Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sloppy Sunday

After such a busy couple of weeks I must say I was delighted by having another day of rain. It has rained most of the day today.  I had to stay inside except for walking Luna of course.  I had time to think about all the work we have done these first spring days.  As you enter our garden from the back I put an arbor with a gate on it to welcome the neighbors and anyone else that enters.  At some time in the future there will be a sitting area right inside here.  It is just to the left of the Casa. 
When you look out from the sitting area you will see lots of things growing and blooming here. I will show it again when things are filled in more.
The bushes on either side of it were taken from the Holly bed.  This will give the holly and all the flowers around it more room to spread. 

As you can see most places have their blanket of mulch.  The mulching is almost finished. It feels so good to be this far along already. According to my garden journal we are ahead of schedule. Yay... Considering that we didn't mulch last year this feels like quite an accomplishment.
I am still waiting for the  Saucer Magnolia to pop. I can't wait to see it. We are to have beautiful weather the rest  of the week. It should be a good show. All of this rain has played havoc with the daffodils. I had to cut a bouquet of them to bring in because the poor dears were lying face down in the mud.  I had forgotten how fragrant they are.
I have some seeds I will have to get into the ground this week.  These are the seeds that Cyndy at Riverrim shared with me. They are a purple-flowering Dutch pea called "Norli". I can't wait to see them bloom.  Look Cyndy they are going to grow for me. I have never started seeds in paper towels this way. It is very easy I must say. Thank you so much for the opportunity Cyndy.
Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings was asking what everyone was doing for Easter.  Well, here we will have a big eat-a-thon. I am busy preparing for the hungry hordes.  Actually we don't have that many coming but it will be fun. I hope you all have a great week leading up to and including Easter. I am curious too. What are you doing for Easter?


  1. The garden gate looks so very welcoming Lisa! You have been so very busy! I love the look of newly mulched beds..I have been leaving the leaves on mine; but will be adding pinestraw over helps with moisture and improves my clay soil! The rains have been relentless here also; many a daff has ended up face down in the mud!

    Nothing special this year~Our son's puppy is having surgery and we will be helping him out.


  2. I bet the magnolia tree is gorgeous when it's in full bloom!

    We don't have big family plans for Easter. Our Sunday will pretty much revolve around church.

    Last year I was in Alabama with my mom and dad. All of the family was together right before my dad's cancer surgery. Hard to believe that was a year ago.

  3. Oh, Lisa, I love your knew arbor and welcoming gate. I can just see it now as spring arrives and all your pretty plants come alive again. I was just noticing your nice mulch when you mentioned it. It is so worth the extra effort to get the foundations right.

    Oh, that magnolia is going to be stunning. Can't wait to see it bloom.

    Your Easter table is so pretty. All the family will be here for Easter. We will eat on the back patio and let the kiddos hunt Easter eggs in the back garden after church. Happy spring and Easter to you.

  4. oh that arbor is gorgeous and I can just see it covered with beautiful, blooming vines!

  5. PS: I've always wanted a 'garden studio' for photography, looks like you have the making of a fantastic one right here! Lots of magniicent photos for this spot coming in the future!

  6. You've got some great structure going with the elegant arbor and gate, and the fun part will be watching it blend in as the plants grow around it and the seating area gets established and the blooms come out! It's going to be so nice.

  7. Good morning Lisa. Your beds look great. We really need some rain. Send a little this way.

    Your Easter table looks so nice. I haven't done any decorating yet.

  8. You certainly have accomplished a lot already this spring, Lisa, and it's still only March! The garden gate is beautiful; I can't wait to see how this all fills in with blooms.

    Looks like you're all ready for Easter, and your table is lovely. I'm hoping for nice weather for once for an Easter egg hunt in the front yard with the grandkids.

  9. Love your garden gate ... funny how a gate can make it look so inviting, like you want to enter through.

  10. I, too, love that welcoming gate. The rain has now reached New England and the tide is rising. As for Easter, Sister #2 (I am fortunate enough to have 4) has invited us and I have to work in the a.m. Have a great one!

  11. Lisa....all is looking so good in your garden. I just love spreading always looks so good when the job is done.

    Easter if the weather holds will be spent with Riley and Poppi at the seaside. I do love to be by the sea.......

    Have a fun holiday time.....

  12. Hi Lisa, love the archway with the gate! Easter isn't anything special here, but I will be eating my chocolate bunny.

  13. We are having a small family gathering for brunch and I was just thinking about how to set the table. Never too early to play with all my dishes in my head! Yours looks lovely with all those beautiful Portmeirion plates. They are the perfect place settings for gardeners.

  14. The arbor with that welcoming open gate is a beautiful addition to your garden, Lisa!
    You and your DB have done wonders in a short time. Wasn't that warm weather energizing? It must feel so good to be ahead of the game.
    Laying mulch is a lot of work..good for you getting it done.
    Your magnolia is going to be glorious! I can't wait to see photos. Wish we had one in our garden.
    There's such promise in sprouted seedlings, isn't there? I have a whole bunch of them under lights.
    Your Easter table is so pretty.
    Our Easter will revolve around church. Unfortunately, the kids won't be here, but we'll share the day with good friends.
    Happy Easter, Lisa!

  15. Hi Lisa.....thought I would pop over and view your photographs as some of them did not show the other day.

    I love the arch and gate...what a beautiful feature. I can imagine it with the plants around it. Look forward to seeing your photographs as the view changes.........

  16. You are miles ahead of me! My neighbor asked me the other day if I wanted him to charge up the mower battery and I said, "Yeah, in a couple of months." LOL
    I love your arbor. I've always admired these but I have nothing to go to or from in my yard. It will be exciting to see it again when things are growing.

  17. Oh Lisa, I'd like to be you now, you have already done so much in your garden. I never can say that I am ahead with all my work which should be done. In the contrary...I always try to catch up a bit ;-) ! Your arbor looks nice. Will you grow there some plants (clematis, ivy or roses) besides the bushes you already have in order to create a blooming arbor? I've just started to mulch all the paths and some I know what a great job you did!
    Have lovely and sunny Easter days.

  18. Wow! You are indeed busy Lisa!
    I love your garden gate, it's so unusual.
    We don't have this in Malaysia.....
    I can imagine Alice is wondering at your garden lisa!

  19. Lisa your garden gate looks good and I can just image how inviting once the bushes fill in and cascade over..Looks like you have things ready for a wonderful Easter meal..blessings to you and your family! hugs

  20. hi lisa, will you put something over that lovely arbor? we put one up a couple of years ago with a rose that's real pretty (went out to find the tag and can't just now). only problem is it's got to be the thorniest on the planet! hurts like crazy when it's time to train it...hahaha

  21. Hi Lisa, thanks for the link love. My magnolia just popped today so maybe yours will follow. I must get to the Lost Garden and look at their yellow magnolias. Inspiring. I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Easter.

  22. I love daffodils for the fragrance, though I hate their foliage.

    Your gate is magnificent!


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