Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dabbling with Daffodils

I was visiting Christopher over at Outside Clyde the other day and he mentioned that he thinks he has the ugliest daffodil. Now I agree that Christopher has the most daffodils I have seen displayed but the ugliest?? Naw... I think I have the ugliest daffodil. What do you all think about this one below? It is an ugly bugger but in the throes of early spring that bright yellow is so welcome I can't bear to tear it out. Do you have an ugly daffodil? Now so I don't scar anyone for life I want to present my pretty (to me) daffodils. I want to remember them so I have posted all I have. This way next fall I can look back and see what I have and not purchase the same variety to add to the garden.

Last fall I fell for the fancy centered varieties. Like the one below is 'Rosy Cloud'.

This one I've lost the tag that has its name. So we will just call it pretty.

Ooooo another pretty daffodil.

This one is a double flowering type called 'Calgary'.

This with the buttery yellow center doesn't have a name I can find. It is so pretty we will call it a narcissus. Now doesn't that sound prettier than Daffodil??

I guess you could say my record keeping has a lot to be desired for those that want to know the names of flowers but I mainly just enjoy what I see. I hope you all do too. What are you dabbling in lately?


  1. I love them all! Great collection!

    (I almost did this same post today, the daffs are everywhere!)
    Best thing about them around here is the deer don't eat them!

  2. That is indeed an ugly daffodil, one that is sure to give Christopher a run for his money, so to speak. I have none as ugly as that.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Oh my, you have so many gorgeous daffies! Even your ugly one is bright happy yellow. Spring has certainly arrived.

  4. I have never seen these varieties. They are beautiful.

  5. I'm with you, Lisa--even "ugly" daffodils are welcome in my garden. I like your "pretty" one in particular--if you ever find out the name, let me know. I also took a lot of photos of my daffodils this spring just so I could remember what I had, and most of all--where I planted them!

  6. What a great array of daffodils! Not an ugly one in the bunch!! I have a few unusual ones, but I'm not calling ANY of them ugly! :-) Happy May!

  7. You have wonderful daffodils Lisa! Aren't we southerns lucky to be able to see daffs again! I do agree, a most interesting looking daffodil...maybe a little ugly! gail

  8. Very nice collection of daffodils. Love the frilly ones.

  9. have some beautiful daffodils.....I love 'pretty' really is.
    Now 'ugly' I love...for one reason and one reason only, it is different. I have always found I love people that are 'different', in whatever way.....
    I wonder what that particular daff would look like planted with a complimentary bloom.....everything has its place.......

    I am dabbling with the water feature is in need of some attention.....we are off to the aquatic centre later in the day....

    Happy Monday to you and yours.....

  10. I would say it was ugly that first daf, just a bit weird, that's all. ;-)

    Lovely collection of dafs Lisa, and you are very much like me in losing most of the labels as I am pretty good at that too. ;-)

    There is only one daf still in flower at Bliss: Hawera (very dainty and light yellow) all the others are gone.

  11. In fact, I love your ugly daffodil :-)

  12. Hi Lisa, I have that same daff, it was identified last year as Van Sion, a double that is pretty the first year of planting then goes all crazy afterwards. I looked it up on Brent and Becky's bulb site and read about on other sites. It is a globby mess. But your other daffs are just delicious! :-)

  13. I kind of like the ugly one--well, not really ugly, just kind of chaotic. My favorite is Rosy Cloud, I really like that one.

  14. I love your flower photos!

    My daffodil didn't bloom this year, due to terrible weather condition!

  15. I kind of like your 'ugly' daffodil...It's got personality.

  16. My neighbors have lots of big and double daffs while I grow tiny ones and Poeticus types so we are twains who never shall meet. Until this week when one of their doubles opened in my garden 100 feet from where theirs are planted! Don't know how it happened — squirrels, maybe?!

  17. wow, I had no idea they came in so many varieties. Just stunning!! I love the peachy one :)

  18. Um......well....uh....YOU know about MY ugly daffodils. But ugly is in the eye of the beholder, because YOU want to adopt them! Maybe they'll grow prettier for you. LOL.

  19. The Beauty directly below The Beast is one of my favorite daffodils this year. They were late bloomers that survived the eight inch snow dump with flying colors and that small double cup reminds me of Pikake.

    Now The Beast does look like it has been through a wood chipper, but the colors are too even to out fright the monster of ugly growing on this mountain.


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