Thursday, April 30, 2009

April's Joys and Disappointment

April was a lovely month here in SW Indiana. We only had one really bad frost, the temperatures were June-like for a week and there was enough rain to charge up the garden. The garden responded to the lovely weather by popping out in blooms. The White Lilac that I stuck into the ground as short stick had its best bloom since I planted it. A happy surprise was that the Camassia bloomed right along with it.
The Peony Tree always starts out with the big fat buds full of anticipation.
Then the huge beautiful blooms appear shortly after the buds swell. While the blooms are gorgeous they just don't last long. These gorgeous blooms were open for only three days.
Then we had some rain and they turn into such pitaful ragmops. They are just the most disappointing flowers I think Ihave. Maybe I expect more from them but the tree doesn't set new blooms after the initial blooms have budded and bloomed. I wouldn't advise anyone to grow them unless you can find a more forgiving variety than I have. This one I have written down as Tree Peony paeconia. The other disappointing thing about it is that it was supposed to be purple. Maybe to someone elses eyes but not to mine. Other than this little disappointment there has been no high drama in the garden. Just me and my Dearly Beloved out there waging war against the weeds. What are some of your joys and disappointments of April??


  1. WOW.... fabulous lilacs. I love the white almost as much as the purple. Can't wait to share mine soon.
    Happy Spring Garden. It is cold and rainy here in Ohio today.

  2. Oh, my, your Dogwood is stunning! Now I wish I had a pink one.
    I'm sorry about your disappointment with the Tree Peony, but that's the way they are. Some people set up umbrellas over them when in bloom to protect them from rain. Ok, I admit that I'm one of them. They are divas, very temperamental. You might like the Intersectional hybrids better, but they are expensive.

  3. That white lilac is a stunner! I might have to look for one of those. Does it smell as good as the old fashioned ones?

  4. My tree peonies were in bloom for a day before the rain ripped up the blooms. But they're just so fabulous for that instant that I can't help but love them. And doesn't it help that the plant is still good looking even without flowers?

  5. Wow, your garden is lovely. Yes, until this week we had a good run here. Are you close enough to go to the flower sale in Evansville this weekend? I am wanting to is the info! ~Brooke

    May 2 - 3, 2009
    Annual Spring Plant Sale
    Presented by the Southwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association
    Evansville, Indiana
    Vanderburgh County 4-H Center, Boonville-New Harmony Road

    Saturday, May 2: 8:00 am until 5:00 pm
    Sunday, May 3: 10:00 am until 2:00 pm

    There will be 12,000 plants, 40 varieties of tomatoes, as well as a large selection of annuals and perennial for both sun and shade raised locally by Master Gardeners.

    All proceeds go directly back into varied projects and 22+ gardens cared for by volunteer Master Gardeners throughout the Evansville area. These gardens include the Reitz Home Garden, University of Evansville Rose Garden, Mesker Zoo Gardens, Newburgh Park Gardens, and the Master Gardener Display Gardens.

  6. Wow so natural beautiful world.......

  7. Not too much disappointment here, yet! There will be I'm sure. Great photos.

  8. Marnie, this white lilac smells wonderful. It is a realllllly OLD shrub. The piece I got was from a lilac that is remembered to be older than 55 years according to the neighbor that has lived next to it for at least that long.

    MrMcD, I can't see me outside with an unbrella protecting this Peony. Ha what a picture in my mind that conjurs up.

    Arythrina, The foliage is the only saving grace of this plant. If it didn't look good other than the bloom I would get rid of it.

  9. Looks gorgeous! The tree peony is worth the short bloom time!

  10. You garden made a beautiful response to April.

  11. I love seeing these true springtime blooms! Don't get to see too many peonies or lilacs in my tropical zone. Thanks!

  12. Beautiful garden shots...I'm so glad you included your thoughts about the Tree Peony...I have several "old time" peonies ...and they just keep on blooming year after year. They are a very light pink, almost white (they were planted way before I lived here).
    I've always thought about trying the Tree Peony, but hesitated due to the cost.

    My only disappointment in April is that we didn't have more rain...I love my April showers...

  13. Oh that pink dogwood is glorious! We have one but it's tiny, and no blooms yet! The white lilac with the Camassia is so beautiful.
    It's sad that those wonderful tree peony blooms don't last longer. They're a short burst of glory!
    Spring is popping in your garden, Lisa!

  14. Your lilac is beautiful, Lisa. My biggest disappointment had to be that the crabapples never fully bloomed this year. And right now I'm worried that it will never stop raining! My biggest joy--definitely my tulips.

    I'm hoping that May brings flowers, not showers.

  15. Love the lilacs. Too bad the peonies don't last longer, but I see most of the gorgeous blooms last only a day, like the Passion flower, for example. [sigh] We gotta enjoy it while we can.

  16. The joys of April:

    The snow melted
    The crocuses bloomed
    The garlic came up
    The Hellebores look like they are putting up flowering stalks (they survived the winter).
    We decided to buy a puppy

    Can't think of any disappointments.

  17. What a gorgeous garden Lisa! I love the white lilacs and your Dogwood! It will be a while until our Peony are out - the blooms don't last long enough do they?!
    Happy May 1st!

  18. I would have to say that from the pictures April looked more like a Joy than a Disappointment. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  19. Lisa...I love the white lilac and it looks perfect with the Camassia. Hmm...I wonder if there is a white variety that can be happy in the south? The first year the tree peony bloomed I also put up an umbrella, but since it has never bloomed again in 7 years I am thinking I will move it out! It takes up valuable real estate and there just isn't time for another diva in this garden! gail

  20. I am glad it is over! Cold and wet and then hot, hot, hot. Sorry for the whining but now that I can work in the garden, I don't seem to have time! Treasure each moment is my current mantra. It is raining and warm right now and that is a great combination!

  21. sorry about your garden disappointment. however, I have to say I am absolutely thrilled to see your camassia. I planted 12 bulbs last year. the foliage is looking promising. i hope the blooms look as wonderful as your blooms.

  22. I just love peonies, but share the disappointment every time it rains on the lovely blossoms. I salvage what I can and place them all over the house because I know my husand will whack them off the next day.

  23. Dear Lisa,
    It was a wet and cool month and I loved it! The blooms have lasted a long time. I am growing dandelions in the flower beds. I do like them. I will begin the weeding soon.
    I am so pleased it is May. As soon as the soil warms up and dries up I will sow seeds! I love sowing seeds!
    Happy May!

  24. Lisa, your pink dogwood is beautiful-I like these even more than the white ones. Also love your white lilac and now I want one. :) In fact your garden looks glorious in all it's spring beauty.

  25. Well, I have been overjoyed at all the rain we're receiving. I hope we don't have that complete summer halt, but we probably will. The late freeze was the pits and messed up two of my nice, new Japanese maples. I'm interested in your tree peony. I just got one, and I wondered how long the blooms last. Doesn't sound promising. Love the lilac. Lilacs are a spring fav of mine. My 'Miss Kim's' were frozen out, but the others bloomed.~~Dee

  26. Our Aprils are on different planets, Lisa.:<) Let's see, the scilla bloomed, the daffs began to bloom, the garlic came up. Do you have regular peonies, too? I do and I cage them so the blossoms stay supported during wind and rain and just the weight of themselves.

  27. This April was filled with joy and very little disappointment. I think the next disappointment will also be my red tree peony which has just opened its bud and tomorrow and the rest of the coming week we'll have strong rainfall. So, I guess, the flower won't last for long. That's a pity. By the way, the epimedium you asked the name for, only has the term "epimedium x rubra". I have seen they are also existing in white, yellow and lilac!
    Have a good week,

  28. The first two photos really attracted my attention with a little soft colours playing in the air and later in my mind:)


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