Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

You probably think that I have fallen off the planet.  No, the opposite is true. I have been out in the garden working like a Trojan.  My Dearly Beloved has been driven by this warmer than usual March weather and we have been doing our weeding/mulching. Yes, 6 truck loads of mulch have been applied so far. That means that all beds that have been mulched have also been weeded.  Bushes moved and trimmed.  Even Luna thinks there has been just too much outside activity. It is difficult to keep up.
I am so pleased with everything so far.  I mean how can you even be angry with the henbit and dandelions that are popping up everywhere when you know that it means warm weather is on its way.
The later hellebores are now blooming. Red Lady is blooming for the first time.  I think she is going to be great in a few years when she fills out more.
The freckled helleores are one of my favorites though.
Another favorite of spring is the wild flower Spring Beauty. Of course it lives up to its name especially when they are well established in a lawn or flower bed and they look like a pink carpet. Gail wrote a beautiful post about these Spring Beauties as her Wildflower Wednesday post. I think you would enjoy reading it if you pop over here.
It is just marvelous to have so many colors in the garden now.
The daffodils cover most hues of yellow.
Then of course the crocus want to get into the act.
And what would spring be without a few tulips.  We are talking few here too. I must put them on my list for next fall. These little beauties used to be about a foot tall.  Now they barely peek over the grass.
I hope you all have been able to be out in the garden some this spring. I can say it is a delightful antedote to a long hard winter. I hope there are lots of promise in your garden now that spring has arrived.
What is showing promise in your garden now?


  1. I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the weather! Sounds like you've been a busy gal!

    I've been shoveling mulch too, but unfortunately it isn't in my flower beds. The HOA ordered 35 cu. yds. of mulch for our playground and my son and I volunteered to help.

    I'm enjoying this warmer than usual March too, especially after the winter we had.

  2. Oh, Lisa, have you seen this barn owl.

    It is fascinating to watch her take care of her babies. The Twitter comments are annoying, but I have enjoyed watching this.

  3. I must be a bit twisted, but when I read "Trojan," it's not gardens I'm thinking about. I've been out in the garden as much as possible too. Today I divided some of the snowdrops. Your daffodils are lovely & so are your Hellebores. Mine are starting to bloom too.
    BTW, Luna looks so sweet sleeping.

  4. One of the joys of blogging are the comments and MMD has a great one Lisa!
    I am laughing so hard I may not get this typed! Lisa it has been a Wonderful Wednesday! Warm temps great sunshine and hands digging in the dirt! Right now the doors to the porch are open and the air is cooling quickly, but it smells so good I don't want to shut out the night.

    I didn't think you fell off the planet...but was sure you were gardening or painting! Your hellebores are lovely and I think the freckled ones are pretty special, too!

    Thank you for your very kind and generous shout out and for the link! it's good to see that Spring beauties are now blooming in your garden.


  5. I love how the garden looks with freshly applied mulch. I was going to do that today but the landfill where I get it was locked. I have to call tomorrow so someone will unlock it for me. Can you get yours from your city or do you have to purchase it?

  6. Good for you! It feels good to get the beds mulched, doesn't it? And mulching helps SO much with watering issues and weed control. Your garden seems to be on par with ours as far as what is blooming right now. Your blossoms are beautiful. I look forward to watching your garden as the season progresses. ~~Rhonda :)

  7. Oh, how beautiful! My daffs and tulips are still just little spears of green foliage, poking up through the brown debris. I'm with you on the cute freckled hellebores... but that 'Red Lady' is really a stunner, too.

    Glad that you've been getting so much done in the yard this week, Lisa! (And that you're letting your forewoman get a few naps on the grass, too. :)

  8. Hi Lisa.....I think my favourite hellebores are the freckles. Snap, you are right, we are looking at the same one at the same time......

    That is a lot of mulch......I am surprised you were not laying on the lawn with Luna...I expect you sleep well at the moment.

    Your garden is full of springtime colour Lisa.....a joy to see.

  9. Lisa girl .. I think Luna has the right idea .. and the Trojan thing .. hum .. I guess I am also with MMD on that one ? Ha ! .. I haven't been able to do much other than clean up in my garden but I do LOVE my mulch as well .. I think I am the only gardener in Kingston that has a huge bag in my car trunk all through winter ? ;-)
    I love my hellebore too and I can't wait to see some opened flowers .. yours are beautiful !

  10. I need to get out in my garden too. Looks like you've got quite a bit blooming already. Your pup looks quite relaxed. Watching you haul mulch to and fro probably gets boring- might as well have a nap. : )

  11. Beautiful spring flowers, Lisa!!

  12. Lisa, you have been one busy lady! 6 loads of mulch?--wow! Yesterday was the first day I had the opportunity to get out and do anything in the garden; good thing it's raining this morning, because I don't think my body is ready for this kind of regular workout yet:) It was good, though, to come home from vacation and find so much green popping through the ground.

    Your garden certainly looks like spring with the hellebores and the daffodils blooming already.

  13. Boy! I feel like a major slacker listening to all you've gotten done! I need to get on the ball. Lately it's either been too cold or wet. --Randy

  14. The freckled hellebore is my favorite too. What a wonderful feeling to be pleasantly tired and full of fresh air after a day's work. Send some of that good weather up this way.

  15. Now is the time. Luckily you can enjoy all those lovely flowers while you toil away. And have Luna to keep you company.

  16. Indeed, Spring has arrived in your garden. It shows all its beauty (I like your red helleborus very much!). And it seems as if you had done already all your Spring gardening, wow! If you still have some energy left, you're welcome to help me ;-) !! We do not have tulips yet, but the daffodils have just started to bloom too. I love this season which is so full of promise!
    Spring greetings,

  17. It's great you're out and about enjoying! The pup looks very happy with life, too.

  18. Hey Lisa, now I see what you've been up to! Sounds like a lot of work that will save you work during the rest of the year. Love all your photos but the hyacinths in the last win out for me today!

    What's showing promise in my garden? Well, that would be the tiny tete a tete daffs that should open tomorrow and the alliums that are breaking through the gravel!

    Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  19. You are well ahead with blooms and color there but it is on the way and good to see a preview of the coming attractions.

  20. Thanks for such a great little view of your garden. I hope mine can be as colorful by this time next year.

  21. Oh my, you have been so ambitious! We are at the coast so I don't know what is showing its face in our garden at the moment. There should be nothing showing but with this mild weather ... who knows ??!! At the coast, there are a LOT of things blooming.

    P.S. I love hellebores.

  22. Luna is sure making me smile, she reminds me of my darling late doggie.....
    Love the charming happy flowers blooming in the spring. They are so lovely, gorgeous. I hope their beauties will stay and no wither forever.
    Thus, some great snapshots shown here are wonderful way to document the new beginning of Spring again.
    Love the green sprouts aiming for new challenge and welcoming Spring.
    Lisa, you are great, showing us the Greener Pastures for your beautiful land!

  23. Wow Lisa, your spring is way ahead of ours! It all looks great and of course we love seeing dear Luna, even though she is tuckered out. That is a whole lotta mulch! Your voice does sound so happy with the arrival of blooming flowers and having all of that work behind you. Well done and kudos to Dearly Beloved for his energy level! :-)

  24. I am on another planet, as I note so often. It is 17 degrees as I write at about 9 am. I heard there could be a wind chill of 7 below zero. There will be no daffs until May. Enjoy your weather and your garden! I so love seeing spring through your photographs.

  25. How wonderful to have so much accomplished; to say nothing of all the flowers. We're not as advanced — Spring-wise   as you, but there's always something one can do. Our favorite mulch isn't available from the botanic garden until mid-April which is really too late. In the meantime, I using my chopped up leaves from last fall.

  26. Lisa Luna is basking in the sun's rays as I am here. Not very much blooms here as yet..the garden is slowly showing signs of life.
    How wonderful your garden is so early in the Spring! Ahh..yes don't we just love the feeling and taste of Spring!

  27. My bulbs are all up, but only the daffodils are starting to open just now. The camellia, no longer freezing every night, is bursting with pink blooms, and there is all kinds of new growth on the Knockout Roses too. Ahhhh... I love the spring.

  28. Nothing here yet. We had more snow this week. Am I jealous! You already have lots of flowers in bloom.

    Your dog looks like she really had workout.

  29. Dear Lisa,
    It is wonderful to be ou in the gardens! You have really done alot of work. It is still very wet here. We have some of the beds cleaned and mulched but it is too wet to plant the potatoes. I am looking forward to lettuce and peas.
    A pair of Sandhill Cranes flew over the house. Amazing birds.
    Wonderful to see so many different flowers in bloom in your gardens.
    I can tell you are having fun.

  30. So many things coming up in your yard - maybe next year for us. I have to get to planting more bulbs!

  31. LOL. It's funny, so many people have been finally able to get out into their gardens and get plenty of things done, and leaving them less time for blogging. I figured that's exactly what you, DH, and supervisor Luna were up to. You have a LOT of flowers happening in your garden. WE are enduring a brief cold snap, but nothing too serious. Late full moon, March, twas bound to happen...

  32. What a gorgeous post filled with photos of your flowers & beautiful Luna :-) You have all been busy in the garden & Luna knows how to relax :-) Lots of rain happening here which should make the garden very happy.

  33. Six truck loads of mulch moved around the yard is mindblowing and backbreaking, Lisa, but maybedoing all that weeding and mulching now means you'll actually get to sit and enjoy the garden as spring hits full force! Happy Spring!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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