Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow melt

The only snowballs that are being tossed around in the yard today are the dried up hydrangea blooms. The snow is gone. It was fun while it lasted.
Even this little microclimate along the fence has melted away today. After all it was 66F. It was delightful to be able to throw open the patio doors and let some fresh air into the house.
When I walked around I was delighted to see that the snow drops were taking advantage of being released from its prison of snow. They were trying their best to throw those blooms up into the air. It is to be as warm tomorrow so they will probably sporting a full bloom.
Even the magnolia has its little fuzzy blooms ready for action. I hope they don't bolt too soon. It will get cold again. That is a promise. After all it is only the first part of February.


  1. Oh boy, I LOVE those magnolia trees-please be sure to post a photo of it when it is in bloom.

    Can spring be far behind?

  2. Teri, I think spring is just teasing us right now. I will take the warmer weather though. It was great.

  3. There's something delightful about seeing those shoots pushing up, isn't it?

  4. Signs of spring! I hope they don't get zapped, but I'm sure it must be nice to see new growth and enjoy the warm, fresh air.

  5. Wow--I love the fuzzy magnolia blooms. Ours won't bud until April-May, usually blooming around Mother's Day.

  6. Beautiful sprouts and greens in bloom:)

  7. I long to see all kind of plants pushing up when it is Spring again. But actually our garden is covered with snow. Your snowdrops will be in bloom by now, I guess! Lucky you! You've met the first Spring harbingers!


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