Friday, September 12, 2008

Skywatch Friday

This evening we have had a tornado warning. Lucky for us it went north of where we live but the thunderstorm system that got the sky all stirred up left some unusual clouds behind. It is difficult to get pictures from my house without lines or houses or other obstacles in the way. This was an intersting cloud I wanted to show you. For more sky watching you can go here.


  1. That is a cool cloud. Severe weather brings with it the most amazing paintings in the sky, doesn't it? I just posted pre-hurricane-edge clouds on my blog. We're supposed to get weather from it tomorrow, and tornadoes are also a possibility as an off shoot. Glad you guys were ok.

  2. Beautiful sky! So glad the tornado passed you by

    Our cities would be lovelier if all the wires were underground!


  3. very moody looking, hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I never tire of looking at different cloud formations and light variations in the sky...your sky is a beautiful capture. So glad no tornado problems... the weather for so many miles is all a-stir from that massive hurricane Ike.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a great shot ! I am always fascinated by clouds and horizon lines .. glad you didn't get scary weather with the clouds ..
    I agree with Gail .. it was amazing when we lived in Holland .. all the wores were underground .. and by luck the neighborhood we have our house in has that too. It would help during bad storms.

  6. What an interesting sky. Thank goodness the toronado passed you by.

  7. Lisa, glad you are okay. he sky can be dangerously beautiful when storm clouds roll in. I like to watch the massive ones as they change shapes with the wind. Hope you are getting some of this rain.

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Glad the tornadoes went around you! We also had tornadoes in our area on Friday night. I love the energy of the sky when a storm is coming in.
    I cannot remember the last sunny day. Think I am about ready for a few.

  9. I always look for shapes in clouds. I think I may see Texas upside down, maybe not;)

  10. Yikes Lisa, a tornado warning in September? Is that kinda late in the year? I'm glad you didn't get any damage.

  11. Beautiful sky Lisa.

    We've had rain every day, all day, since Thursday - at least 6 inches - fortunately we had no damage.

    I hope your weekend weather was uneventful.

  12. Ooooh, that's a tall cloud! We had a tornado watch late last night. We finally got some RAIN!! Three inches total so far. I was so happy!!

  13. Looks a bit threatening! I like it, though.

    Lisa, I always get a little annoyed when I try sky shots from my house. I'm annoyed with neighbor's homes and their trees - always in the way of what could be a spectacular shot!

    You did great!

  14. A beautiful cloud. It certainly doesn't look very menacing--glad the tornado passed you by. It's been a strange weekend with the after effects of Ike, though nothing like what those on the Gulf Coast have experienced.
    Do you have a place in your Casa Panatella where you could take a nap? I was imagining while looking at your last post's photos how nice it would be to snuggle under a blanket there and listen to the rain.


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