Friday, May 9, 2008

A Few Blooms

The Peony Tree blossoms didn't survive the deluge of rain we had. They did their best while they could. It only had 5 of these huge blossoms on the peony tree. I am always amazed when people tell me that they have blossoms that number in the teens or twenties on their Peony tree. While I would love to have more I have learned to relax and enjoy what we do receive. I guess ours doesn't get as much sun or fertilizer as others. I just love what we do get though.
The Camassia quamash is about finished blooming too. It is just great when it blooms that beautiful blue.
The following orange is a wild flower. I have posted it here hoping that someone could help me identify it. I saw this brilliant orange blooming on a bank along the Wabash that had been stripped of all the trees and shrubs. One of our favorite spots to watch for warblers wouldn't you know it. The Parks Dept decided the hillside needed to be cleaned up. This flower is our consolation prize I guess. I just wish I knew what it was.
Have a wonderful weekend all. We will be helping with the Illinois Spring Bird Count tomorrow. Then Mother's Day. Such a busy weekend. I wish you all well.


  1. The Peony blooms are gorgeous - it's too bad they didn't survive the rain. Oh I'd love to have Camassia in my garden. I love the colour and the flower shape. Might the mystery plant be a wallflower? It certainly is the right colour.

    Enjoy the Illinois Spring Bird Count and Mother's Day!!

  2. Lisa, isn't that always they way with any peony. They bloom and the rains come and they end up on the ground! I think your plant could be a butterfly weed. I am trying to grow them now in my gardens from seed I started inside. So far, so good. Have fun with the bird count and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. lisa - that tree peony bloom really is pretty. it's one of those things I keep telling myself that I need in my own garden.

  4. Oh my that peony tree blossom is wonderful!! Yes we are home now and there is much to see and do around our blossoming garden!! Thank you for following me around my adventures while in Arizona! hugs NG xo

  5. I would guess that your mystery plant is an orange wallflower. The bright color and the flower shapes are both right for it to be a wallflower, anyway.

    Isn't that just the way it goes, by the way? Just when you start to enjoy a wild area, it seems that something comes along to spoil it. *sigh*

  6. The peony bloom is beautiful, sometimes less is more.
    I agree with Kate My mother in law has a wallflower that is identical to yours...the same colour to. Hers has a lovely fragrance, does yours??
    Happy mothers day to you, we celebrated in March.

  7. Hi there Lisa, sorry to read you’ve had so much rain :-(

    I loved your Peony tree flowers too and what a shame to lose the few you had to rain. I always admire the tree peonies in other gardens too but I don’t have the space to grow one here in the situation it would require.

    I also love blue flowers and the camassia looks quite a beauty! Sorry can’t help ID the wild flower although my first instinct was wallflower too :-)

    Enjoy your bird count this weekend and have a great Mother’s Day :-D

  8. Hi Lisa, I would vote for wallflower also. Ours are nearly done and the flowers are identical. Your tree peony looks great. Even without a rain storm here, ours only last a day or two. Out of the many buds we had on the white one, about a third of them never opened, they just dried up, drought stress maybe. We have not fertilized, I am afraid to fertilize anything with the drought, not a good idea to encourage more growth than the plant can support with little water. Maybe you could trim some branches to allow more light in? I guess it's not in the area where the tree came down, that would give it more light. Your camassia is wonderful.

  9. Yes, the big flowers do not hold up well in the rain. I don't have a tree peony, but my other peonies are still big buds, so I still have their blooms to look forward to.

    Hope you enjoy your bird watch and Mother's Day1

  10. Dear Lisa,
    Beautiful blooms!
    Enjoy your bird count and Mother's Day.
    You nurture so much hope you get a bit of nurturing!

  11. Gorgeous colors! I always love your phlower photos :)

  12. Five tree peony blooms is five more than I have. Too bad they'rer so fleeting.

  13. I always cut my tree peony blooms--it is in an out of the way place--so I could enjoy them before they got clobbered. I never got more that 7-8 at any time.

    It is very much like yours! I wonder if it's the same.

  14. A little bit early for my Peony blooms here in Toronto.
    What a lovely colour.

  15. My dad has a gorgeous deep pink peony blooming now. I think I need one for my yard. :c)
    Happy Mother's Day Lisa!

  16. Wonderful flowers on a special mothersday!

  17. Olá

    Very nice flowers...

    Good week for you.


  18. Our peonies haven't bloomed yet, but we number in the tweens. We get alot of blooms! I've noticed the ants crawling all over the buds, so it should be soon.

    The orange wildflower is beautiful!

  19. I love Peony blooms - one of my Mother's Day gifts was a new Peony bush :-}
    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Lisa.

  20. I love the color of your Tree Peony! Last year I actually rigged up an umbrella over mine when it threatened rain the day it fully opened. You might want to invest in a market umbrella for that purpose for next year if you wouldn't feel too silly using it.

  21. The flowers in bloom and the way that you photograph them- well- they are just beautiful, so much color! Esp. that Peony, I think it is rather nice that there are just a few blooms on it-less is more.

    Hope you had a nice Mothers day...

  22. I guess your mystery flower is no longer a mystery...I was going to say Wallflower (Cheiranthus) too. I had one just like it a couple of years ago.
    I'd like to try growing a Tree Peony. The bloom is gorgeous!
    I like that Camassia too.
    I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day and enjoyed the bird count.

  23. Lisa,
    I don't know if you're still monitoring this. I happened upon your page when I was searching for some info about Red Star Cordylines. I recently purchased a flower that looks just like the picture of your mystery flower. It's name was Orange Marmalade. When I looked up the formal name noted on the flower tab in the pot which is Crossandra Infundibuliformis, the results said it's called the Firecracker Flower. Here is a link for the image search results for this type of flower. Maybe Wallflower is another name for the same thing. I don't know. Hope this information helps. I enjoyed reading your page!


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