Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Potted Plants

My potted plants are fillin and spillin but not quite thrillin as yet. I can't wait until they start filling in their spaces. Below are a variety of them. Since it is raining cats and dogs outside and I can't walk about to see what might be blooming I figured this would be a good time to show you what I did with most of the plants I bought while out shopping the other day. Mind you these aren't the only ones. Just the ones I had the patience to upload this evening. The above pots are on the front porch. ' Carmel' Huechera villosa, 'Red Star' Cordyline and Torenia 'Magenta Moon'. In the back pot is a parlor palm that winters over inside the house.
The oranges took over this pot. I just couldn't resist putting all of these oranges I am drawn to into this pot. The Upright Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister' is a must have every summer due to the hummingbirds loving it. This year I planted it with Calibrachoa 'Superbells Peach' and an orange tuberous begonia. Yes, I have already lost the tag to the begonia so I can't tell you what exactly it is.

This chicken planter has another of my favorites, begonia. It is a Rex Begonia Omaha beefsteak. I guess there is a series of the Rex begonias named after cities. It is teamed up with a sun loving coleus and a red million bells.
The window box this year is going to get a little more sun so I tried some of those New Guiena Impatients, 'Painted Paradise Wine' along with Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum', Fuschia 'Diva Rose/Pink, Calibrachoa 'Rose Star' and Chrysocephalum apiculatum 'Flambe Yellow' I think I am gonna like this combo when it really gets to bloomin and spewing out of the box.
Like I said I just can't resist these gorgeous begonias. The one on the left is the 'Iron Cross' and the one on the right is the only snail I want in my garden 'Escargot'. Don't you just love the looks of these leaves?? I'm tellin ya, IF I had a greenhouse where I could winter them over I would be thought of one of those eccentric old ladies with hundreds of begonias because I wouldn't be able to pass one by.
These photos don't do the plants justice but this one has a Coleus that has deepest purpley brown with lime green, then the 'Toffee Twist' Carex and Sedum 'Lemon Coral'. I can't wait until they all thicken up and glow.
Now this little short pot has hosted several sedums in the past. If I had that greenhouse I would have at least the top shelves full of sedums and Echeverias. In this pot I have Several dwarf assorted Sedums. Which is how they are described on the tag. The little cluster of rosettes on the right is a 'minature hens and chicks'. I had never seen them before so of course I had to give them a try. The taller item in this pot is an Echeveria.
It will be fun to see how they all grow fill in, spread out and up. I will show some more another time. They are all getting a good watering in right now. I checked the rain gauge before it got dark and there was over 1.5" in it. More is to come the next few days. I guess I will get my house cleaned.


  1. Wow that's irony for you! I just put together a pot for Mother's Day with a burgundy colored Cordyline. (Don't tell anyone till after Mother's Day! ;)) Your pots look great. I think I would do the same thing with the sedums, you can never have too many.

  2. Lisa, you really have an interesting variety of plants! I love the begonias too, but don't have a place to keep them out of the wind. Will just enjoy looking at yours. I think the window box will be a great combination and you will enjoy the sunnier spot. We are finally getting rain here this eve and I didn't have to water today.

  3. Nice plants...but love your succulents!!! LOL.

  4. You have so many unusual plants. You did a great job mixing them and your containers all look beautiful.

    I'm really glad for the rain, we needed it.

  5. Thanks, Lisa--this was perfect timing: Beckie and I are going plant shopping tomorrow. I haven't planted any containers yet, but this weekend is sort of the traditional time around here to plant annuals. I love to see different combinations that other people have.
    Thanks for dropping by, by the way, and helping to identify my quince. Now instead of digging it out, I'm just going to give it a good pruning.

  6. Hi Lisa, you were a good student in learning about the spiller, filler and thriller. I did too, maybe our containers will look good this year. Your plant selections are excellent, but I am worried about the pennisetum in the window box, do want to see out that window? If so, the grass will get too big to allow for much of a view, if you don't care about that, it will be a spectacular combination! Your rex's are great, I am drawn to them too, but the green house is full. ;->

  7. What beautiful planters Lisa! So much thought to put into the plants placed together. I've never seen begonias with leaves like that. So neat! Can't wait to see all of this flourishing mid summer.

  8. Gosh so much rain Lisa.....but rain is good at the right time.
    Those pots are going to look so colourful, can't wait to see them in full bloom.

  9. Hi Dave, I think your Mom Lucky to receive a Burgundy Cordyline. They are pretty. Thanks.

    Hi Beckie, I hope the window box plants don't outgrow their area. Ha. It will be a first if it does. It is raining here again today.

    Thank you Julie.

    Hi Robin and thanks. I hope you are getting rain today. It is raining here again.

    Hi Rose, have fun plant shopping. I would go again if I had time and money to do so. I need some more bushes and some perrennials for an area. Of course it is raining too much to plant right now. A good time to shop though when it rains.

    I thought I had your site on my reader but it didn't show up and I just realized that last evening. I have tried to add you again. I don't want to miss your posts.

    Good luck with the quince. They respond well to hard pruning. Or at least that has been my experience in the past.

    Frances, I thought aobut the penstimen getting too large but with it being sort of root bound in that window box I don't think it will be much of a problem. I don't really have to see out the window. I do like to view the plants. It will be interesting to see what it does there. I have had Elephant Ears in that box before. They get pretty big too.

    I thought of your greenhouse when I wrote about wanting a greenhouse for begonias. I know you and many others like orchids. I can see why but begonias have my heart.

    Thank you Jayne. I too am hoping they will fill in and look good this summer.

  10. It's raining here also and we're in for a long bout of it I hear. Love the containers and I haven't even planted any yet. Still a bit early here. Oh, wait, I did dig up some hosta for some big planters near the garage. I will watch for the progression of the thrillers, fillers and spillers. Love the hayrack

  11. I love container planting! All of yours look great. I hope to get some of mine done next week as I took the week off work woo-hoo!

  12. Lisa, You've been busy with your containers. I love the begonias you've chosen. Your window box looks awesome. If I put one of those fountain grasses in a box that size it would soon take over. I'm really partial to the purple/lime coleus. This year I tried several different varieties- some in pots- some in the ground... I even sowed some seed for coleus... never have done that before... I was thinking I didn't have anything to lose when I put them right next to the established ones.

    You know our containers are much like mini gardens as they get overgrown very easily since we grow all year. I actually have to trim mine all the time.
    Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

  13. The containers look very promising. Although I don't like orange, I can admire a well-put together color scheme based on it, and yours is great. That "Escargot" is the only kind of snail I'd want in my garden.

  14. Dear Lisa,
    You did lots of potting up!
    Your window box will be so pretty all summer long.


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