.
    Another flower color that glows at twilight is blue, although the white is visible longer.

  13. Thanks for the evening walkabout - snowballs and bridal wreaths are classic, Lisa!
    There are only about a million hostas so the odds aren't high that we grew the same plant, but a good gold spreader back in IL was 'Sun Power'. I liked August Moon, too, and the enormous 'Sum and Substance'. Now I have a couple of struggling little plants of 'Gold Tiara'. Texas is not hosta-friendly!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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