Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of the Garden

This week we have had about all the weather you could have during winter. It was so cold earlier that there were icebergs floating down the Wabash River. I have lived here for 15 years and this is the first time I have seen this phenom.
This morning we got a good dusting of snow. I couldn't wait to get out in it for our daily walk. Of course our little polar bear couldn't wait to get out either. My DB took a picture of Luna and I as we traipsed through the area called Coopers Woods. We were looking for winter wren but we didn't find one. You know you have been cooped up too long when you start making foot prints in the snow to entertain yourself. The snow didn't last since it got so warm. You know we have had a cold winter when freezing is considered warm.
While we were out this weekend we did find some more interesting things to look at. Such as this huge gathering of Canada Geese loafing on the frozen lake nearby. Mixed in with the Canadas were Greater White-fronted Geese and various ducks.
On the gravel pit at the edge of town we found two Tundra Swans. They are the big white birds in the fuzzy photo below. They were pretty far out from the bank hence the fuzzy photo.
Near another area where we birded this weekend we came upon this sight. One of those small donkeys that people are keeping as pets around here. It, this big brown cow and a smaller black cow had obviously escaped from their pasture.
The big brown cow must have been the leader of this herd because when we drove up closer to get better photos it took off for the main pasture and the other two followed. I have seen several of these beautiful donkies around the area. I think they have such a sweet face.

I hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend.


  1. I love the "escapees" and their thick winter coats. My uncle's livestock used to take a notion to get out every winter.

  2. You may not have seen many birds, Lisa, but the donkey made up for it:) What a lot of geese, though!

    I haven't left the house in four days; maybe I need to check out my footprints in the snow, too:)

  3. I love when you go out birding and then share your findings. The escapees were fun too. There is a place in AZ that has wild donkeys (that are actually quite tame) that are part of the tourist attraction. They walk around the town and come up to the car for a handout. Fun little animals.

  4. Lovely photos, as always...and I'm sure that donkey is far, far smarter than mine; he certainly is cuter!

  5. Your winter bravery was worth for seeing the swans! I don't get to see them even in zoological Parks here :( The irony is that Swan is an ancient bird in India! And the donkey did make me laugh. It looks sweet to me somehow - or should say stupid? LOL! Thank you so much for the Winter walk.

  6. That donkey has a very sweet face.

    I have you listed on my bloglines but it hasn't been updating you! So I'm behind again on your posts.

    You can come up any time during ski season and we'll wait up for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing your walk. Love the swans.

  8. What a cute donkey! I didn't realize people keep them as pets. And your dog is so handsome!
    I enjoyed your walk.

  9. Your Cooper woods looks like a great place to go walking and birding. Isn't it great to get out even if it is cold. The donkey is adorable and to be hanging out with the cows is a hoot. your picture of the geese makes me want to get out to our state park to see if the Tundra Swans are still around. thanks for sharing your day.

  10. I was looking at all those geese and thinking holy cow that's a lot of them. Imagine my surprise to see a cow in the next picture. Aaaaaaah, synchronicity, you gotta love it.--Randy

  11. How lucky to see the swans, they are so beautiful. The donkey sure is a sweetie. If I had more time I'd like to have one;)

  12. I know I say this every time you take us on a field trip! But I love them...I learn something new each trip. Today, it's the donkeys...Who knew they were so darn cuteor popular pets?

    Keep warm.

  13. Goodness, icebergs! You know it's cold when you see those for the first time in your river!
    I noticed that Cisero sings mentioned Bloglines not updating you. Same on mine. I was wondering if you were OK. Glad to see you are!
    The little donkey has an adorable face :) I hope the naughty escapees were caught before they got hurt.
    Lovely to see the swans among the other birds. You and your hubby (and Luna!)sure are good at braving the cold temps!

  14. Lisa, glad you and Luna got a chance to play in the snow. If you want more fun, come up here we have lots.

    The swans are beautiful! Such a treat to see. And I love the donkey. The last shot looks like Eyeore. "Thanks for noticing me."

    The word is ducksl-how neat!

  15. what a beautiful donkey! Lovely flock of geese etc too. I love jumping in snow just to see my footprints, we don't often get the chance over here, even though this year has been the coldest for years, it was last year when we got the first deep snow for years and it hasn't happened round here this year...

  16. How many geese do you think were there?? WOW!

    The ice cubes floating down the river are a common sight around here...and they jam up down at the confluence!

    That donkey looks so sweet, what a chum!

    Thanks for taking such beautiful photos of animals and birds ;-)

  17. Oooh, Lisa, seeing that icy river makes me so cold--even in Minnesota! I'm glad you all got out to enjoy a nice winter day and shared the adventures with us.
    I love that little donkey! I think they're so cute too.

  18. Lisa - you and Luna look so cute in that photo! She's so pretty, and she looks like she was having a ball on her outing in the snow with you. I've never seen that many geese in one place at once, that's pretty cool. It's funny to think of the donkey following the cow, but then again, they aren't very bright, are they?!

  19. Enjoyed your outing. I too hate when it's too cold or messy to get outdoors.

    We have winter wrens this year for the first time I am aware of. This evening I discovered that one was overnighting in one of Jo's "multi-purpose" bird feeders.

  20. Oh Lisa, I was looking for birds but fell head over heels with that donkey. You are so right, what a smile, like the Mona Lisa! :-)
    You and Luna looked pretty cute too.

  21. I love your little excursions too! The donkey does have a sweet face.

  22. Wow! I wish that I was here to witness this natural beauty of nature and adorable animals. I especially love the close-up donkey photo.
    It got a cute srin here:)
    You too had a fun time snapping these candid photos:)

  23. Those donkeys are so sweet. But the cold around you is scaring... Take care!

  24. Hi Lisa

    Great photos here. Nice donkey lol. The geese looked fantastic too. I loved the snowy scenes.

  25. Dear Lisa,
    Looks as if you and Luna enjoyed getting out!
    Love the Swans.

  26. Geese! Swans! I can't believe what you see, Lisa. And the Wabash - I've heard of it my whole life, but didn't even know where it was. :<) The little donkey is like our Daisy. They are wonderful creatures.

  27. Lucky you, swans!
    Stay bundled up, we're not out of the woods yet!


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